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St. Patricks Day Ppt


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St. Patricks Day Ppt

  1. 1. St. Patrick's Day Nicole Kincaid
  2. 2. is the patron saint of Ireland is known for driving snakes from Ireland brought Christianity to Ireland has a holiday named after him St. Patrick
  3. 3. How is St. Patrick’s Day celebrated?
  4. 4. Parades
  5. 5. Leprechaun Green Shamrock Symbols
  6. 6. Dancing
  7. 7. Bagpipes music
  8. 8. Corned Beef & Cabbage Soda Bread Irish Stew Food
  9. 9. Review Game
  10. 10. What country did St. Patrick bring Christianity to? a. Australia b. Ireland c. Scotland Question 1
  11. 11. Question 2 What color is worn on St. Patrick’s Day? a. Blue b. Red c. Green
  12. 12. Question 3 Which of the following is a St. Patrick’s Day symbol? a. Leprechaun b. Egg c. Candy Cane
  13. 13. Question 4 What instrument do we often hear at St. Patrick’s Day parades? a. Bagpipes b. Banjo c. Triangle
  14. 14. Question 5 Last One! Which of the following is a traditional Irish meal? a. Turkey & Mashed Potatoes b. Corned Beef & Cabbage c. Green Eggs & Ham
  15. 16. References St. Patrick’s Day C ustoms & Traditions A bout St. Patrick B agpipe Audio Clip: “The Duke of Glengarry” Parade Video Clip http://