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To be your best


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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To be your best

  2. 2. Set Goals That You’re Scared Of
  3. 3. Set Goals That You’re Scared Of You have no chance of being your best if you only set goals that are easy or of moderate difficulty.
  4. 4. Set Goals That You’re Scared Of To truly be your best you need to go for goals that scare you – and they should scare you a lot. They should be audacious.
  5. 5. Get Used To Living At The Edge
  6. 6. Get used to that feeling of being required to step up …and become a greater version of yourself.
  7. 7. Unless you just want to retire, sit back and slowly waste away in a blanket of underachievement.
  8. 8. Identify The Things That Are Holding You Back and Disown Them
  9. 9. At the level you want to operate at, …you need all your energy for forward movement.
  10. 10. Invest Money To Speed Up Time Unless You’re Prepared To Wait (for what)?
  11. 11. The simple fact is that by ‘not’ investing money to speed up time, you’ll take longer and it will cost you money anyway.
  12. 12. Invest Time Getting High Value Skills So That You Have High Value
  13. 13. It doesn’t matter what we think or feel – none of those things is useful to anyone else unless we do something.
  14. 14. And when we do something that’s useful for other people, they value us.
  15. 15. And above all, dare to become someone you admire
  16. 16. The people you admire and aspire to be like are INFLUENTIAL by definition.