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GoPro Brand Audit


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GoPro Brand Audit

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  3. 3. Objectives, Scope & Approach ✖ Understand the branding strategy of GoPro ✖ Assess GoPro customer awareness and perception ✖ Identify the sources of brand equity ✖ Give GoPro strategic brand management recommendations
  4. 4. The Story In 2002, Nicholas Woodman travels to Australia & Indonesia He develops and sells his first GoPro cameras, 35-mm HERO, in 2004 In 2011, strategic invest from five venture capital firms for $88 million A year after launching its first HD camera, the company ends 2012 with revenues of $234 million The Logo The Vision To help people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others and to celebrate them together. The Mission Becoming a market leader in live-sport segment by 2014
  5. 5. 1.  Name:  GoPro   2.  Logo:  4  boxes  with  different  shades  to  represent  different  uses    for  the  product:   •  Motocross,  downhill  biking,  and  cross-­‐country  biking   •  Surf   •  Underwater  acVviVes  and  ability  for  the  camera  to  withstand  the  elements   •  Snow  sports   3.  Slogan:  “Be  a  hero”  -­‐  Meaningful,  likeable,  and  memorable  and  transferable   because  this  desire  transcends  geographic  and  categorical  boundaries.     4.  Audio:  Memorable  sound,  paired  with  the  logo,  introduces  the  clip.     5.  POV  videography:  Footage  technique  strongly  associated  with  GoPro.   Brand Elements
  6. 6. Brand Elements ✖ BRAND MANTRA Brand functions Point-of-view videography Descriptive Modifier Versatility Emotional Modifier Excitment   Who Are You ?
  7. 7. 1,3 billion $ market
  8. 8. Industry Analysis DIRECT   SUBSTITUTION   PRODUCT  CATEGORY     COMPETITION   GENERIC  COMPETITION   3   2   1   Dri   InnovaVon   Contour  Sony   Neo  Sports     Camera   Panasonic   Nikon   Samsung   Canon   Go  Bandit   Olympus   Lumix   Decathlon   Samsung   Apple   Polaroid   Nokia  
  9. 9. FOCUS ON DRIFT «  Dri&  Innova,on  is  an  ac,on  sports   technology  company  specializing  in  the  capture   and  sharing  of  digital  imagery  across  all   pla;orms  »   Target   AcVvity   Passionate   individuals  and  sport   entousiasts  who   want  to  capture  the   emoVon  and  share   their  vision   Dri  is  awearable   point  of  view  camera   offering  consumers  a   wide  angle  recording   capability  to  capture   all  their  adventures  &   acVviVes.  
  10. 10. WHY IS DRIFT OUR #1 CHALLENGER ? ✖ Almost same brands elements ✖ Strong focus on community ✖ Similar features and some interesting POD such as LCD viewfinder ✖ Deep relationship with surfers and extreme sports athletes, original GoPro target.
  11. 11. Marketing Mix   PRODUCT     Dri  HD,  HD170,  HD170   Stealth,  and  X170     -­‐  Night  mode  feature   for  opVmal  low  light   performance   -­‐  digital  zoom   -­‐  photo  sequence   -­‐  Microphone   -­‐  remote  pairing       PLACE     -­‐  Motovan,  one  of  the   largest  networks  of   motorcycle,  motorcross,   ATV  and  snowmobile   dealers  in  the  country.   -­‐  Onboard  TV   -­‐  Point  of  View  Cameras  in   Vancouver   -­‐  online  dealers,  such  as,  B&H,,   and       PRICE     from  $159.99   for  Dri  X170   upwards  to   $329.99  for  Dri   HD         PROMOTION   Partnerships  with   sporVng  events:   -­‐  Motovan:  Rockstar   Energy  -­‐  Yamaha   factory  team  for  the   2012  Canadian   Motorsports  Racing   -­‐  Moutain  Dew   Amped  Team  for   2012  featuring  top-­‐ Ver  athletes.  
  12. 12. PORTER’S FIVE FORCES THREAT  OF  SUBSTITUTING  PRODUCTS     •  Many  compeVng  products  can  provide   the  same  benefits         BARGAINING  POWER  OF  SUPPLIERS       •  Low  baraining  power  because  of  the   large  number  of  providers       BARGAINING  POWER  OF  CUSTOMERS     •  Low  bargaining  power  because  of  the   End-­‐user  demand  and  low  direct   subsVtuVon       RIVALRY  IN  THE  CAMERA  INDUSTRY     •  CompeVVve  camera  industry   •  GoPro’s  niche  market  is  developping         THREAT  OF  NEW  ENTRANTS     •  Low  entry  barriers   •  Growing  demand     •  Some  generic  compeVtors  already  have   the  technology    
  13. 13. POPs & PODs POPs ✖ Type of target ✖ Customer approach ✖ Communitary aspect   PODs ✖ Brand awareness ✖ Brand Loyalty
  14. 14. TARGET ✖ Young, active, extreme sports enthusiasts ✖ Audacious & passionate people eager to share their exciting experiences ✖ Adventurous dreamers ✖ Surfers and sky divers ✖ Adrenaline junkies
  15. 15. POSITIONING ✖ “… The act of designing the company’s offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind” Philip Kotler ✖ WHERE TO COMPETE : Action cam market ✖ HOW TO COMPETE : Community, niche VIDEO SEGMENT BUT A STRATGY OF DIFFERENTIATION WITH A VERY PARTICULAR POSITIONING
  17. 17. POSITIONING ✖ BRAND HERITAGE ✖ BRAND DOMAIN ✖ Extreme Sport Heritage Created by a surfer for surfers & adrenaline junkies ✖ Adventure, travel, friends, excitement ✖ Enables sharing passion ✖ Propulsion, energy, freedom in every brand element “Go Pro!” “Be a Hero!” ✖ Between personal challenges and precious moments of happiness shared with friends ✖ Segmentation Customer characteristics “What is your passion, your hobbit?” Buying situation “If you’d go on a trip, an adventure, how would you immortalize those precious moments?” ✖ Two segments targeted Extreme sports enthusiasts Passionate people eager to share their exciting experiences
  18. 18. ✖ BRAND INFLECTION ✖ BRAND VALUES ✖ Stimulate passion and excitement “We are passionate about the idea of what We can actually do in this World” “Be a Hero!” ✖ Versatility, durability “invisible camera” ✖ Traditional values of love, freedom, sharing & modern values : challenge, leisure society, society of endless entertainment ✖ Embodies social status “Globetrotter, Cool attitude” ✖ Make your dreams come true ✖ Live your life to the full ✖ “Be a Hero” Be proud of who you are and what you do ✖ Be the Master of your life and enjoy every second
  19. 19. ✖ BRAND VALUES BRAND PERSONALITY ✖ Sincerity ✖ Excitement ✖ Competence ✖ Sophistication ✖ Ruggedness Outdoorsy Tough Daring Spirited Imaginative Up-to-date
  21. 21. BRAND IDENTITY •  Extreme •  Fun •  Over achievement •  Challenging the limits •  Extreme sports •  Water sports •  Music •  Lifestyle •  Realize your dreams •  Go over the limits •  Traveller •  Happy •  Connected •  Passionated •  Sponsoring in athletes •  Sport events •  Engaging its community •  Logo evokes sports, water and liberty of usage •  Color: blue, white and black
  22. 22. Marketing Mix PRODUCT   ✖  GoPro  point-­‐of-­‐view   1080p    cameras   White  ediVon  249€   Silver  ediVon  349€   Black  ediVon  449€   ✖  Mounts   ✖  Accessories   ✖  Packages:  Ski,  Surf…   ✖  Apps  &  soware     PLACE   ✖  Retail  website     ✖  Physical  retailers       Mostly  extreme  sports     ✖  Distributors  &     retailers  worldwide   Technology  focused  &   athleVc  stores       PRICE   ✖  Cameras  HERO3   White  ediVon  249€   Silver  ediVon  349€   Black  ediVon  449€   ✖  Mounts     12€  -­‐  59€     ✖  Accessories   12€  -­‐  219€   ✖  Free  app  &     video  ediVng  soware     PROMOTION   ✖  Social  Media   ✖  Endorsement   Sponsorship  of  highly   renowned  sportsmen     ✖  Partnerships  :  Redbull   ✖  Extreme  sports  events   ✖  Online  compeVVons:   promote  high  quality   user-­‐generated  content   ✖  TV  :  Super  Bowl  
  24. 24. Products Extensions
  25. 25. Software & App Complete software with video editing for top quality movies. The software includes editorials, templates, special features etc. The application makes it possible for the user to control the GoPro camera from the phone and share pictures, videos etc. On the social media.
  26. 26. Place     ✖ Website: Selling both cameras and accessories on the website. ✖ Physical retailers: Mostly extreme sports shops such as Quicksilver, Volcom, BillaBong etc. ✖ Distributors & retailers worldwide Technology focused: lafnac, amazon, …
  27. 27. Promotion Ø   Social  Media   Ø   UGC   Ø  Sponsorship  on  sports  events      Games  (Winter  X  Games/Summer  X  Games)                              GoPro  Dirt  Diaries                              Grand  Prix  of  Somona   Ø  Partnerships (Redbull) Ø  TV: Super Bowl TV Campaign
  28. 28. “ A PARTICIPATION ECONOMY = SHARING ” ✖ PROMOTE USER GENERATED CONTENT 7,192,386 likes 1 780 908 subscribers 1,898,329 followers 917 K followers 15,3 k tweets April, 2014
  29. 29. Co-creation strategy UGC  (User  Generated  Content)   Ø Brand  users  become  content  creators  for  the   brand  on  Internet  and  Social  Networks             Consumers  as  ambassadors  of  the  brand    
  30. 30. The YouTube audience is more than just viewers—it’s fans. As brands continue to blur the line between advertiser and creator, we want to recognize those brands that regularly publish content—paid or otherwise—to build an engaged fanbase.That’s why we’re excited to launch the first-ever quarterly Brand Channel Leaderboard. Selection is based on an algorithm that factors in multiple signals of audience passion and popularity, including watch time, repeat viewership, likes and shares, surfacing only those channels that have the most engaged, active fanbases. Published 03/31/2014
  31. 31. Red  Bull  Stratos     ✖Red Bull gives you wings ✖GoPro: Be a hero Similar brand identity: -  Performance -  Exceed limits -  Energy … Secondary Association
  32. 32. SWOT Analysis Strengh   ü  High  brand  awareness   ü  Unique  technology   ü  Aggressive  word  of  mouth   from  consumers   ü  Complete  scale  of  products   (hardware,  accessories,   soware,  applicaVons..)   ü  Strong  partnership  and   posiVoning   ü  High  perceived  value     Weaknesses       ü  Low  penetraVon  on   markets  other  than  USA,   Australia,  NZ   ü  Insufficient  R&D   ü  Price         OpportuniVes     ü  DemocraVzaVon  of   extreme  sports   ü  Explosion  of  CollaboraVvity     ü  Emerging  markets   ü  New  services  (for  ex.   ApplicaVon  connecVng   people  together  according   to  their  likes   Threats   ü  Electronic  component   prices  are  rising   ü  Entry  barriers  are  low  for   non  direct  compeVtors   (like  Samsung)  who  already   have  the  technology  and   the  awareness   ü   Purchasing  power  on   mature  markets    
  33. 33. Maslow’s Pyramid
  34. 34. ✖ HD quality video ✖ Music ✖ Aestethic appeal ✖ Athletic idols put us in their shoes ✖ The user becomes the star ✖ GoPro as a household name IS GoPro A ? 43 points = Lovemark
  35. 35. Primary Marketing Research Online Survey Do you remember seeing any advertising for this brand? Have you ever watched a GoPro movie? Can you rate from 1 to 5 the following aspect of GoPro camera: Design Can you rate from 1 to 5 the following aspect of GoPro camera: Durability Can you rate from 1 to 5 the following aspect of GoPro camera: Technology Can you rate from 1 to 5 the following aspect of GoPro camera : Accessories
  36. 36. BRAND AWARENESS – DO PEOPLE KNOW GOPRO ? Events   7   5  %   YouTube   29   23  %   Friends   66   52  %   TV  ads   2   2  %   Facebook   3   2  %   Website   4   3  %   Sport  community   15   12  %   Never  heard  about  GoPro   2   2  %   How did you hear about GoPro the first time ?
  37. 37. BRAND IMAGE
  38. 38. PERCEPTUAL MAPPING LeisureTraditional High Quality Low Quality
  39. 39. SOURCES OF BRAND EQUITY Customer  based   Proprietary  based   Brand   awareness   Patents   Brand   associaVons   Channel   relaVonships   Legitime story telling and heritage Over achievement Embodies social status Sharing Extreme sports High technology devices Wide range of products Active online presence (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) Direct promotion (partnerships, events and endorsement) Co-creation promotion (community) BRAND EQUITY
  40. 40. CBBE Brand Pyramid -  Strong brand reasonance -  GoPro is almost the most well knowed action device and positioned as a key actor in extreme sport industry -  Strong customer loyalty -  Strongly recognizable music element and highly engaged community -  #1 brand community on YouTube -  Few disapointed customers, most of them would recommend GoPro for THE trip of their life High performance -  4K recording -  Wide angle -  Leader on POV recording segment -  Efficient and user friendly video footage tool -  High brand awareness -  Strong historical relationship with surfers community -  Growing relationship with trekers and adventurer lifestyle people -  Go over your limits -  Share it with others -  Proove that you’re a hero -  Make your passion a lifestyle -  Over achievement -  Push everyone of us to overtake our limits and live our passion
  41. 41. Recommendations ✖ Become a lifestyle brand ✖ Spread its target not focusing only on extreme sports ✖ Focus on other passions / hobbies: music, parties… ✖ Expend its events and sponsorships not only to extreme sports ✖ Optimize visibility in physical stores to highlight GoPro’s universe: corners, shop-in-shops ✖ Keep focus the marketing on social media ✖ Improve design and durability on their products
  42. 42. THANK YOU
  43. 43. APENDIX
  45. 45. Battery life
  46. 46. LCD viewfinder
  47. 47. Maximum video resolution
  48. 48. Maximum still resolution
  49. 49. Price
  50. 50. Weight
  51. 51. Dedicated remote control unit
  52. 52. Waterproofing
  53. 53. Wireless connectivity
  54. 54. SOURCES,141003