Steinbeck 1930's


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John Steinbeck and the 1930's (Intro before Of Mice and Men)

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Steinbeck 1930's

  1. 1. John Steinbeck:Author of “Of Mice and Men” A Man and His Times
  2. 2. Facts About the 1930’s Population: 123,188,000in 48 states Life expectancy:Males-58.1 Female-61.6 Average yearly Salary: 1,368Food Prices:Milk 14 cents a qt.; Bread 9 cents a loaf;Round steak 42 cents a pound Unemployment rises 28% percent
  3. 3. The GreatDepressionThe SocialSecurity ActThe ScottsboroBoys TrialsTheHindenberghThe LindberghKidnapping
  4. 4. Literature and FiLm the the 1930soF hobbit J.r.r. toLkien Gone With the Wind mitcheLL, marGaret YounG man oF manhattan kathrine brush dr. seuss the cat in the hat VoGue maGazine snoW White and the seVen dWarFs
  5. 5. Famous People Born In The 1930’S♦ James Earl Jones/born in 1931/actor♦ Sam Cooke/January 27, 1935/singer♦ Gene Hackman/January 30, 1930/actor♦ Dudley Moore/April 19, 1935/actor♦ Peter Jennings/born in 1935/News Broadcaster♦ Elvis Presley/1935♦ Tina Turner/1939
  6. 6. Pastimes, Games, and Music♦ Monopoly♦ Campbell Shopping Game♦ Standard Oil Checkers♦ Congress designated The Star Spangled Banner as the national anthem♦ Big Bands such as Duke Ellington
  7. 7. Coined Words From the 1930s ♦ Muzak ♦ Cool Girl ♦ Micro Wave ♦ Punk ♦ One-Armed-Bandit ♦ Dig ♦ Dude ♦ Black-market
  8. 8. Famous People of the Shirley 1930’s Temple – child actress Joan Crawford - actress Walt Disney Amelia Earhart •Jesse Owens - an African American athlete who won four gold medals in track-an-field at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and put to shame Hitlers Aryan superiority message Charles Lindberg – first man to fly around the world solo Will Rogers
  9. 9. •John Steinbeck was born inSalinas, California onFebruary 27,1902.•His mother was from Ireland andhis father was from St. Augustine•Married his first wife, CarolHenning, in 1930•Two sons, Thomas and John IV•During WWII, he wrote articlesabout the war as a correspondentfor the New York Herald Tribune•Died on Dec. 20, 1968 in SagHarbor, N.Y.
  10. 10. ♦ He lived in Monterey County, CA for early part of his life♦ At the age of 14, he wanted to be a writer♦ Attended Salinas HS♦ His dad worked as a county treasurer♦ His mom was a teacher♦ He attended Standford University in 1919 and quit 1925 without a degree
  11. 11. ♦ The greatest award he won during his life time was the Nobel Prize in 1962♦ His first novel was Cup of Gold♦ Tortilla Flat marked turning point of his writing career in 1935♦ His most popular books include Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath,♦ Won the Pulitzer Prize for his book Grapes of Wrath in 1940
  12. 12. •His stories come from alltypes of common workingpeople including:immigrants, hoboes, andespecially migrant workers.•The people in his novelscome from different placesin search of a happier lifeand jobs in California.•He writes about thehardships in life thesepeople had to endure inorder to survive.
  13. 13. •The stor y takes place inthe Salinas Valley.•This is one of the placesthat was NOT affected bythe Gr eat Depr ession.•Its nickname is “TheSalad Bowl of the Wor ld”.•It consists of lar ge far ms.
  14. 14. The Novel: Of Mice and Men ♦ Classic tale of friendship (Lenny and George) ♦ Set in the Salinas Valley ♦ Migrant workers ♦ Hard look at social issues that still exist
  15. 15. •During the 1930’s, peoplewent to California to find jobsin farming because of thedrought/Great Depression.•The people were poor.•The demand for workerswent up, so they hired morepeople and lowered wages.•Bringing home a wage ismore important than dignityand fairness in the workplace
  16. 16. Rights of the Handicapped♦ Basically they had no rights and could only do limited things and were often confined to holding cells♦ Handicapped people part of “freak shows”♦ Individuals that were mentally retarded were also considered to be an unacceptable part of society.♦ Eugenics♦ Some people now believe that capital punishment of people with mental retardation should be prohibited♦ Less likely to receive probation or parole
  17. 17. African Americans in the 1930’s ♦ Jim Crow Laws – majority of American states enforced segregation – could impose legal punishments on people for consorting with members of another race. – most common types of laws forbade intermarriage and ordered business owners and public institutions to keep their black and white clientele separated. ♦ 1939 the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund was established ♦ The Harlem Renaissance – allowed African Americans to flee the violence and racism of the KKK and lynch law and the abject poverty of share-cropping ♦ Civil Rights movement doesn’t gain prominence for 10+ years – the times they were a changin’