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Tadaa! The first version of our company profile.

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  1. 1. WHAT HAPPENEDTO THE FUTURE?Digital products for a social world
  2. 2. “Markets are conversations.” The Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999
  3. 3. In 2011 markets are stillconversations. And social media is the tool to make these conversations visible.
  4. 4. We create digital products and campaigns that encourageconversations – with social mediabaked in right from the beginning.
  5. 5. What we do Digital DigitalBrand Strategy Communication BAKED IN Social Media Digital Products
  6. 6. How we do it 01 02 03 Analysis Strategy ConceptMonitor conversations and Create business and Develop creative uncover brand potential communication strategy execution of the strategy 06 05 04 Product Implementation PrototypeFinal digital product Design and code to Create early prototype to(campaign, website, finalize the product execute the concept app etc.)
  7. 7. Shared opportunities As it is always in life, there are two options 1 - The client buys time You pay for what you get, we charge a daily rate and thats it. Most digital agencies rely on selling the execution of one big product - many clients are fine with it and so are we. But theres more: 2 - We share business opportunitiesWe reduce our basic fee, define milestones as well as a performance-basedcommission by sharing in the profit of the final product. This is the option we prefer, as we believe that digital products and campaigns deserve a long term approach to create ongoing conversations and better results.
  8. 8. PeopleMalte Krebs Nicolas KittnerBackground BackgroundJournalism AdvertisingSkills SkillsEditorial writing Creative conceptContent strategy & concept Digital strategyOnline media business Information architectureExperience ExperienceHas mainly worked for media Has worked for digital andcompanies like Gruner & Jahr classic advertising agenciesand Axel Springer in Germany and China
  9. 9. Brands we worked for
  10. 10. TchiboFacebook strategy and rollout for Eastern Europe.Lead agency: Liquid Campaign HamburgTchibo Germany Tchibo Turkey Tchibo Poland
  11. 11. BMW China Digital and social media campaign for the BMW 1series in China. Lead agency: Interone BeijingPhase 1: Attention Phase 2: Solving Phase 3: RecruitingWe created buzz through seeding of a When the buzz was at its peak we Encouraged by another video, usersviral video about a mysterious circle in released a video that showed how the could register for a special driving eventthe desert Gobi on several Chinese mysterious circle was made: by some on the BMW website.social media channels like QQ, Kaixin, guys with their BMWs.Sina and youku.
  12. 12. G+J Stern.deConcept and content for an iPhone app that lets you find thebest christmas presents.
  13. 13. Want to talk? Our website and blogwww.whathappenedtothefuture.com E-mail & phone Malte: mk@whttf.com +49 179 94 99 404 Nick: nk@whttf.com +49 177 555 0043