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HEC Certification Digital Innovation for Business : E-commerce challenge - Présentation finale Voir & Revoir


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Présentation finale de notre projet Voir & Revoir. Le projet s'inscrit dans le cadre du challenge e-commerce de la Certification Digital Innovation for Business à HEC Paris

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HEC Certification Digital Innovation for Business : E-commerce challenge - Présentation finale Voir & Revoir

  1. 1. Voir Et Revoir« Your branded spectacles guaranteed against theft and breakage »
  2. 2. Designer glasses with an all inclusive warranty —  Branded eyeglasses —  With an all inclusive warranty —  At a competitive priceWe want to become the online reference to buy and protect designer glasses
  3. 3. We have 3 main types of customers Emilie Jacques Alexandre the mother of 2 the over insured senior The clumsy guyPopulation 10 Million 15 Million 3 MillionWear glasses 60% 70% 60%Renewal every 3 years 4 years 1 yearWant warranty 90% 60% 90%eShopper 60% 20% 70%Total 1M 0,3M 1,1MMarket share (goal: 1%) 24 000 annual customers 4.8 M€ annual potential Turnover Sources: Insee ; Xerfi ; Fevad ; based on an average basket of 200€
  4. 4. We sell high end service at mid range pricesLow price Bad service Good serviceHigh price
  5. 5. There is no similar warranty at our price level in the market Low price The local optician No Completewarranty warranty (loss/break) High price
  6. 6. We are your bodyguard: a unique protection to see clearly, whatever the circumstances §  All glasses include our free warranty §  We guarantee the fastest and most complete protection service in the market1 2 3You have broken your glasses? Your glasses have been stolen? How will you see in the meantime?
  7. 7. A strong Business Model based on a well- thought warranty premiumBased on 10 customers buying 150€ spectacles… Financial impactPurchase ü Additional marginglasses with per client (15%)our warranty(100%) = €22.5 / client û Additional costs :Break or get their ~55% of the price of 2glasses stolen glassesduring Year 1(20%) (1) = €16.5 / client The additional margin enables a comfortable Burning Cost Ratio ü Balance per client (losses/premium paid) of ~75% = +6€ / client (1): Based on a survey conducted with 50 potential consumers
  8. 8. As insurance is not our core business, we plan to partner with a specialist—  Other competitors offer a warranty service in case of lost/ broken glasses, but often outsource it Exemple has an agreement with—  We are currently in talks with potential partners
  9. 9. Deep dive into our Customer Experience
  10. 10. An acquisition strategy that relies on recommendation A pre launch event to generate traffic and buzz: @ Online competitive game on FB, the prize: a ten year warranty on prescription eyeglasses How to generate traffic in the long run @ Through recommendations, to foster trust @ Improve referencing through our content policy @ Educate people with quality content and regular publications @ Re-written URL to improve referencing by Google
  11. 11. We want to be perceived as trustworthy and reliable Customer loyalty is key for repeat buys and recommendation: @  Very targeted personalized mails 3 times a year: before spring, before winter and at the anniversary date of the last purchase @  A loyalty card, earning points for each purchase and each sponsored customer
  12. 12. What we plan to do in the coming months—  Focus on high end brands—  Develop a set of KPI to monitor and display our performance as a marketing tool (satisfaction %, etc)—  Keep organising promotional events (several every year)
  13. 13. Why should you choose us?1.  Because we offer an unheard of warranty2.  Because we are much cheaper than our direct competitors3.  Because it is a sound Business Model
  14. 14. Thank you for your timeBusiness Girl Tech Guy Market GuyLawyer Guy Business Guy Design guy