Infoplum-AFP iphone business case. Freemium app London Games Explorer


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At a recent conference on the Digital Media in Hanoi, Asia's deputy regional sales and marketing director, Nicolas Giraudon, outlined AFP's product offer to some 250 media executives.

Giraudon presented the joint AFP-Infoplum mobile sports application and spoke on how it could be exploited by the participants seeking financial gain from the digital sector.

The AFP-Infoplum mobile sports application recently won a WAN-Ifra award. See:!home/mainPage

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Infoplum-AFP iphone business case. Freemium app London Games Explorer

  1. 1. Agence France-Presse 2012AFP : là où le monde bouge 1
  2. 2. AFP in a day : live and unbiased content from 2 260 staff5,000 dispatches 2,500 photos 200 videos 100 graphics 2 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  3. 3. Our 3,700 clients+35% of new clients since 20052011 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon 3
  4. 4. Mobile business case and key learnings 2012 AFP : là où le monde bouge 4
  5. 5. Games ExploreriPhone-html5 app for the 2012 London Games• Editorial content powered by AFP• Apps designed & developed by Sportsflash® - infoplumAim: To acquire and engage fans Splash Screen of app upon start up. 5 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  6. 6. What do I need to attract audiences?Rich multimedia content to engage and retainaudience• Before the event AFP: 6 people building historical content infoplum: database building & mining for interesting Stats, Facts and ‘Did You Know’ content, Medal Predictions• During the event AFP:180 journalists in London reporting live infoplum: Live results and scoreboards Splash Screen of app upon start up. 6 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  7. 7. Before the event : deep archives Olympic History • Complete medal tally from past Olympics dating back to the first 1896 Games • Complete lists of medallists from every nation • Other key features include: Games Summary + pics Golden Moments Facts & figures Anecdotes Behind the 7 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  8. 8. Before the event : practical informationGames Venues• Profiles of Olympic Venues Location Description Sports Competition dates Photos2012 London Games Schedule• The 2012 Games schedule with an option of displaying only medal events. 8 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  9. 9. During the event : photo and results driven contentPhoto galleries• Most striking off beat pictures• Top 24 photos of the dayLive illustrated text stories• On the field• Off the field• Quotes of the day• Live commentariesVideo from AFP and YoutubeLive results and medal tables 9 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  10. 10. Key take away : datacube content strategy 10 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  11. 11. But good multimedia content is NOT ENOUGH How to build SMART content and experience ? AFP : là où le monde bouge 11
  12. 12. Smart content: tailored contentTailored display and alerts systems• Tailored results display• Tailored filter per sport or countriesSmart features• Predictive data• Social media connector• Feedback mechanism allowed for a quick response to user• Athlete search engine 12 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  13. 13. A launching vehicle and communication planLaunching vehicle• A mini-site was created for SEO purposes• A dedicated twitter and facebook account• Strong social networking integration allowed users to share contentMarketing plan• PR• Educationalinstitutions targeted• App review sitespromoted• Mobile ad serving• Freemium pricing 13 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  14. 14. Multimedia content Smart features Launching planAFP : là où le monde bouge 14
  15. 15. Main challengesContent production and edition• Think and edit multimedia liveApp release and advertised one week only before the event !• Release to the iTunes store delayed by 4 weeks due to tight guidelines from the IOC .• Blocking the use of relevant key words related to the Olympics 15 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  16. 16. Key resultsRich content mixed with results• Top 3 visited pages Medal Tally > 32 minutes Event details – fixtures and results Live news - home page• 28% app users spent an average of 30 mins #2 top 5 sporting apps in Australia of the Olympic Games.Smart and Social features• Used “Did you know” to fuel social engagement +18K fans• Average user rating of 4+ out of 5 on the iTunes Store Awarded the best Mobile App in Asia Pacific 2012 Asian Digital Media Awards• Global audience with majority from Australia, USA and UK. 16 AFP : presentation – Nicolas Giraudon
  17. 17. Next stepsAFP : là où le monde bouge 17
  18. 18. Vietnams’ fantastic potential for mobile news and entertainment• 31 M internet users or 31% of the population (more than AUS+NZ)• News reading is the very first web activity before search, music, email• Users leap frog to mobile Source: Cimigo NetCitizens 2012 Sample 5 800 people interviewed in 12 cities
  19. 19. Bring our experience to Vietnamto help media grow their success • Multimedia trainings • Sports news in Vietnamese • 3D sports animations • Predictive data • White label web and mobile solutions for soccer, and many other sports 19AFP : presentation
  20. 20. Thank youAsia-Pac Regional HeadquarterNicolas GIRAUDON Nicolas.GIRAUDON@afp.comDeputy sales and marketing Director Asia-PacificAgence France PresseAFP Office in HanoiCatherine BARTON Bureau Chief Catherine.BARTON@afp.comDuc Minh NGUYEN Sales manager Duc-Minh.NGUYEN@afp.comand our team of senior journalists 20