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Chelsea Nicole Studios is a one-stop creative web studio out of Worcester Massachusetts. We visualize and promote your brand online through graphic design, website development, photography, video, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

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Chelsea nicolestudios capabilities

  1. 1. ChelseaNicoleStudios CAPABILITIES SUMMARY
  2. 2. What is ChelseaNicoleStudios? Chelsea Nicole Studios is a one-stop creative web studio out of Worcester Massachusetts. We visualize and promote your brand online through graphic design, website development, photography, video, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.
  3. 3. Mission Statement ChelseaNicoleStudios is in the business of creating innovative ideas that inspire! We have been doing this throughout our professional careers with passion and innovation since 1995.Our goal is to break new ground in the online marketing and public relations industry throughout Worcester and Central Massachusetts, by establishing new aspirational brands and building an impressive client roster to match. We intend to pave the road of helping our clients develop strategic partnerships with existing and prospective clients while creating unprecedented consumer loyalty. Our reputation for excellence is based on our results. We believe all online marketing initiatives must be thoughtful and creative . . . . while delivering measureable results. Whether you are in need of a penetrating brand launch into a new market, reputation management or an integrated online marketing plan, ChelseaNicoleStudios is here for you!
  4. 4. Complete Online Marketing Solutions Branding Search Engine Marketing Custom Website Design & Development Social Media Strategies Email Marketing Campaigns
  5. 5. Branding Your brand is your corporate identity and story. Branding involves more than just having or creating a corporate name and logo. Your brand sets your corporate culture and drives your business strategies, priorities, and influences your communities. The need for an aggressive brand development and subsequent reputation management is necessary for the longevity of your brand’s success.  We will develop your visual identity based on your core message. We will develop your brand’s message in a way that will establish your organization as the industry leader. We will assist your organization with finding a niche market that you can call your own. We will create an even playing field for your brand that emphasizes your brand strengths while capitalizing off your competitor’s weaknesses.  At CNstudios, our brand development incorporates creation, implementation and even reputation management in the form of a well-structured social media strategy combined with effective business recruitment and retention strategies.
  6. 6. Search Engine Marketing   As part of your SEM package, our team of talented blog writers will produce high-quality blog posts that are relevant to your organization and targeted market. Your content will be constructed in alignment with your corporate philosophies and reflect your personal style. We create connections between existing blog posts and link to your website and/or micro-sites. Your clients will gain a better understanding of your business through the tailored presentation and exceptional content CsStudios generates for your company’s blog. Content will be keyword rich while simultaneously maintaining a strong sense of individuality. Optimized blogs are a great for search engine rank and establishing your organization as an expert and leader in your industry. Search engine optimization applied through CNstudios creates an ongoing, positive relationship between Google and your company’s websites. Google looks for content that is relevant to keywords typically and historically used by the average browser. Our vast understanding of keyword definition and combination is acquired through our extensive research into a client’s business. We then structure our SEM strategy based on our research results into the navigation and content of our customer’s sites.
  7. 7. Social Media Achieving conventional marketing goals using unconventional marketing means. Using social media on a regular basis is a good marketing strategy and is highly cost effective. Recent research has shown that almost 87% of users access the Internet for social networking. The results of your social media campaign will assist you with the following; 1) building new relationships and networks with prospective clients, 2) strengthening existing relationships, 3) meeting like-minded people with the similar interests, 4) creating brand awareness, 5) informing customers about new products and services, 6) getting feedback from clients to improve your business and customer relations, 7) increasing customer loyalty, 8) knowing your customer base better and targeting them more effectively, 9) obtaining new clients, 10) generating direct sales, and 11) establishing a reputation as a leader in your industry.
  8. 8. Email Marketing Campaign CNstudios can generate email marketing campaigns that are aimed at a well-defined target market database. We develop databases through generation of online surveys, performance of online market research to sites relevant to targeted markets and utilization of existing client database. At CNstudios we create an email template that is designed in alignment with the look and feel of our clients’ website for brand recognition. Our email campaigns offer opportunities for lead generation through engaging calls to action.
  9. 9. Let’s collaborate and make things happen ! 95 Prescott Street Worcester | MA | 01605 774.314.8711