Compare and contrast


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Compare and contrast

  1. 1. Compare and Contrast By Nicole Tschirret Have you ever compared a book to a movie. That's what I'm doing. I'm not doing it because the teacher told my to. I'm doing it Because I want to. The thing that I'm comparing are Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves to 'Aladdin'. These stories have lots of the same things. There both an Arabian folktales form Arabian country. The Arabian country are form Asia. there are king and queens.There are a lot of poor people in these country.i think This is because their government is not very good right now.
  2. 2. A another thing that the same is that gold is very good. I think that gold is a very common thing in the country because both of the story involve gold. I think that in that country gold means power. I seen that both story the mane character are poor people. Like I said before the king and queen are the topn and all the people are poor. The kings has lots of gold. I have found a lot of thing the same thing in common. The last thing is there thieves. I think there thieves because gold and poor people become thieves to steel the gold. The thieves where after gold in both stories.
  3. 3. I have done all the compare and now it time to do the contrast. The fist contrast is that there was no magic lamp in Ali Baba but in Aladdin. I think this is because Aladdin is more magical then Ali Baba. An other contrast is that there more mean character in Aladdin then Ali Baba. I think that because in Ali Baba is just one family but in Aladdin it one big thing. That if there was less character the story would not make sean. As being a Arabian folktale. There are king. In Aladdin there a king but in Ali Baba there is no king. I think there was no king in Ali Baba was in a different time or
  4. 4. different place. The last thing I pick out that was contrast is that in Ali Baba has a brother and Aladdin does not have a brother. I think this is because Ali Baba and Alddin are different stories. Ali Baba brother is a big part of the story. Now I have show you how to compare and contrast. How I took two things a serape the things that were the same and different. I hope you can do this for meany things.