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Lesson 5 - Aviary


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Lesson 5 - Aviary

  1. 1. What is Aviary? Aviary is an online website that allows you to create and edit music. It is a free resource that you will be using to compose a “theme song” for your independent reading book.
  2. 2. Theme Song Requirements Your theme song must reflect the mood and tone of your novel. For example, if the main storyline of your novel is sad and solemn, your theme song should sound that way. Your theme song must be 2 minutes in length.
  3. 3. Theme Song Requirements You may import your own audio into Aviary – this may include background music, instrumentals, or vocals. You may also record your own voice if you feel comfortable. In addition to your song, you must write a one-page explanation about your Theme Song. In your paper, you should discuss the tone and mood of your novel and how you incorporated that into your song.
  4. 4. How to Use Aviary Click to link begin video Screencast-o-matic: How To Use Aviary
  5. 5. Submission Submissions should be made on the Google Site under your personal tab.