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Social Web Basics Table 2012


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Basic capabilities of numerous key social media websites. Some data is opinion-based, but I'm continuing research and will update as possible.

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Social Web Basics Table 2012

  1. 1. Business Input Response Collation Share To For Events Mobile Apps Culture iOS , Android, Text, image, video, Follow, comment, like,Facebook Lists Twitter Event pages, check-in Blackberry, Nokia, Facebook poll, check-in repost Windows Phone iOS, Android, Expected (esp. BlackBerry Tweet, mention, DM, LinkedIn) forTwitter Tweet, mention, DM Hashtags, lists Facebook, API Hashtags, accounts (unofficial), SMS, Twitter follow, retweet marketing, job Windows Phone, listings, GoogleTV recommendatio Text, image, video, Like (“+1”), repost, ns, etcGoogle+ Contact circles none Event pages iOS, Android Google+ event, link follow Comment, like, Text, link, message, iOS, BlackBerry, PalmLinkedIn recommend, message, Contacts list Event pages LinkedIn job ads Pre follow company iOS, Android, Follow, comment, like, Growing, butFoursquare Check-in, text, photo none Check-in BlackBerry, Windows Foursquare ‘to do’, lists still suspect Phone Likes, reposts, Tags, separate Facebook, Text, image, quote, Twitter Growing, butTumblr comment w/ repost, blogs, tracked Tumblr link, chat, audio, video still suspect Pre, during (less), ask questions search post event Image only w/ caption Likes, reposts, change Boards, Expected if iOS, AndroidPinterest Pinterest & link description, comments hashtags relevantInstagram Image w/ caption Hashtags Growing Hashtags Instagram Follow, comment, likeStorify Import to boards Storyboards Expected Info collation Storify Documents, Follow profiles, Facebook, Use hashtagsSlideshare slideshows, video w/ Tags Very high Browser only Slideshare comment, favourite LinkedIn Post-event share captionYouTube / Embed, YouTube / Like/dislike, favourite, Pre, during, postVimeo / Video w/ caption Tags, playlists Facebook, Expected iOS, Android Vimeo / playlist eventUstream Twitter, G+ UstreamCreated by Nicole Jensen - Data correct in Australia as of Friday, 31 August 2012This Social Web Basics Table is free & licensed under Creative Commons License, Attribution 3.0.