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Assignment nicolaas van wyk

  1. 1. THE KING FAMILY Nicolaas van Wyk
  2. 2. Introduction :Mr. Burton-King (38 years) lives in Sandton,Gauteng. South Africa.He is a Business Executive and is in a same-sexrelationship with Mr.King for the past 8 years.He likes : The Performing Arts, Reading, Fish, MashPotatoes & Bangers. Tommy Hilfiger & JC CrewDesigns. Prefers to soak in a bathtub over a shower.He dislike: Dishonesty, Cabbage, Beetroot. Badbreath and people that does not pay detail attentionto personal hygiene. Mr.King (45 years) lives in Sandton , Gauteng. South Africa. He is a Business Executive and is in a same- sex relationship with Mr.Burton-King for the past 8 years. He likes : Formula One Car Racing , Outdoor Activities, Reading, Greek & Italian Cuisine. Armani Clothing Designs. Prefers to take a refreshing shower above soaking in a bathtub. He dislike: Soaking in a bathtub, indoors activities. Uninformed sense of Fashion and bad dressing abilities. Abusive and fawl language usage.
  3. 3. Mr. king : Belated Mr King – Mr. King (Senior) Bologna / Italy CEO Self Employed - RetiredMR. KING (45) Belated Mrs King –Business Milano / ItalyExececutiveSandton , Belated Mr PherosSouth Africa. – Patras / Greece Belated Mrs. King (Pheros) – Artiste Belated Mrs Pheros
  4. 4. Mr. BURTON-king : Belated Mr. Burton, Nottingham / UK Mr. Burton, Nottingham / UK MR. BURTON-KING Belated Mrs. (38), Business Burton, Leeds / UK Executive, Sandton, South Africa Mr. Fuerst, Stuttgart / Germany Mrs. Burton (Fuerst) Cologne / Germany Mrs. Fuest, Munich / Germany
  5. 5. TheIR means of transport :
  6. 6. Their residence :
  7. 7. Their residence : BALMOR ESTATE : 164 Dunton road, Sandton, gauteng, south-africa.
  9. 9. Butler’s Book :
  10. 10. Butler’s Book :THE DUTIES OF A BUTLER IN A HOUSEHOLD.Below follows just a few duties that will be expected from me as a Butler in a Household:• How to run and be accountable for the Butler’s Office and Butler’s Pantry ( and use thereof).• How to keep record of all the Household Accounts.• To keep the Butler’s Book up to date.• How to behave discreet, loyal and dedicated. And how to behave with your Employers.• How to keep up professional standards and importance of appearance.• Housekeeping. The supervision and delegation thereof as well as well time management thereof.• Laying tables for luncheon, dinner and the serving thereof.• How to deal with Special Diets.• How to prepare High- and Afternoon Tea.• How to get the best possible value when purchasing items for the house.• The art of getting one with everyone, from the youngest to the oldest in the entire Household.• How to perform the Interview procedures for positions and how to dismiss staff members.• To run an efficient Kitchen, to control the H A C C P, be aware of “Green Procedures” and tomaintain a Healthy and Balance Diet and Menu for the Family.• To have a sufficient knowledge of and importance of paring wines with foods.• An understanding and knowledge of sufficient Valet Service to the Employers.• An understanding and knowledge of sufficient Concierge Service to the Employers.TO BE A BUTLER WITH DISTICNTION:* ASSERTIVE * FLEXIBLE * PRO-ACTIVE* HELPFUL * COMMUNICATIVE * CALM* NO CONFRONTATIONS * MASTER OF PRESENTATION * GRACE* ELEGANCE * PRIDE * EYE FOR DETAIL* TIME MANAGER * LOYAL * TRUST* TACT * DISCRETION * FRIENDLY* GOOD LISTENER * TEAMBUILDER * GOOD LEADER
  11. 11. THE JOB DESCRIPTION OF A BUTLER IN A HOUSEHOLD.Below follows just a few duties that will be expected from me as a Butler in a Household:• Maintaining a high standard of Etiquette, Professionalism and Neatness in appearance always.• Commitment to work and responsibility is paramount.• A Hands-on approach is expected and to be applied at all times regarding tasks to be done.• Being available at all times for the purposes of errands and requests.• I will be required to act as a Wine Steward, Household Manager and Function Planner• Respect towards the Employers is to be maintained at all times.• A Hands-on policy will be required in all facets of the Housekeeping.• I will be responsible for the cleaning/maintenance of Silverware and Crystals.• In assisting the Chef (if there is one in the Household)• Will be required to do purchases.• Will be expected to assist with Valet Duties.• Will be expected to assist with Concierge Duties.THE BUTLER’S OFFICE:The Butler’s Book should have the following check-lists Records in:• Guest Room Checklist• Checklist for Booking Airfares & Hotels & Travelling with Employer• Checklist for morning Tea or Coffee Tray• Breakfast Buffet Checklist• Checklist of Items Needed for a Full English Afternoon Tea / High Tea• Checklist for Table Settings• Checklist for Serving Items• Checklist for Organising a Formal Dinner Party * Setting up the Table * Late Afternoon and Reception * The Dinner• Checklist for Planning a Function• checklist for Booking a Restaurant for Dinner• Checklist for Hiring a Marquee• Checklist for Hiring a Caterer• Checklist for Valet Services• Checklist for Items needed for a BBQTHE BUTLER’S OFFICE:Note : The Butler’s Office is the Butler’s “Working Space”. Butler’s work is used for conventional Office Activities such as computer work, writing and phone calls. THE BUTLERBOOK IS COMPILED OVER YEARS, KEPT UP TO DATE AND TO BE HANDED OVER TO ANY SUCCESSOR.
  12. 12. The Butler’s Book will contain the following information and to be kept up to date: Service Structure Programs (e.g. Family needs and wants, Employers Schedules, Checklists, Jobdescriptions for self and staff) Introduction from the Telephone Book (e.g. Local Maps, Museums and Art Galleries, Theatres,Concert Halls, Stadiums, Sport Venues, Local outings and attractions). Telephone Logs & Costs: NAMES / PHONE NUMBERS OF SUPPLIERS AND SERVICES : CLOTHES:• Clothing Standards• Inventory• Dry-Cleaning Record• Usage and repairs of records LISTS AND RECORDS:* Telephone messages. * Credit Card order Format * Full Birthday List* Christmas present list * Forthcoming events * Long term Dairy Planner* Wine Cellar stock List * Shopping Lists * Valet Service Check Lists* Inventory List of Basic every thing in the Household, and in order and systematically format.* List of all Files in Cabinets and Archives. * Menu & Guest Lists.* Instruction Books, Receipts, and Guarantees for appliances and other purchases.* Own Resume * Files on all Employees with HR information.* Consent for treatment form for Minors FINANCIAL / PETTY CASH:• Orders and purchases made and well received.• Bills Paid Book• All Financial Records, bills etc. In weekly, monthly order (hard copy).• Monthly and Annual Summary of Household Accounts.• Bank Account details for Transfers etc.• Property Tax Assessment Records• Utilities Records• Inventory (including Suppliers and their addresses).• A Complete Petty Cash Bookkeeping Systems must bekept up to date everyday and the Butler to provideaccountability at any given time regarding theFinancial Status thereof.
  13. 13.  TRAVEL:• Agency information• Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers of Airlines, Cab and Limo Companies• Frequent flyer and other accounts cards upkeep, numbers and mileage summary• Insurance and Emergency Numbers abroad• Copies of Passports PERSONAL INFORMATION:• Clothes Sizes• Favourite items of Employer, family, guests etc.• Family Members• Addresses & Phone Numbers of all Family and Friends• Medical concerns• Addresses and Phone Numbers of Dentists & Doctors• Drink & Dietary requirements• Telephone / Fax List / Speed dialling lists• Long Distance Area Code, Time Zone, International dialling codes• Addresses – all ever used• Correspondence.
  14. 14. THE BUTLER’S OFFICE CONTENT:* Computer * 4 in 1 Printer * Phone* Desk, Chairs * Filling Systems * Safe for Petty Cash* Clocks * 1st Aid Kit * Fire Extinguisher* Flashlight * Batteries for the Home * Reference Books* Shredder * Extra Cell Phone * Laminator* Notice board * Alarm * Radio* Air Conditioner * Clock In System * Coffee Machine* Schedules * Calendar & extras * White Board* Curtains * Decorations * Buzzer* Shelves / Cupboards * Nail Kit * Personal Bin* Room Freshener * Breath Freshener * Sleeper CoachSTATIONARY:* Thank you notes * Coloured Paper * Stapler & Staples* Puncher * Business Cards * Briefcase* Colour coded stickers * Adhesive Clay * Cello tape* Duck tape * Rolodex * Notepad* Extra Diaries * High Lighters * Pens & Pencils* ErasersEXTRA KEYS:* House * Guest Rooms * Cars* RoomsTHE BUTLER’S PANTRY:In modern homes, the Butler’s Pantries are usually located in transitional spaces between kitchensand dining rooms, and used as staging areas for serving meals. They commonly contain countertopsand storage for tableware, serving pieces, table linen, candles, wine, and other dining-roomarticles. More elaborate versions may include refrigerators, sinks, or dishwashers.
  15. 15. BALMOR ESTATETHE BUTLER SandtonNicolaas van Wyk Gauteng South-AfricaMobile: +27 83 254 6426 01000Telephone:+27 11 533 1892Fax: +27 11 533 1892 Private Bax 1234Email: Sandton 01002
  16. 16. THE BUTLER’S PANTRY:In modern homes, the Butler’s Pantries are usually located in transitional spaces between kitchensand dining rooms, and used as staging areas for serving meals. They commonly containcountertops and storage for tableware, serving pieces, table linen, candles, wine, and otherdining-room articles. More elaborate versions may include refrigerators, sinks, or dishwashers.The Butler’s Pantry will contain the following and to be kept up to date: Dry Foods (Tin Food, Dry Pasta, Cereals, Sugar, Dried Fruits, Spices, Coffee, Tea, Dry Sauces) Frozen (Ice Machine, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Frozen Snacks) Cleaning Materials (All purpose cleaner, Floor cleaner, Surface cleaner, Oven cleaner, Oil forwood, Marble cleaner, Silver polish, Jewellery cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Carpet cleaner, StainRemover) Malicious Items (Screwdrivers, Carpentry knife, Sewing kit, Tape, Shoe Polish Kit, Lint Remover) Crockery ( 24 x Plates/side plates/cereal bowls/soup bowls/fish plates/saucers/cups/milk jugs,Salt & Pepper chargers, Table Cloths, Coasters, Condiments, Flower Vases, Napkin rings, China x 12of each) Cutlery ( Forks: starters/main/fish/cake/desert, Spoons: soup/desert/teaspoons/tablespoons,Knives: butter/fish/main, Serving bowels) Glasses (24 x White Wine/ Red Wine/ High ball/ Martini, 50 x Champagne, Cognac, Port, Pilsner,Milkshake, Draught, Sorbet, Espresso & Latte, Coffee Mugs, Cocktail mixers) Entertainment (Portable Mini-Bar, Decorations, French Champagne, Whisky Glasses, TotMeasure, Bottle Stoppers, Waiter’s Friend, Lighter & ashtrays, Sushi kit, Ice tongs, Toiletries, Cigars& Cigar cutter, Reservation cards, Cigarettes, Exclusive Chocolates)
  17. 17. staff members : Angelica is the House holdings First Footman (lady) and assist the Head butler to see that duties are been completed with a hands-on approach. She also take charge when the Head butler accompany the Employers on Business Trips. First Footman(lady): AngelicaFran Jolene is the House Maid and assistAngelica, the First Footman(lady) in thecompletion of her daily scheduled tasks. Gardener / Maintenance: Armando Maid: Fran Jolene Armando is our House Hold’s Gardener & Maintenance Man. His main responsibilities is to look after the Garden & Pool. All the plants in and around the House. To clean the garage and the Vehicles, as well as to assist the other staff members with any maintenance actions in and around the House.
  18. 18. HOUSEKEEPING – ZONING : COVERED PATIO BREAKFAST COVERED TOILETTE MASTER WALKIN CUPBOARD ROOM PATIO AREA BATHROOM MASTER BEDROOM BUTLERS CUPBOARD LINEN FAMILY KITCHEN SHOWER OFFICE / BEDROOM ROOM AREA BEDROOM GUEST NO. 1 PATIO LAUNDRY PRIVATE LOUNCH BUTLER STAFF STAFF PANTRY BATH ROOM ROOM C/BOARD BATH- DINING LINEN STAFF ROOM GUEST BEADROOM ROOM ROOM L POWDE GUEST BEDROOM NO. 3 I R ROOM N LINEN E N WINE NO.2 BATHROOM STORE PRIVATE BATH- LIVING G/T GARAGE LOUNCH ROOM ROOM READING ALCOVE ENTERANCE GRAND COVERED COVERED LIBRARY PATIO PATIO FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR PRIVATE ENTRY A Daily: Bathrooms / Powder Rooms and Kitchen to be “wet YARD cleaned” and sanitized. Replenish all Towels, Soap, Toilet paper etc. COURTDAILY GRACE A Daily: Dust / Vacuum / Clean and Polish the “Everyday” Rooms, Stairs, Grand Entrance. Main Bedroom cleaned/ beds made up. A Daily: Guestroom No.3 to be dusted, aired,vacuumed and to change linen when so required. A Daily : Laundry should be collected all day long, be washed, ironed, send to Laundromat on a weekly basis, Laundry / Linen Daily: Patio’s to be swept and floors be washed. Cupboards should be clean and neatly packed: colour and fabric co- Daily: To check that temperatures in the Wine ordinated.Cellar be always kept at the correct temperature. A Daily: The Butlers Office / Living Quarters and Pantry should Daily: Staff Quarters should always be kept in a everyday be cleaned, floors be washed, carpets vacuumed, all goodspristine condition. Clean and cluttered free. neatly packed away as per labelled and space allocated to. Daily: Guestroom No. 2 to be dusted and aired Daily: The Garage Floor sound be swept/floor been washed andand to make sure all flowers are taken care of. dusting of walls and corners. Daily: Guestroom No. 1 to be dusted, aired, vacuumed and to change linen when so required. Daily: Private Entry Court Yard to be kept pristine condition at all times.
  19. 19. HOUSEKEEPING – NEWTON CLOCK : DAILY GRACE: (NB : Solution is Functional) • Start at the Kitchen, the heart of the whole household. • Making the beds and changing bedding (depending on the individual wishes or principle). To air the rooms, dust and vacuum the bedrooms. • Collecting Laundry all day long to be washed or to be send to Laundromat. Timing to put in the laundry, taking it out, hanging or tumble dry it. To make sure that it is taken care of in the appropriate way and that ironing is done as per the individual wishes or principle • Wet Cleaning and Sanitizes of all Bathrooms and Kitchen (which should be done the evening prior). • To make sure that the Grand Entrance is cleared and cleaned. • Making sure that all Telephones, Remote Controls are cleaned with a “Detergent” . • Check that all the light bulbs is working and to replace it if so needed to the same watt’s • Cleaning of the Kitchen during the day and at the end of the day. • Cleaning of the Laundry during the day and to make sure that all laundry has been taken care of during the day (washed, ironed and packed away). And that the Laundry area be cleaned and tidied up at the end of the day. • Clean, Sanitize and Empty all waste bins.THE “NEWTON-CLOCK” : 05:00 Butler to arrive. Turn off the Alarm System and reset the zones. Collect the Newspapers and confirmations with Security. To arrange for driveway to be clear and cleaned. 05:30 Staff to arrive, addressing staff and to discuss schedules for the day ahead, preparation for Breakfast, set out stock for the Daily Menu. Turn the Coffee Machine on. Take fresh fruits from fridge. 06:00 Air, tidy up and puff cushions in Bedrooms and Living Areas, pick up laundry and get it started. Replenish any Bathrooms or Powder rooms with towels, soap, toilette paper. Setup for a Buffet Breakfast for The Kings. 06:30 Wake the Kings with Coffee and Tea in the Bedroom, open curtains and let fresh air in, replace towels in Bathroom with fresh ones, put out Suits and run a bath if so required. Check on the First Maid that Breakfast is almost ready to be served.
  20. 20. 07:00 Breakfast to be served. Messages and Newspaper to be served. To confirm withThe Kings of any known changes on the Daily Dairy, Business Schedules and/or TravelArrangements.07:30 Means of Transport to be prepared for departure and to collect Briefcases andAdditional Items to be loaded.08:00 The Kings to depart from their Residence. Butler to greet them and to wish them agood day (if not accompanying them)08:00 – 08:15 Staff members to get a Tea / Coffee Break for 15 minutes.08:15 – 10:00 CLEANING STARTS ! Cleaning of Bathrooms, collecting of laundry, put freshtowels out, replace toilet paper , replace toiletries, dusting, making of beds, vacuuming,sweeping of patio’s and the garages and driveway.10:00 – 10:30 Do inventory list as to what needs to be purchase for the day from theGrocery Stores / Dry Cleaning to be collected / follow-up on confirmation of SpecialistService Companies (if needed).10:30 – 10:45 Confirm with The Kings any additional appointments or changes to differentschedules.10:45 – 11:00 Staff members to have a Tea / Coffee break for 15 minutes.11:00 – 13:00 Butler to go for the above mentioned shopping / collections. First Maid tosupervise and assist other staff member with additional cleaning, mending, laundry,ironing, polishing of cutlery, or silver items, maintenance.13:00 – 14:00 Confirm with The Kings regarding any additional changes on their schedulesregarding Business Meetings, Travel Arrangements, Business Dinners out, Special ValetServices required, Gym preparations, Any special request for Dinner Guests. Doing someAdministration in the Butler’s Office.14:00 – 15:00 Check-up on Daily Schedules of Staff Members if all were done accordinglyhigh expectations. It laundry has been finalized, neatly folded or hanged and packed away.15:00 – 16:00 Check-up on the Gardener / Maintenance Man to make sure that dailytasks have been done and that additional vehicles have been washed, valet and filled-upwith fuel.16:00 – 18:00 Make sure that everything is prepared for the evening schedule,preparations for Dinner, the Table Setting, assuring the correct atmosphere and welcomefor The Kings.18:00 – 18:30 The Kings to arrived at their Residence. Greet them welcome and to collecttheir luggage, briefcases and additional items as required. Be of assistance to make themfeel more home and relaxed after a long day of Business Meetings via running a bath,preparing beverages to their taste. See to it that The Kings are not to be disturbed.18:30 – 19:00 Make sure that everything is prepared and ready to serve Dinner.19:00 – 20:00 Serve The Kings Dinner. While having Dinners the The Kings Bedroomshould be turned down, check for fresh towels, soap, toiletrys and to collect laundry.20:00 – 21:00 The Dinner Table should be crumbed down. All the dishes and cutlery iswashed, dried, polished and pack away. To see that the kitchen and the Dining Room tobe clean. Setting the Breakfast Room for the next morning. See that where required, allfood related preparations is ready for the next morning. See that shoes have beenpolished. During this time-slot also to make sure that you attend to any needs The Kingsmy required.
  21. 21. 21:00 – 22:00 Serving The Kings Evening Drinks / Coffee / Tea and Chocolates (if sorequired). Attend to additional Administrational Duties in the Butler’s Office regardingpreparations for the following day, week, fortnight, month and season.22:00 – 22:30 Confirmation with Security, make sure everything has been locked, see thatthe emergency torch, fire extinguisher and first aid kit is ready for any crises during thecall of the night. Confirm if there is any further requirements The Kings need to befulfilled. The Butler to make his/her last round of inspection to see if everything is neat,ready and prepared for the next day. Setting the Alarm System (different zones) andconfirm with The KingWEEKLY CLEANING SCHEDULES:• Doing High and Low Dusting• Shake and Vacuum cushions and upholstery• Dust all surfaces in the House and Polish were applicable.• Clean all the Mirrors and Windows and/or to be cleaned by Specialized Services.• Clean Doors, Door Handles, Switch Plates, Electrical Switches and Power Points• Vacuum or mop every Floor Space.• Silver and Brass Items to be polished and stored in the Pantry.• Cleaning of the Bathrooms and / or Powder Rooms
  22. 22. BI-WEEKLY CLEANING SCHEDULES:• Vacuum Curtains / Lamp Shades / Drapes• Clean the Inside Windows• Clean the Doors and Door Handles• Polish Wood Furniture.MONTHLY CLEANING SCHEDULES: • Clean Showerheads and Bathroom Tiles • Check inside of closets and see if all shoes and clothing are clean / ironed / needed mending. • Vacuum mattresses, turn mattresses over, was mattress protectors and pillow protectors. • Treat surfaces with special products : Marble, Granite, Sandstone. • Clean the Guest and Infrequent Rooms. • Clean the Cabinets in the Bathrooms as well as the Medicine Cabinet. • Flush Drains with Baking Soda. • Clean the Vents in the Bathrooms. • Total cleaning of the Kitchen. • Give the Plants Water / Shower. • Clean the Outside Windows.SEASONAL CLEANING SCHEDULES: YEARLY CLEANING SCHEDULES:• Clean the Carpets. • Library: all books to be removed, dusted,• Clean every inch of each furniture item. shelves dusted and then to be replaced on• Steam Upholstery and Drapes. the same place.• Check Pillows: Washed, Dry-Cleaned, • Strip and wax of floors.Replaced. • Cleaning out of the Luggage Room.• Changing Seasonal Clothing. Store Cloths • Clean all Fine China and sealed plastic bags with moth balls. • Clean Laundry Room completely.
  23. 23. HOUSEKEEPING – DAILY CLEANING CHECKLIST : EXAMPLE: Date: DAILY CLEANING CHECK LIST : REGULA SEASON MOVE SPECIALNo: Description: R: AL: IN/OUT: PROJECT: •Work from the Top to the GENERAL : Bottom1 Sweep and Mop all hard Floors x x x •Start for high dusting at the2 Dust all Furniture x x x left door and work completely3 Dust Baseboard x x x around the room then go to4 Dust Window Sills and Ledges x x x the middle.5 Remove all trash x x x •Then go around the room Remove all cobwebs x x x6 again to low dusting. Spot clean walls x x7 •Work always backwards. Clean all Doors x8 Wet Clean front door and light fixtures at •Making planning for time9 the door x x consuming activities.10 Clean inside every cupboard and drawers x x •Compile all this information Clean Inside every cupboard and closet and give it to each of the shelves x x11 maids. Sweep every patios and decks x x •Part of the Seasonal / Yearly12 KITCHEN :1 Clean and sanitize sink and counter tops x x x cleaning con only be done2 Clean outside of appliances x x x when the principle is not in3 Clean inside of Microwave x x x residence.4 Clean range x x x •Plan things ahead and think5 Disinfect floors x x x about it.6 Wet clean all cabinet fronts x x •Always take care of personal7 Clean Oven x x hygiene.8 Clean inside of refrigerator x x BATHROOMS :1 Clean and sanitize sink and counter tops x x x x2 Clean and sanitize showers and/tubs x x x3 Clean mirrors x x x x4 Disinfect floors x x x x Clean and disinfect in and around toilet5 and sink x x x x6 Wet-clean all cabinet fronts x x x LIVING ROOMS AND DINING ROOMS :1 Vacuum upholstered furniture and rugs. x x x
  24. 24. HOUSEKEEPING – TURNDOWN : Preparing a Turndown List: •Turndown lists are usually completed after 16:30. •Highlight all rooms that must receive a turndown service or special requests. •Enter the occupancy of each room. Leave enough space to make comments. •Housekeeping Associates must tick off all rooms completed. If guest have special request, make note of all the request. In The Butler Book records every detail with regards to the guest needs in a guest history. When guest returns in future his/her requests will automatically be fulfilled without them having to ask again.A turndown service is provided in the late afternoon or early evening for all occupied rooms.The purpose is to tidy and refresh the room, to replenish guest supplies and to turn down the bed ready forthe guests or occupants to retire for the evening.NB:Use the standard knocking and entering procedure.After entering the room, follow this procedure:1. Switch all lights on. 11. Temperature bedroom/lounge/bathroom2. Collect all dirty laundry. 12. Turn bed down.3. Change all linen, towels etc. 13. Remote controls4. Put away all clothes in the wardrobes / drawers. 14. Water and turn down gifts.5. Remove all dirty dishes, glasses, ashtrays. 15. Robes on the bed.6. Redo the room. 16. Slippers and turn down mat.7. Close all curtains / blinds. 17. Room spray.8. Clean the bathroom . 18. Lights.9. Leave everything as it was. (wallets/jewellery/etc).10. Towels
  25. 25. Going green :The King Household is very Green Consentience and there for it is of great importance toimportance to incorporate the following measurement, in order to partake in the PRIORITIES FORGREEN LIVING.1. Linen & Bedding: * Cocoon Bedding – The providers of luxurious bed linen and silk filled duvet and pillow inners collection, crafted from 100% mulberry silk. Silk is natural , has thermoregulatory properties, health benefits, is hypoallergenic and its soft texture is believed to slow the aging process. * Wundersheets – Super-soft and stretchy; self-ironing characteristics; speed and ease of bed-making; and among the lowest energy and chemical demand when laundering. Wundersheets is self-ironing as a bed is made. This feature eliminates a major laundry headache and can save up to 40% on laundry cost to the end user. It also means a faster turnaround time, and solves the single biggest service delivery problem affecting the industrial laundering of linen.2. Compost It: * Can-O-Worms Composter is an odourless, user-friendly composting system in a compact and stylish design that turns organic household waste into rich compost and liquid fertilizer.
  26. 26. 3. Phillips go green: * EnergyCare Iron – saves up to 25% energy without compromising the result. A steam reduction mechanism has been build into the back of the iron handle. * Energy-Saving-Kettle – saves up to 66% of energy. A temperature selector provides the ideal temperature needed for preparing in a much easier way. * AirFryer – Rapid Air Technology fry favoured foods such as Chips, Chicken, Meat & Brownies with up to 80% less fat without compromising on the taste.4. Grey Water & Rainwater-Harvesting: * Greywater – water from basins, in the bathrooms & washing machine (not black water : toilets, kitchens, scullery sinks or dishwashers) to drip-irrigate into the garden. • Rainwater-Harvesting – harvest of rain to wash your car, top up the pool and water the garden save on the water bill.
  27. 27. Home security :The Advantage of Using Wireless Home Alarm SystemsAs things stand, it is without doubt that wireless home alarm systems (Home securities) are quite practicalwhen used. While wired alarm mechanism constituted the most ideal option for security system, wirelesssystems have become quite the choice amongst people today. This can’t be separated from the fact thatusing this kind of home security system provides a lot of advantages to users. For instance, this is a given thatthis tool provides the practicality of an equipment that excludes wires in its installation. In addition, the factthat that this tool can operate without involving complicated wire coordination makes it as simple as amobile phone.The tool itself can actually be combined with mobile phones in its use. This can be done by integrating somekinds of GSM module that allows the security system to be controlled using mobile phones. Concerning howit works in combination with mobile phones, the tool will call or send messages to the phone wheneversomething like burglary happens in the house. In addition, this kind of tool is usually also very easy to arm,disarm, and program from virtually anywhere. Wireless Home Alarm Systems (Home securities) are withoutdoubt the perfect alarm systems for people who prefer practicality.The Butlers role : * To serve in confidential without any judgement. * To think outside the box and to be always be alert and prepared. * To always be in a position to make the right decision, the first time. * Security awareness – the first day to familiarise your surroundings and which security duties has been allocated to whom and whom to report to you as the Head Butler. * Arranging a meeting with the Police Sheriff and the Security Company’s Officer in Command on the premises. * Arrange a meeting with the Fire Station Officer in Command on the premises. * Never to expose yourself as the Butler without the required knowledge of the latest technology, rather ask for assistance to familiarise yourself. * Manage expectations always be professional. * To draw-up a CHECK-LIST from the HOUSE Security Overview : Front, Side & Rear Entrances, Exterior Lighting, Windows, Garage, Step Ladders and Gardening Tools, Entrance Gate & Driveway, Safe Room, Counter Surveillance, Alarm & Video Surveillance System & Perimeter Fencing.
  28. 28. haCCP :HACCP is a tool for minimising risks within a food safetymanagement system.You as the Head Butler to assure that according to The FoodSafety (General Food Hygiene) Regulation 1995 all the FIVESteps be identified and acted accordingly to ensure food safety.It is there for essential to make sure that adequate food safetyprocedures are Identified, Implemented, Maintained andReviewed using the following principles:• Analysis of the potential food hazard in a food businessoperation.• Identification of the points in those operations where foodhazards may occur.• Deciding which points are critical to ensuring food safety.• Identification and Implementation of effective control andmonitoring procedures at critical points.• Reviewing the analysis of food hazards and critical controlpoints and monitoring procedures periodically and wheneverthe operations change.Control Sheets needs to be drawn up by the Head Butler andto ensure that it is Implemented, Maintained & Reviewed.These Control Sheets must contain instructions for all Staff onthe Controlling and Checking of Procedures. The following mustbe explained clearly: WHAT / HOW / WHERE / WHEN / WHO.
  29. 29. nutrition :As a Head Butler in the Kings Residence it is not only my duty but also my responsibility to ensurethat a healthy and balanced diet containing the correct amount of nutrients.Your body uses nutrients for many different processes. Nutrients help enzymes function, providestructural support in the body, help the immune system fight disease.They serve many functions by being used as coenzymes or integral parts of larger molecules.Basic nutrients:Carbohydrates : Basic Fuel/Energy for the body.Protein : Build and Repair tissues, StrengthFats : Store Energy. Vitamins and Minerals (many bodily processes) FAT , OILS CHICKEN MILK VEGETABLES FRUITS GRANES, BREADS, CEREAL
  30. 30. Weekly Menu planner :Weekly MENU Planner: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Satureday SundayBREAKFAST: Cornflakes Musli Fruits - Cornflakes Musli Cornflakes Fruits - Fruits Yohurt Salad Fruits Yoghurt Fruits Salad Eggs Fruits Eggs Eggs Fruits Eggs Eggs Toast Toast Toast Toast Toast Toast Toast Bacon Muffins Cold Meats Bacon Muffins Bacon Cold Meats Coffee / Coffee / Coffee / Coffee / Coffee / Coffee / Coffee / Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea TeaLUNCH: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Satureday SundayStarter Salmon Satay Asparagus & with Ginger Prosciutto Lime Bundles Mayonnaise with HollandiseMain Tofumiso Roast Chicken Meatballs Potatoes Brown Rice Vegetables Spinach Brown Namuru Rice Salad SaladDesert Platter of Malva Pudding Seasonal with Custard / Fresh Fruits Cream
  31. 31. Weekly Menu planner :DINNER: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Satureday SundayStarter Soba Noodle Baked Dumpling Fennel with Spiced Skewered Stuffed & Vegetable Mushrooms Soup Pecorino Lentil Vegetables Courgettes Soup Cheese Soup BaguetteMain Stuffed Tagliatelle Lamb chops Puff Pastry Germans Tofu Pork and Leg of Lamb with Tomato with cases filled Show Triangles Lettuce & Augbergine & Shellfish Ratatoili with seafood Makers Pot Parcels & Tzatsiki Sauce Potatoes & Asparagus Vegetables Baked Cornish Vegetables Takum Pickles Vegetables Baby/Potatoes Cartuffelen Ricotta Pastries Salad Salad Salad Salad Salad Salad SaladDesert Yoghurt with Gelato with Babas with Lemon Malva Clementines Banana & Appricot Chocolate Cream & Mousse Pudding Chocolate preserve infused Strawberries Fruits of the with Springrolls Sauce Forest Custard Ice Cream
  32. 32. Valet service :The relationship between the Employer and the Valet has been of man’s most enduringrelationships. It has been said that no man is a hero to his valet, but this untrue and confusesintimate knowledge with lack of respect. When it works well, the relationship is one of deep trust.• Valet will know his Master’s most intimate secrets and the Master must feel these are in savehands.But this certainly does not mean a valet will not have genuine respect for his Master.The central component of a valet’s work is to maintain his Master’s wardrobe.The valet must know his Master very well and correctly anticipate his requirements so that theMaster does not even need to trouble to give orders.Little detail, such as where they are going? How long they be there and whether their hotelprovides shampoo / soap can sure add up. Making a few phone calls before they board the planecan save you time and hassle and help you pack everything they need.VALET SERVICE:* Wardrobe * Suitcase * Luggage room* Shoes * Sport Shoes, Wellingtons * Umbrellas* Sport Equipment * Hats * Jewellery / Watches* Ties & Bowties * Toiletries * Leathers* Electronics * Grooming * Bath / Shower* SPA Treatments * Colour Choices * Dress Codes* White Tie * Black Tie * Morning Suits* Evening Suits * Cocktail Wear * Formal* Smart Casual * Casual * Traditional* Measurements & Check Lists * Measurements * Suitcase Packing* Wardrobe Care & Check Lists
  33. 33. • Always make sure that you know what medication is used and when it expires as well aswhen the prescriptions should be renewed. Medication to be administered correctly and alwaysbe packed in when ever they depart from residence.• An easy way to co-ordinate outfits, save space with accessories and shoes and generally savehassles, is to colour co-ordinate your clothes.• Choose suits or outfits that can be used with one pair of shoes and one belt.• You may also consider the one suite, many different shirts and ties (or different jewellery)approach.PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS AND PRIORITISE:Clothes Essentials: Clothing Optional:* White Shirt(s) * Pyjamas* Ties * Casual clothes / workout gear* Dress Shoes * Sneakers* Dress Socks* Underwear* Suits (all Pieces)Accessory & Toiletry Essentials:* Flight Tickets* Credit Cards etc.* Passport (if needed)* Money* Pen* Watch * Umbrella* Small Mirror * Toothbrush & Toothpaste* MedicationToiletry items you might want:* Nail clippers* Needle/tread/safety pins NOTE :* Shoe Polish and cloth Invest in a Steamer – It is more compact and* Jewellery certainly lighter in weight than an iron.* Ear plugsComputer Accessories:* The Computer* A Bag or Case for the Computer* Plugs and Adapters if needed* Modem* Other Computer essentials : zip drive, disks, CD-Rom’s etc.
  34. 34. Personalconcierge service :The Personal Concierge is working for Individuals / Corporations to take a day to day tasks.The Personal Concierge is often expected to do the impossible and do it with grace andcomposure, no matter how strange the request or the service provides……….all of course, withinreason and the limits of the law.As a Personal Concierge it is important to keep and maintain your professionalismA List of some of the services you might be required to provide to a individual / family: Airline Reservations Booking Travel PERSONAL SHOPPING & SUPPORTING THE LIFESTYLE: Catering Coordination Dry Cleaning Pick-up  Purchasing - Cigars Entertainment Events - Clothing Equipment purchases - Equipment Event Planning - Furniture Florist Services - Groceries / Pantry Gift Purchases - Jewellery Gift Wrapping - Wine & Spirits Grocery Shopping Some of the other purchases: Office Assistance * Antiques * Art of Barbecues Organization Services * Boats / Yachts * Books Personal Shopping * Camping Gear * Gifts Private Jet Reservations * Holiday Decorations * Home Accessories Restaurant Reservations * Leisure Equipment * Lighting Vehicle Maintenance * Linen * Patio/Outdoor Furniture Vehicle Purchasing * Perfume * Pool Accessories Veterinarian Appointments * Sculptures * Shoes Wedding Coordination * Sport Boating Equipment * Sporting goods * Toiletries
  35. 35. The butler : I will act as their Personal Assistant, Lifestyle Manager, House Manager. I will act as their Personal Concierge and travel with them on their Business trips. I will take care of their Agenda, Housekeeping (in conjunction with the staff members ‘previously mentioned) and Bookkeeping of everything about the household.My role as modern Butler includes being the Head Waiter, Chauffeur, Valet, PersonalConcierge and Personal Assistant.