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Memory project by Angelica


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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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Memory project by Angelica

  1. 1. One LoveWarm, gentle touch But it’s okayShe snuggles next to me Lucy is an opera singerHer fur so smooth She purrs so loudHer love so strong She blows down the houseI will never leave I love them bothPanda is like a howler Combined, monkey UnitedShe meows non-stop Into one love
  2. 2. PandaPanda and Lucy Lucy
  3. 3. Panda Palooza
  4. 4. Lucy Goosey
  5. 5. These are my favoriteMemories because the love isso palpable and strong andall three of us can feel it. WhenI pet them, when I hold them,they start to purr. I love them.
  6. 6. A few hints as to what my cats are like…
  7. 7. Found heat pipe. C U in March, peeps!
  8. 8. Don’t mind me.I’ll just destroy thisplant that you’veworked so hard
  9. 9. Excuse me…Is this seat taken?