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Percy Jackson

  1. 1. Book Report By:Nick Garcia
  2. 2. Percy Jackson &The Sea Of Monsters By: Rick Riordan
  3. 3. Quick summaryWhen Thalia’s tree is mysteriously poisoned, the magical borders of Camp Half-Blood begin to fail. Now Percy and his friends have just days to find the only magic item powerful to save the camp before it is overrun by monsters. But they must sail into the Sea of Monsters to find it. Along the way, Percy must stage a daring rescue operation to save his old friend Grover, and he learns a terrible secret about his own family, which makes him question whether being the son of Poseidon is an honor or a curse. This books Genre science fiction, the story is based on Greek Mythology.
  4. 4. Main Characters Percy Jackson Grover Annabeth Tyson Cyclops Gods (Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, etc)
  5. 5. Percy Jackson Percy Jackson is a demigod, which is a half human half god. He is the son of Poseidon. He attends a camp called Camp Half Blood which is a camp for people like him. His best friend was kidnapped by a giant cyclops now he has to go through the sea of monsters and save his friend.
  6. 6. Grover Grover is a satyr which is a half human half goat. He is also Percys best friend and his protector. Grover was taken by the Cyclops. Now he must rely on his friends to save him
  7. 7. AnnabethAnnabeth is another demigod. She is the daughter of Athena. (Godess of wisdom) She is friends with Percy and Grover. She also attends camp half blood. Her wisdom on the battle field makes her a good strategist and a great asset to Percys team.
  8. 8. TysonTyson is a cyclops, but a young one. He is also the son of Poseidon which makes him and Percy brothers. Tyson has great strength and resistance to fire. Which also makes him a good asset to the team.
  9. 9. First Plot In the beginning of the story Percys best friendGrover is captured by the Cyclops who onceconfronted Odysseys. ( Who was a great greekmyth hero) Now Percy is set on a quest to bringback his friend with the help of his friendAnnabeth and his half brother Tyson.
  10. 10. Second PlotAt the Magical camp they attend (Camp Half Blood) there is a magical tree that provides a magic shield that prevents unwanted people from entering the camp. Such as mortals and monters. The tree is dying and so is the shield. This will allow monsters to enter and attack the camp. To prevent this there is a magical fleece (sheep) that can heal and cure anything. The fleece is located where the cyclops is. So now Percy and his friends must get the fleece and Grover.
  11. 11. Setting The story takes place in modern time. There in a different variety of places such as New York, The Atlantic Ocean, and the Bermuda triangle.
  12. 12. Important Events Percy and friends fight the Cyclops He finds out that all Cyclops are children of Poseidon They get the golden fleece They get Grover The fleece more than heals the tree, it turns it back into Thalia who as the daughter of Zeus and was turned into the tree to spare her from death
  13. 13. Rick RiordanRick Riordan is the number one selling author of the New York Times. Best known for his more popular stories Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Kane chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus. He is very fond of Greek mythology and enjoys writing books based on the tales of Greek myths.
  14. 14. I recommend reading Rick Riordans material. Especially his best selling series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. For those of you who enjoy action and Greek Mythology this series is for you.