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VW's London, KZero Worldswide


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Growth areas in the virtual worlds space.

Published in: Technology, Business
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VW's London, KZero Worldswide

  1. 1. Virtual World Growth: Today and Tomorrow Nic Mitham
  2. 2. Growth areas: 5 - 15 Learning 2.0 / P2P Integration - real world brands Vertical worlds Digitised playtimes Virtual goods - increased perceived value Aggregation / theme park models More localisation
  3. 3. Growth areas: 15 - 25 Fashion / lifestyle Integration - real world events Vertical worlds Digitised past-times Identity management Cross-world / ARG entertainment Europe
  4. 4. Growth areas: 25+ Mirror worlds as time machines Government / tourism Virtual dating More UGC environments More reference / relevance to the real world........early augmented reality
  5. 5. Threats / Issues Premium subscription model - barriers / switching Differentiation Role / value of the brand Orientation / usability Poor transparency of user data Media backlash from failures