Sheshunoff Social Media Plan


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Sheshunoff Social Media Plan

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Sheshunoff Social Media Plan

  1. 1. Sheshunoff & Wall Street Reform Social Media Plan 7/21/2010
  2. 2. Social Media Objectives: Initial Publishing-Specific • Research the use of social media within the publishing and information services industries • Establish an existing share-of-voice for all brands within social media (benchmark to measure future efforts against) • Create a sustainable social media presence in key, active areas Events-Specific • Utilize existing best practices, internal and external for event promotion • Create a sustainable social media presence in key, active areas
  3. 3. Why start with Wall Street Reform? 1. Wall Street Reform and the Dodd-Frank Act reflect a hot topic of interest and discussion online. 2. Our market is embracing the medium: “Many banks have started using social websites to help them with everything from healing the financial industry to promoting their latest credit cards. By embracing the most popular tools available, the industry has also been embracing the best of what social media culture has to offer, and smaller, community banks seem to be leading the charge when it comes to social media innovation.” 1 1
  4. 4. Questions to Answer What are the business goals and how does a social media presence achieve them? • By engaging our current customers through social media and attracting other followers/fans/group members, we have a more greater mix of outreach options in the online channel that can be used to: • Strengthen and communicate our brand to facilitate greater sales in all channels • Ultimately, feature promotions in addition to communication/content
  5. 5. Questions to Answer What do we want consumers/visitors/followers to do? 1. Engage in a conversation on hot topics—specifically challenges related to the new DF Act 2. Visit our website for further information 3. Purchase our products to assist in their challenges
  6. 6. Questions to Answer Are we committed to regular, preferably daily, updates of content? • On Twitter—can we tweet at least 7 times per week? – Includes RTs – Includes 1 Marketing promotion – Includes FFs • On LinkedIn—can we update at least 1 time per week? Can we participate in at least one other group conversation per week?
  7. 7. Questions to Answer Will the content on the owned channels be meaningfully different than in other channels (e.g. our website)? • Content through social media will be abbreviated from the website • Offers will be distinct from other channels (although sparse until we have a following)
  8. 8. Questions to Answer How will success be measured? Engagement numbers? Revenue? Fans? • Followers/fans/members • Website traffic • Revenue (end goal, based on web codes specific to the channel)
  9. 9. Twitter: @WallStReform • Registered twitter account: @WallStReform – Articles directly off of site ( (Whenever posted) – Articles/updates about Sheshunoff (Weekly) – Post reform act articles/news (updated daily depending on amount of information, more tweets if needed) – Follow Fridays – One-time per week promotions on products/ACs • #hashtags: – #wallstreetreform – #wallstreform – #financialservices – #finance – #economics – #money – #senate – #congress – #banking
  10. 10. • Create a WSR/SIS group – Must be maintained by someone in editorial (or the account of someone must be controlled by marketing, as the resume of the owner/updater will be public) – Include more detailed content than twitter, but abbreviated and linked from – Identify and join discussions within active groups
  11. 11. Facebook • Not a primary strategy (very consumer-focused site) – Link Twitter updates to Facebook for syndicated content
  12. 12. Next Steps • To launch twitter account: (owned by Max) – Tweet consistently for 7 days, then: • Register account with twitter directories • Follow influencers • Follow small-medium sized banks (see appendix) • Syndicate Twitter content to and • Create FaceBook and LinkedIn pages/groups • Include appropriate Social Media references in all DM, EM and Online
  13. 13. Appendix A: First follows for banks/credit unions Banks Bellco Credit Union (CO) @Bellco_CU 856 tweets 1,576 followers Brewery Credit Union (WI) @BreweryCU 297 tweets 1,302 followers Cheaspeake Bank (VA) @chesbank 71 tweets 368 followers ChevyChaseBank @ChevyChaseBank 0 tweets 70 followers Commerce Bank @commerce_bank Protected tweets 97 followers First Arkansas Bank (AR) @fabandt 12 tweets 567 followers Fidelity Bank (PA) @Fidelity_Bank 166 tweets 914 followers First Federal Bank (SC) @firstfederal 365 tweets 630 followers 1st Mariner Bank (MD) @1stMarinerBank 1,427 tweets 1,266 followers ING DIRECT USA @INGDIRECT 1,222 tweets 12,936 followers Nicolet Bank (WI) @Nicoletbank 5 tweets 78 followers North Shore Bank (IL, WI) @northshorebank 194 tweets 319 Followers Northeast Bank (ME, NH) @Northeast_Bank 193 tweets 607 following SunTrust (GA, VA) @SunTrust 29 Tweets 327 followers Webster Bank (CT, RI, MA, NY) @WebsterBank 88 Tweets 670 followers Credit Unions Allegiance CU (OK) @allegiancecu 982 tweets 734 followers COP Credit Union (TX) @COPCU 94 tweets 589 followers
  14. 14. Appendix A: First follows for banks/credit unions CU Credit Union (MO) @mycucommunity 1,054 tweets 1,539 followers FOURM Credit Union (IN) MSU Federal CU @msufcu 992 tweets 2,578 followers Heartland CU (WI) @heartlandcu Protected tweets 345 followers Hopewell Federal CU (OH) @hopewellfedcu Tweets protected 442 followers KU Credit Union @KUCreditUnion 157 tweets 918 followers MSU Federal CU (MI) @msufcu 992 tweets 2,578 followers NW GA Credit Union (GA) @COPCU 94 Tweets589 followers Oklahoma Central CU (OK) @Okcentralcu 25 tweets 488 followers Pioneer Credit Union @Pioneercu 779 tweets 1,497 followers 66 Fed Credit Union (OK) @66FCU 197 tweets 1,011 followers Telesis Credit Union (CA) @TelesisCU 186 tweets 676 followers TwinStar Credit Union @TwinStarCU 149 tweets 205 followers US First Credit Union (CA) @Schecking 92 tweets 615 followers University Credit Union @universitycu 60 tweets 296 followers Oklahoma Employees @OECU 803 tweets 1,158 followers
  15. 15. Appendix B: groups to engage in Linkedin Bank Groups Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 72 members Welcome to the new shape of security, strength, flexibility and protection that is Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. ADCB is one of the leading banks in the UAE. f you are employed in ADCB, join this group. Capital IQ – A Division of Standard & Poor’s 59 members Capital IQ delivers comprehensive fundamental and quantitative research and analysis solutions to over 4,200 investment managers, investment banks, private equity funds, advisory firms, corporations, and universities worldwide. Capital Match 15 members Capital Match™ provides a variety of unique financing options, not normally available through banks or other non-traditional lending sources ranging from credit card/check cash advances where you sell your future receipts (credit card or check) at a discount, to more conventional options (where you may still qualify even with slightly lower credit standards than traditional bank loans). Our cash advance options are NOT available through traditional banking institutions. Capital Match™ reviews your application and determines the best overall match available, considering your credit circumstances, your cash needs, existing cash flow, as well as payback options you can afford. Why bother submitting multiple applications when you can find a complete solution under one roof? Capricorn FX 227 members Company Overview Capricorn is an established currency manager with a global client base that includes; Banks, Asset Allocators, Institutions, Investment Funds and High Net Worth Individuals. As of today, the company has more than 50 years of experience within the investment advisory arena, currently advising over US$250 million in client assets. Since 1999 Capricorn has produced superior risk adjusted returns in its 'pure alpha' strategies managing approximately US$75 million, trading high liquid currencies as managed accounts and offshore funds for Individual and Institutional clients. Our Mission To be recognised by our clients as a Currency Manager that consistently produces risk-adjusted returns in the top quartile of the alternative investment arena. To achieve our mission and reinforce our standing as a premium investment manager, firstly we will continue to adhere to and maintain the highest professional standards. Secondly, we will draw on the strengths of the leading financial institutions that we work closely with. Our Trading Philosophy At Capricorn, we believe that risk-adjusted returns can be consistently achieved in today’s currency market by having technical rules for trading, combined with a strong discipline. From our expertise of the currency markets, we believe that it is a liquid, cost-efficient and well developed asset class that fluctuates due to a multiple of factors. It is by understanding how the varying impacts of these factors influence currency fluctuations, which we conclude is a great source for creating pure alpha.
  16. 16. Appendix B: groups to engage in Chase Alumni Association 7,208 members Membership in the Chase Alumni Association is open to former employees of the Chase Manhattan Bank and later merged banks including Chemical, Manufacturers Hanover, Bank One and Washington Mutual, as well as current employees of JPMorgan Chase who want to stay in touch with former. Fiserv 290 members With 22 years of experience, Fiserv is the world’s largest service provider to banks, credit unions, lending institutions, and investment advisors; a nationally-recognized single-source solution provider to insurance companies and agents; and a growing presence in health plan administration HEIT Community 90 members Banks, credit unions, and other organizations leveraging HEIT's managed performance, compliance, and security services. This group is intended for HEIT's client network to share ideas, discuss current topics, and to learn about HEIT innovations. National Asset Management Agency 97 members The National Asset Management Agency is a highly ambitious, and arguably risky, strategy to deal with Ireland's current recession and property bust. In one felled swoop NAMA is about to become the largest property company in the world. This group, sponsored by BLG (a leading firm of Chartered Accountants with specific experience of NAMA and the current bank crisis) will address all issues related to NAMA as they arise. We will post our own experiences and would ask all members to post their experiences too. We are about to enter completely uncharted territory, so the more we can work together and share experiences the better. LUUP 78 members Luup is a leader in the mobile payment industry specialising in payment processing, mobile payment applications and the hosting of stored value accounts. Luup is building an international mobile transaction network by partnering with leading banks and financial institutions around the world. Oyster Consulting 25 members The Oyster Consulting Network is available to employees and clients to facilitate information sharing. Port Finance International 135 Members Port Finance International is aimed at senior executives within port and terminal operating companies, as well as banking, legal and corporate finance experts from around the world. Port Finance International will investigate the challenges associated with financing and managing major port investments and developments and will assess the economic criteria of financing and valuating ports. The group will bring together industry leaders and government experts to review key challenges and topics currently facing the market. It will also study economic trends, especially in the current volatile market climate. With a look at recent industry trends and movements, and a review of the various investment opportunities and products currently available, this group will provide a forum for keeping up to date with this complex and exciting market. Women in Financial Markets 5,501 members It is about time we had a group for women in banks to network. This is it.