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Lesson 2 - Shelfari


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Lesson 2 - Shelfari

  1. 1. Independent Reading Project Requirement
  2. 2. About ShelfariShelfari is an online tool that introduces readers to a global community of book lovers and encourages them to share their literary ideas with peers, friends, and selected groups.
  3. 3. About Shelfari - Features• Build a virtual bookshelf• Discover books that are popular in trusted circles of friends• Rate, discuss, and recommend books to peers• Discover and learn from people with similar reading tastes• Participate in online book groups to further explore literature and share ideas
  4. 4. Create Account
  5. 5. You can Log in with an existing Amazon account, ormake a new account on Shelfari.
  6. 6. Once you are logged in, you may start making your profile. When you’redone, do a search for “English 11a” and change the category to “Groups.”Then press the search button. Locate our class, and click “join this group.”
  7. 7. Task #1• Add 3 Books to the Group Shelf – One that you plan to read in the future – One that you have already read – Your current independent reading book
  8. 8. You must add your independent reading book to the group shelf. Clickthe + sign to add a book, or search for it by title in the search bar atthe top of the screen.
  9. 9. Task #2• Begin a new discussion on the group discussion board. Pose a thoughtful, open- ended question that you think other students will be able to understand and respond to.
  10. 10. Click here to begin a new discussion thread
  11. 11. Task #3• Make a reading goal for your current reading book. You should set a reading goal that is challenging, yet reasonable.
  12. 12. Task #4• For your independent book, write the following on your Shelfari page: – Description of the book – Characters/People – Setting – 2-3 Significant Quotes
  13. 13. Task #4 – Directions (Click link to view video)Screencast-o-matic: Using Your Shelfari Account
  14. 14. Shelfari Glossary• You will create a personal Glossary for unknown words that you come across while reading your novel.• Must have a minimum of 20 words• 5 words must reflect prefix/suffix material that was learned in the previous lesson
  15. 15. Next Lesson• The next lesson in our unit is about grammar. We will be discussing prefixes and suffixes, their literal meanings, and how they can help you understand a word.• It is an interactive SmartBoard lesson that requires you to put together words that have been separated from their prefix or suffix.