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  1. 1. The Road Called STRATE In Collaboration with…………………….
  2. 2. GED Program Road College DOC Department Home Grant DMPRI of Labor Housing Reentry Road Home Bayuad Ind. DOC Samaritan DOL House Grassroots Adams Ardams County County VOCA Juveniles & Rehab Adults A-DAD The Services Arapahoe Road Arapahoe CountyCounty VOCA Called Juveniles & Rehab STRAT Adults E 3-County Probation Denver Denver County County VOCA Rehab Juveniles & Adults Promoting Denver Healthy TANF Fatherhood Denver HAVEN Matthews Ctr. TANF Denver One Stop Employment County Jail Life Skills
  3. 3. DOC/ DMPRI Denver Metro Prisoners Re-entry Re-entry Initiative DMPRI provides re-entry services to non- violent parolees. Services providers includes:  Empowerment, Turnabout, RCS, Denver Works  Mentoring, Supportive services  Job training and placement  GED and continuing Education
  4. 4. DOC/ DOL Department of LaborGrassroots Faith Based Grassroots re-entry program for recently released parolees Violent or non-violent offenders Provide supportive services Employer incentives $5,0000 Fidelity Bonding for any damages $2,400 Tax Cut Credit within 21-days of hire Employee follow-up evaluation tracking for continued needs such as: Life skills training in behavioral modification for self improvement, pro-social counseling and drug counseling
  5. 5. Adams County Arapahoe County ADAD Services Juveniles Juveniles 3-County Probation & Adults & Adults 3-County Probation Department services for Juveniles and Adults Provide Mentoring, Counseling GED Classes for At Risk Youth Life Skills Classes Community Services Job Preparation & Placement
  6. 6. Denver County ADAD Services Juveniles 3-County Probation & Adults  Denver County Probation Department services for Juveniles and Adults  TASC Treatment Services  Substance Abuse Education  Relapse Prevention Counseling  Emotional Coping Skills  Enhanced Life Skills Classes  Community Services  Job Preparation & Placement
  7. 7. HAVEN HAVEN HOUSE TANF A Therapeutic Community Substance abuse program for Women, Mothers and infants Assessments, Individualized treatment planning, Transitional Housing, Day treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Parenting education and skill building, On-site GED, Infant development services, On-site psychiatric services, medications monitoring, Methadone Monitoring, Antabuse monitoring, HIV/Hepatitis C testing, On-site basic medical services.
  8. 8. Denver Denver- TANF TANF Transitioning parents with children into the work force with training in resume writing, job applications (online and traditional applications), interview skills, dress for success, computer training classes, job search techniques. GED & Higher Education Parenting skills Community Based Training Agencies
  9. 9. Road Home Veteran Services Housing Goal is to alleviate homelessness in Denver. Emphasis is on homeless veterans, mentally and physically challenged individuals, families with children
  10. 10. Road Home Bayuad Inds. Denver’s Road Samaritan House HomeFaith Management Reality  Employment and Training  The plan balances the provision of housing, treatment services, and job training with the expectation of personal responsibility and self- reliance from those who receive the services.  To challenge and improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged by educating, training, building, encouraging, and mentoring their spirits to realize their maximum potential for success.
  11. 11. Promoting Promoting Responsible HealthyFatherhood Fathers Funded by the State of Colorado Provide parenting skills to fathers desiring to be actively involved with their children Create healthy relationships with fathers and children; The end result will be stable, healthy parents, children and family units
  12. 12. GED ProgramGED ProgramCollege Grant & Continuing Education Provide GED preparation services to clients seeking their General Equivalency Diploma (GED) Serve as the catalyst to encourage clients to seek higher education skills including obtaining technical skills certification as well as college degrees Provide technical assistance in identifying funding sources for their education goals
  13. 13. DenverCounty Jail Life Skills One Stop Colorado Crime Control Commission Initiative Life skills at Denver County Jail twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday dealing with behavior modification and self improvement – 8 to 12- week courses job preparation and retention classes
  14. 14. Matthews Ctr. One Stop Employment NeedsEmployment Part of the Denver Crime Prevention Commission Re-entry Services for Misdemeanor Population Only Employment and Training Services
  15. 15. Adams Arapahoe Denver Vocational County County County Voc Rehab Voc Rehab Voc Rehab Rehabilitation Provide vocational rehabilitation training to SSI/SSDI clients with physical and/or mental disabilities Emphasis on veterans and ex-offenders Provide job preparation training, job placement, job tracking and follow-up Clients must reside in Adams County, Arapahoe County, and Denver County
  16. 16. Gang Data: Gang Prevention and Intervention Nationally, gang members were responsible for 12% of all aggravated assaults that occurred between 1993 and 2003 According to the FBIs Homicide Reports, each year between 8% and 10% of homicides committed with a firearms are gang related. According to The Rocky Mountain News January of 2007 the number of cases investigated by Denver police gang unit increased by 83% since 2001 Rocky Mountain News states 41 Officers Are Assigned to Denver’s gang unit On average, gang members commit about 373,000 of the 6.6 million violent crimes every year in this country. Mentoring, being a good role model, involved parenting and being available to young people are all ways to help keep a child out of a gang.
  17. 17. Gangs: The Art Of Ending Home Land Wars To Combat gang wars, violence and to help families, we must first recognize Community Education Centers where individuals and families respond to our service and treatment. Our focus is on our complete range of services. Our assessment, treatment, education, employment, our two different kinds of life skills classes, which are; 12 weeks of behavioral modification for self improvement, and12 weeks pro-social community reintegration. Where treatment is offered to fit the individuals and the families lifestyles Where treatment is delivered out of past mistakes and new personal management planning Where treatment addresses criminal family back grounds and new family commitments
  18. 18. Gangs: The Art Of Ending Home Land Wars The Art of ending America home land Wars; we must not separate the three current generations, youth, young adults, and their parents all suffer from substance abuse neglect and other problematic behaviors that have been shown to be inter-generational First and most importantly, The youth and their separate needs starting with learning new skills depending on family and mentoring, and practicing new attitudes. Provide Mandatory Pre-sentencing Supervision upon arrest, and before posting bond for any criminal offence. We must close the gaps in our present criminal justice system or we as society will continue to cause the problems instead of the solutions.
  19. 19. Gangs: The Art Of Ending Home Land Wars Gang members are to be immediately educated ,treated with respect, and receive treatment for serious mental health problems, trained them with employment skills and not just labeled them, as public enemies Mentoring and support groups meet every Saturday 9:00 am. To 2:00 pm. and Thursday night 6:00am to 8:00pm. Provides positive encouragement and a different way of life. We are continuing to seek volunteers
  20. 20. The Road Called Services Food Bank Clothing Bank Computer Classes GED Classes Job Referrals Life Skills Classes Spanish Classes Gang Violence Prevention Parent Awareness Health Disparities Cancer Research for Males & Females
  21. 21. Statistics350 Food Bank300 Clothing Bank250 Computer Classes200 GED Classes150 Spanish Classes100 Job Referals50 Life Skills 0 2005 2006 2007 Gang Violence Prevention