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VBusiness Expo


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A KZero Worldswide presentation delivered at the Clever Zebra V Business Expo

Published in: Business, Technology
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VBusiness Expo

  1. 1. Taking brands into virtual worlds Nic Mitham
  2. 2. Rationale for B2B Internal comms Supply chain management Recruitment Positioning Research, prototyping, R, NPD Events and channel outreach
  3. 3. Rationale for B2C Target market New engagement channel Tactical promotion Virtual goods revenue streams Research, prototyping, R, NPD Events
  4. 4. Seven Point Plan for Marketing in Virtual Worlds
  5. 5. No.1 Have a plan
  6. 6. No.2 Design is an output not an input
  7. 7. No.3 Integrate
  8. 8. No.4 Giving is better than receiving
  9. 9. No.5 Keep the seats warm
  10. 10. No.6 Stoke the fire
  11. 11. No.7 Promote and cross-promote