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#okcon Open Data and Small Museums - Open Culture session


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Presentation given at the #okcon 2013, Geneva, Switzerland on the 18th September 2013. These slides were not used for the presentation, but support the script that was delivered. See: for the notes to accompany these slides.

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#okcon Open Data and Small Museums - Open Culture session

  1. 1. Open Data and Regional Museums Nicole Beale @nicoleebeale
  2. 2. National Museums and Open Data 2
  3. 3. Transferability to Regional Museums 3 ‘Lessons in Free Arm Drawing’ from J. Vaughan, (1903). Nelson’s New Drawing Course. Drawing, design and manual occupations (Teachers’ handbook), Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., Edinburgh. fig. 26, p. 34
  4. 4. Local vs National Function 4 usnationalarchives
  5. 5. Local Buzz and Global Pipelines  Committed (unskilled) user community  Network – no local museum stands in isolation (relationships exist that can be harnessed)  Crowds – the Web has opened the local up to the global unskilled audience.  Many potential audiences of specialists. 5
  6. 6. Curators and Collections Experts 6farfalinaeum
  7. 7. Museums Staff 7 bristolsun
  8. 8. The Community (big ‘T’, singular) 8 shefflibraries
  9. 9. Audiences (behind the rope) 9 estherkluth
  10. 10. A Framework for Engagement  Realising potential.  We have: – Tools – Experts – Successes  It is all about the combination of the above. 10
  11. 11. @nicoleebeale 11 alexanderdrachmann