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SMiLE project - Digital Literacies Conference - #caasoton #sotonde


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Quickfire presentation given by @lisaharris and @nicoleebeale at the Digital Literacies Conference held at the University of Southampton, June 2012 ( The SMiLE project took place during the CAA conference ( Images of network analysis produced by @markborkum and @tombrughmans.

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SMiLE project - Digital Literacies Conference - #caasoton #sotonde

  1. 1. Social Media in Live Events (SMiLE) Nicole Beale and Lisa Harris @nicoleebeale @lisaharris
  2. 2. The Team
  3. 3. #caasoton• Project details are available from the Digital Economy USRG website• 13,000 tweets using the #caasoton hashtag• 430 photos on Flickr• Our Vimeo videos have been viewed over 2,100 times, with viewers from 47 countries.• Nearly half of the 450 conference delegates used #caasoton on Twitter before, during, or after the event• 70 people registered as ‘virtual attendees’ with some 20 additional twitter users joining in the conversations at random• The CAA Conference website has a round up of social media activity
  4. 4. Outputs planned• Series of posts for LSE Impact blog (top 5 read posts this month)• 4 x MSc dissertations• A practical guide to using social media at live events• E-books• PLE conference paper• Development of code of conduct for the ethical collection, curation and archiving of social media data with Oxford e-Research Centre
  5. 5. Quotes• “Almost everyone in this session has tweetdeck open or is tapping away on a phone. And it’s totally appropriate”• “Amazing use of social media, accessability, connectivity. Set the bar VERY high for all future conferences”• “If you have no social media account you are no one”• “I think just looking at the twitter stream gives a skewed idea of what people really think is interesting or noteworthy”
  6. 6. Defining ‘Content’
  7. 7. Visualising the dataImage produced by Mark Borkum, @markborkum
  8. 8. Understanding the data Image produced by Mark Borkum, @markborkum
  9. 9. Understanding the data Image produced by Mark Borkum, @markborkum
  10. 10. Image produced by Tom Brughmans, @tombrughmans
  11. 11. Image produced by Tom Brughmans, @tombrughmans