Jett's Memory Project


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  • Jett's Memory Project

    1. 1. Jett Villa Productions Presents...
    2. 2. My Favorite Memory:Roller Coasters in the Land of Chocolate
    3. 3. “AHHH!’’ I could hear the screams as we pulledinto the parking lot of Hershey Park. It sounded likea horror movie. Soon, my friends and I got out of thecar. I was with Jordan and Marcus for Marcus’seleventh birthday party. We walked through themain entrance, where the employees were likezombies. They were taking tickets and letting peoplepass through. We quickly ran to the line for theComet roller coaster, which was old and wooden.The line was as long as a line for a hot dog at abaseball game. After waiting for what seemed likehours, it was finally our turn...
    4. 4. The coaster climbed up the tracks, making it tothe top of the hill. We plunged down at anamazing speed. We rode through a series ofloops, turns, and hills. Unfortunately, it endedquickly. As soon as we got off, Jordan sadly said: “Ican’t go on another one!” I noticed that he wasturning green and he looked like he was ready topuke. Since he felt sick, we walked around tryingto find a restaurant. The amusement park was likea maze, but a million times harder to find places.We found somewhere to eat pizza, and stoppedthere. After eating, Jordan felt a little better, so wetried to figure out what ride to go on next. Wespotted a big roller coaster called Thunder andLightning.
    5. 5. The line wasn’t as long as it had been for theComet. The sun was about to hug down on thehorizon. Marcus and I were the only ones braving theride, Jordan decided to sit this one out. It is one of thelargest wooden roller coasters that has two coastersthat start at the same time and race to the finish line.Me and Marcus sat in the front. The ride squeaked, andsquealed as it putted up the the tracks. This ride wasinsane. It went up, down and all around. I was ready tovomit, but it was so much fun. As quickly as it started, itwas over. Two minutes of pure excitement. Lightningfinished first gliding to the finish line with Me andMarcus leading the pack.
    6. 6. After more rides we walked around and I hada Root Beer Float and bought some Hershey’schocolate. Soon Marcus’s parents told us we hadto leave. It was a short day but loaded with fun.The sun was hugging the horizon now. I figured itwas late. The screams were now faint as wewalked out the exit gates. As the car pulled out ofthe parking lot I watched the Hershey Park signgetting smaller and smaller as we made our way tothe hotel.
    7. 7. The End