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Luongo smartboard


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Dr. Luongo SMART Board workshop

Published in: Education, Technology
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Luongo smartboard

  1. 1. Using a SMART Board in the Classroom Dr. Luongo Saint Peter’s College
  2. 2. Poll Everywhere Anticipatory Set
  3. 3. Schedule:•Poll Everywhere•Introduction to EducationalTechnology•KWL-SMART Board•Post-It Activity•Demonstrate SMART Board &SMART Notebook Software•Examples of SMART BoardLessons•Questions
  4. 4. “Students today depend on their ______s...What will they do if the _____s drop and break?They will not be able to write.” -Teachers’ Conference, 1703
  5. 5. Are you engaging your students?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Why should we usetechnology in the classroom?
  8. 8. What is a SMART Board?
  9. 9. K-W-L
  10. 10. SMART Board…is aninteractivewhiteboard thatturns yourcomputer andprojectorinto a powerfultool forpresenting, collaborating orteaching.
  11. 11. This boy is using his finger asthe mouse pointer to access and controlthis computer application on the SmartBoard.
  12. 12. Why should you know how to use a SMART Board?
  13. 13. SMART Notebook
  14. 14. SMART Notebook Software allows you to….•Use the tools in the Smart PenTray• Change written (cursive) notes totext format• Edit and format your text• Highlight text/objects• Erase/delete text/objects• Move objects on your Notebookpage• Group objects
  15. 15. SMART Notebook Tips and Tricks• G-xB9o
  16. 16. Let’s Examine SMART Notebook
  17. 17. How could you use a SMART Board?• SMART Board ideas• sions/smartboard/#1• http://www.internet4classr kindergarten_12/whitebo ard_training.htm• http://faculty.usiouxfalls.e du/arpeterson/smartboard .htm
  18. 18. Let’s Play a Math Game! e/mathionaire.swf
  19. 19. Starfall Video• 7tJjA
  20. 20. A Vision of Students Today
  21. 21. Questions and Comments
  22. 22. Poll Everywhere Closing Activity