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TaskCentre @ SageSummit 2012

What is TaskCentre, who uses it, what customers say about TaskCentre. What do you want to automate

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TaskCentre @ SageSummit 2012

  2. 2. 3TASKCENTRE LETS CUSTOMERS … • Know what’s happening in their CRM, ERP and all other systems. Break through those Information Silos! • Gather leads from Twitter, Hubspot, Pardot etc. and from emails to “” • Sync CRM data with ERP, with built in workflow • Distribute reports with new user intervention • Easily build and adapt processes as business rules change “I got tired of building the workflow interfaces and business rules from scratch at every client. TaskCentre makes this a configuration exercise.” Mike Boysen, Director of Strategic CRM, Blytheco
  3. 3. 4TASKCENTRE WORKS WITH: • Sage SalesLogix • Sage CRM • Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) • Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) • Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500) • Sage X3 • On-premise or in the cloud • Plus: Microsoft Exchange, Social Media, Gmail, non-Sage products …
  4. 4. 5TASKCENTRE LETSCUSTOMERS …Integrate with all sorts of othersystems and services:
  5. 5. 6TASKCENTRE LETSCUSTOMERS …Automate complex approval typeworkflow
  6. 6. 7 “The visual interface made complex tasks farTASKCENTRE LETS simpler to layout and areCUSTOMERS … self-documenting.” Mike BoysenAutomate complex approval typeworkflow
  8. 8. 9SO WHO USES TASKCENTRE? • >400 organizations in US, >4000 worldwide • Completely cross-industry sector, large and small, non- profit and for-profit – Software Development – Early-Learning Products – Oil Exploration and Equipment Online Auctions – Health and Employee Comp. Insurance – Movie Licensing – Employment & Placement Agencies – Management of Clinical Trials – Invoice Factoring – Vacation Resort and Rentals
  10. 10. 11TASKCENTRE’S EASE OF USE • Single Client, one place for everything
  11. 11. 12TASKCENTRE CONNECTIVITY • Configuring all new Web Service Connector Tool
  12. 12. 13 “The visual interface made complex tasks farTASKCENTRE LETS simpler to layout and areCUSTOMERS … self-documenting.” Mike BoysenCreate SalesLogix History via Sdata with no code!
  13. 13. 14TASKCENTRE SCALABILITY • Tasks execution is multi-threaded – up to 64 at a time “KnowledgeSync has a habit of missing transactions with no means of identifying which were skipped. This is not a fun conversation to have with a client in a high volume environment.” MB