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Everything to Know About New Facebook Settings


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In April 2010 Facebook began a pilot program opening their API and allowing Facebook identities to be ported across the web to sites like Yelp and Pandora. Just in case you or someone you know wants to know how to disable this and other profile-sharing features this guide explains it all!

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Everything to Know About New Facebook Settings

  1. 360° Digital Influence Privacy and Account Basics<br />Your Facebook Profile<br />April/May 2010<br />
  2. Short Cut Index<br /><ul><li>Create a profile. . . . . 3
  3. Control who sees what on your profile . . 13
  4. Stop getting so many emails/ texts. . . 10
  5. Stop your name from appearing in ads. . 11
  6. Block someone from finding you. . . 13
  7. Block silly application invites. . . . 15
  8. NEW-Turn off auto-login on other sites. . 15-16
  9. Everything else. . . . Next Slide</li></li></ul><li>What We’ll Cover:<br /><ul><li>What You Need to Create a Facebook Profile . 3
  10. How and Why to Create Friend Lists . . 6
  11. Finding the Most Important Settings . . 7</li></ul>Account Settings . . . . . 8<br />Privacy Settings . . . . . 12<br />Application Settings . . . . . 16<br /><ul><li>Things to Remember When Using Facebook . 17</li></li></ul><li>What You Need to Create a Facebook Profile<br />First Name<br />Last Name<br />Email<br />*Gender<br />*Birthday<br />*Notes:<br /><ul><li>Gender will automatically show up on your profile (but can easily be removed)
  12. Birthday will automatically show up on your profile (but can easily be removed)
  13. You must be at least 13 years old to sign-up</li></li></ul><li>What You Need to Create a Facebook Profile<br />Most Important Steps:<br /><ul><li>Step 3- You can be a part of multiple networks but will pick one *primary* network, often verified by an email that ends with your network web address (e.g.,
  14. Step 5- Adding Interests connects you to other users or to brands you like. You can search for interests like “cooking” or brands such as “Yankees” or “Lakers.”
  15. NOTE: All of this is optional or can be changed at any time.</li></li></ul><li>What You Need to Create a Facebook Profile<br /><ul><li>Now you can add as much information as you please. Later this manual will show you how to control who sees what information you enter here.</li></ul>Your Profile:<br /><ul><li>The Basic Information section shown here is where you can choose whether to share your gender and birthday with friends.
  16. Now you can add a photo, a bio, your political views, what you’re looking for through Facebook, etc.</li></li></ul><li>How and Why to Create Friend Lists<br />Friend List: Groupings of friends into categories you create such classmates, BFFs, family, crushes, coworkers… whatever you want. <br />How:<br /><ul><li>Create friend lists here
  17. Add a name to help you organize friends (e.g. family, school, Ogilvy, networking)
  18. Add friends to lists when you send/accept a request at anytime. They won’t know they’ve been added to a list
  19. You can have up to 100 friend lists with 1,000 friends per list</li></ul>Why:<br /><ul><li>Friend Lists help you manage connections and control your privacy
  20. In Privacy and Account settings you can control which friend lists can or can not see certain information or photos and updates.
  21. In Messages and Invites you can easily add groups of friends at once by adding an entire friend list</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings<br />Account, Privacy, and Application Settings:<br /><ul><li>Find them at any time from the drop-down menu labeled “Account”
  22. Facebook created a great 3-minute tour of the basics that I bookmarked at:</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Account<br />(Notice the tabs across the top for navigation)<br />Account: Home<br /><ul><li>Most of these titles are self-explanatory
  23. A few that aren’t:
  24. Username- This will create a personalized URL for you such as
  25. Linked Accounts- This will automatically log you into Facebook if you’re in these other accounts. Great for power users.
  26. Deactivate Account- To permanently terminate your account and your information click here.</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Account<br />Account: Notifications<br /><ul><li>Use the Notifications Settings to decide what Facebook what should email or text message you about.
  27. These emails will come to your primary email address.
  28. Just check or uncheck boxes to change settings.
  29. Settings cover Facebook messages as well as any applications on your profile, such a Photos or Notes.</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Account<br />Account: Facebook Ads<br /><ul><li>Facebook encourages you to sign up for brand Pages and Applications by showing you which friends are also fans by displaying their names.
  30. To turn this off completely or limit it to certain friends use this drop down.
  31. Examples of where your name would appear.</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Account<br />Account: Other Settings You’ll Rarely Touch<br />Networks-Add new workplaces, schools, etc.<br />Mobile-Add text message alerts<br />Language-Change language<br />Payment-Some games and applications cost money, buy “Credits” here w/ cc.<br />
  32. Finding the Most Important Settings: Privacy<br />Privacy: Home<br />Profile-Customize who can see your Profile and Contact information (Details- Slide 14)<br />Applications and Websites-Control where your name and information appears in Applications and other websites like <br />(Details- Slide 15)<br />Search-Control when your name and picture will appear on Facebook Search and Search Engines.<br />Block List-Block specific names and emails from seeing your profile or contacting you.<br />
  33. Finding the Most Important Settings: Privacy<br />Privacy: Profile Information<br /><ul><li>Control who can see what information on your profile using the drop down boxes at each line.
  34. Use Friend Lists to Customize what your friends, family, or work contacts can see (Slide 7 for details).
  35. When you choose My Networks it will allow others from your school or workplace to see the information even if you are not friends with them.
  36. When you choose Everyone it will let ANY Facebook user or browser see the information even if you aren’t friends with them.
  37. Turn On or Off your Wall here.</li></ul>Preview Your Profile-Curious what this will look like to each group? Click Preview My Profile to see the default and Customize views.<br />
  38. Finding the Most Important Settings: Privacy<br />Privacy: Applications and Websites<br />Control where you name, photo, and information are used on Applications and Websites.<br /><ul><li>Friends may see your birthday on an e-card site or other profile information. Turn it off here.
  39. If you get too many Application invitations from a particular friend block that friend’s request or all requests here.
  40. Sites like,, and are partnering with Facebook to show you what you and friends are doing on the site. For details click Edit Settings (next slide for details).</li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Privacy<br />Privacy: Applications and Websites<br /><ul><li>This Page explains the details of Facebook’s Instant Personalization Pilot Program created in April 2010.
  41. TO TURN THIS OFF: Uncheck this box. The end. </li></li></ul><li>Finding the Most Important Settings: Applications<br />Applications: Home<br /><ul><li>All of your Applications are listed here, this includes games and other applications such as Events and Photos. Click on any to open Settings.
  42. To delete an application, visit this page and click the X next to the Application.
  43. Remember Friend Lists? Here you can Customize which lists can see what.</li></ul>Profile<br />Control who can see this application and where it lives on your Profile.<br />Bookmark<br />This will make a bookmark of the application on the left-hand side of your Home.<br />Permissions<br />Control individual Application permissions.<br />
  44. Things to Remember When Using Facebook….<br />Always watch out for updates to Facebook. Generally, Facebook will alert you on your Homepage about new updates to Account and Privacy settings. Pay attention. <br />If you have concerns about Privacy and Account updates keep up with Facebook’s blog where they regularly preview and collect comments on upcoming changes.<br />Facebook is your friend. This is supposed to be a fun, useful tool and Facebook makes money by selling your attention to advertisers so they want you to be happy. Facebook is a service and if at any point you don’t like it anymore, just turn it off.<br />Don’t forget about the Help Center (see next slide).<br />
  45. The Facebook Help Center<br />