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This short presentation features key elements about the OpenStreetMap projects and its contribution to the relief work following the Haiti Earthquake to introduce the Field Missions the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) carried out in Haiti
* 21-March - 10-April.
* 9-23 May
* 14-29 June
It has been co-authored by Nicolas Chavent, Mikel Maron and Robert Soden

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Field Mission Ht10 Hot English Short Version

  1. 1. Open Street Map Wiki Project Haiti
  2. 2. what is openstreetmap? the openstreetmap “one-liner” A web project to create a free and open map of the entire world, built entirely from volunteers surveying with GPS, digitizing aerial imagery, and collecting and liberating existing public sources of geographic data. = +
  3. 3. free and open voluntary map of the voluntary, open contributions world. open contribution. open use. open use (CC-SA)
  4. 4. OSM WikiProject Haiti - snapshot OSM data in(SHP, WFS and GPS map extracts (Garmin) available day 1 OSM GPS map extracts used by Search And Rescue Teams – day 1 OSM = roads core data set (OCHA Core Data sets check-list). OSM data used as SHP, WFS, WMS in responders mapping production environment Muki Haklay (University College of London) evaluation of OSM, Google & MINUSTAH Roads data
  5. 5. Tracing over Satellite imagery. Free, Purchased, Negotiated
  6. 6. Database import. Public domain or CC-SA (OdbL). Canada NMA (Geobase) AND (Netherlands) Yahoo imagery UN-JLC (Sudan, Haiti), UN-FAO Africover, UN-WHO - Health Facilities
  7. 7. Direct measurements: GPS and mobile phone
  8. 8. Direct measurements: walking papers • Walking Papers • A website and a service designed to provide • OpenStreetMap print maps • that can be marked up with a pen, • scanned back into the computer, • and traced using OSM’s editors Potlatch or JOSM.
  9. 9. H.O.T Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
  10. 10. a new initiative rooted in OSM building on two years of informal cooperation to apply the principles and activities of open source and open data sharing towards humanitarian response and economic development.
  11. 11. Core Mission - connecting point between humanitarian and open mapping communities - remote data creation during crisis - collection and organization of existing data sources - deployments to the field possible - distribution point for free data Advocacy, Training and Outreach - mapping parties - speaking, writing, meetings in humanitarian and United Nations technical communities Thinking and Design - promotion of crowd-sourcing and simple web standards for data sharing - technical improvements to OSM and OSGeo in response to field requirements (offline support, verification, format adaptors, multi-master sync..)
  12. 12. OSM/ HOT Haiti Field Mission – 21-March/ 10-April = Goal = Support the use of OSM on the ground to make sure it stays relevant and useful into the recovery, reconstruction, development of Haiti. = Audience = * groups of UN and international responders, * the Haitian government, * Haitian civil society = Activities = == Training == * Surveying with GPS/Walking Papers * Editing * Ensuring an efficient use of OSM resources by the responders == Surveying == == Community mapping project (slum) - feasibility study == == Ad hoc support work == * fill gaps in current response where OSM is part of the solution. * liaison with OSM community
  13. 13. OSM/ HOT Haiti Field Mission – 21-March/ 10-April = Capacities = == Staffing == 2 to 4 facilitators == Hardware mobile surveying/ training kit == * 10 GPS units * 2 printers/ scanner (Walking papers) * 3 workstations
  14. 14. = Wiki = * WikiProject Haiti * Strategy & proposal m/Haiti_Strategy_And_Proposal * Mission = Contacts = * * * 38 66 97 07