Taking the first step to the Cloud


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When you're ready to make the move to the cloud, where do you start? How are other companies approaching the cloud? What factors do you need to take into consideration when choosing the right cloud provider? 2nd Watch will provide an in depth look at these questions and get you started on the right foot in your Cloud endeavors.

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  • Taking the first step to the Cloud

    1. 1. Taking the first step to the CloudKris BliesnerCEO and Co-Founder2nd Watch
    2. 2. Confidential. Property of 2nd Watch, Inc. 21) Largest Systems Integrator for AWS2) Over 200 projects in 2012 on AWS3) Top Reseller for AWS4) Software focused on Enterprise
    3. 3. AWS ProvidesRaw GoodsStrategyGovernanceMigrationSupport w/ SLAsCost Analysis Security &ComplianceMonitoring2nd WatchProvidesSolutionsServices SupportCost AllocationUsage AnalysisMgmt ToolsMigration ToolSoftware
    4. 4. Source: GartnerSource: The 451 GroupCloud IaaS Marketshare
    5. 5. 67% 66% 66% 67% 66% 63%13% 14% 15% 14% 14% 16%20% 20% 19% 19% 20% 21%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Run IT Transform GrowRun ITTransformGrowSource: Gartner 2011 IT Key Metrics
    6. 6.  No capital expenditure Pay as you go and pay only for what you use True elastic capacity; Scale up and down Improves time to market You get to focus your engineering resources onwhat differentiates you vs. managing theundifferentiated infrastructure resources
    7. 7. Drivers of Cloud Adoption• Mobility• Innovation• Lower costs• Need for agility• Business Continuity• Core competencies
    8. 8.  By the hour cost model changeseverything Batch Processing Backup/Recovery Elastic Capacity “By the hour” + Elasticity =Unlimited Infrastructure(When I need it)
    9. 9. ComputeUnitsTimeWasted CapacityMaintainingon-premiseinfrastructurefor peakdemand isexpensive
    10. 10. Confidential. Property of 2nd Watch, Inc. 10Cloud enablescompanies tomatch resources todemand ComputeUnitsTime
    11. 11. Confidential. Property of 2nd Watch, Inc. 11WHERE TO START
    12. 12. 1) Production Websites2) Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery3) Development and Test environments
    13. 13.  Website infrastructuredemands are typicallycyclical or elastic The largest websites inthe world live on AWSincluding Amazon.com(8th largest website in theworld, 5th largest in theUS traffic wise) More web startups usethe Cloud than any othertechnology for hosting
    14. 14. http://aws.amazon.com/tco-calculator2nd Watch customers save anaverage 60-70% of annual IT costswhen moving to AWS
    15. 15.  No Public entry points to servers– 80 & 443 via Elastic Load Balancers Can be connected to existingdatacenter(s) via VPN fortransactions, monitoring orbackhaul traffic Scalable at every tier 60-70% less expensive than onpremises with no limit to trafficupside
    16. 16.  No need for scale testing– You should do webpage performance testing Batch processing can be scheduled for a fraction of thecost– Log processing– Backups– Batch Jobs (pricing updates, content deployments, etc.) Configure a baseline and use autoscaling toreduce/eliminate costs of spikes/valleys
    17. 17.  Average fully managed costs of DR > $1 per GB ofprotected data Recovering from backups can take days Backup tapes add risk and time to recovery Businesses spend over 60% of their IT budget onkeeping the lights on – if you have an outage willit be a disaster?
    18. 18.  Move long term backups to Glacier Use S3 for hot storage – file and databasebackups – offsite storage! Implement a backup datacenter (Pilot Light)
    19. 19. What is a Pilot Light?
    20. 20. Advantages of a Pilot Light DR Scenario Warm standby for the price of cold storage Or Less! Super fast recovery time Entire recovery process could be 1-3 hours Data replication can keep critical systems in sync Tip: include full domain controller to ensure all accountsare replicated and can be used at time of event fordefinitive source.
    21. 21. Dev Dev - Integration Test Staging Pre-Production/Hotfix
    22. 22.  Keeping environments in sync Allocating resources to environments– And reclaiming those resources! Application dependencies force builddependencies
    23. 23. Automation ElasticityMaximumProductivity
    24. 24.  Use only what you need when youneed it Schedule your servers! Hint: Our backup server costs < $1 permonth Hint: Our developers don’t work 24x7 Change your instance size Installs, busy days, etc.
    25. 25.  Make a Template for your Application(s) Manage your Templates in a Source Code Repository Track Changes! Deploy/Destroy 100’s or 1000’s of servers and infrastructurewith one click
    26. 26.  R&D – Proof of Concept Backup – Pilot Light or just storage Development and Test Environments Website Hosting
    27. 27. Confidential. Property of 2nd Watch, Inc. 27Q & A
    28. 28. Thank you for your timeKeep in TouchKris Bliesner | kris@2ndwatch.com | www.2ndwatch.cominfo@2ndwatch.com | 1-888-317-7920