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Twitter Networking and using Google Apps.


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Short presentation for the Master of Science in Leadership faculty at Trine University. Coveringw Twitter networking and using Google apps.

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Twitter Networking and using Google Apps.

  1. 1. Twitter and Google MSL Faculty Work Day Using Twitter to network and harnessing the (good) power of (evil?) Google Niclas Hulting | Trine University Director of Web Marketing and Social Media July 2012
  2. 2. Twitter• Micro blogging platform• Restricted to 140 characters (Note: not words)• Quick, instant interactions
  3. 3. Twitter Mechanics• @reply• DM• RT• Favorite• Search• Hash tags (#)
  4. 4. #Hash Tags• Search Feature of Twitter• Follow specific “Tag” or topic globally• Used for Searches (i.e. Trine University)• Used for Chats (i.e. #socialchat)• Used for adding context to tweets (#sarcasm)• Used to add personal “flair” to tweets (#bored)
  5. 5. #Hash Tags (cont.) #edreform #Edu #highered #engchat #ipaded #faculty #scichat#edchat #mathchat #lrnchat #mlearning #edtech #education #teaching
  6. 6. #Hash Tag Example#heweb12
  7. 7. #Hash Tag Example#casesmc
  8. 8. #Hash Tag Example#Trine University #TrineUniversity
  9. 9. Twitter Tools••••
  10. 10. Google• “Don’t be evil.”
  11. 11. Google Apps• Google Drive (cloud storage)• Google Play (See iTunes Store)• Google+ (Facebook for nerds)• Gmail (best free e-mail out there)• Google Documents (collaboration tool)• Google Alerts (e-mail notifications)
  12. 12. Google Drive• Cloud based• Free Storage• Up to 5 GB• Cross-platform sync capabilities• Great for managing documents/resources• Collaboration tool (send/share resources)•
  13. 13. Google Play• Same concept as iTunes store• Podcasts a plenty• Instructional videos• Books•
  14. 14. Google+• Google’s Social Network• Great control of messaging (circles)• Video conferencing (hangouts)• Meeting/collaboration (documents)• Streams/Sparks – track topics•
  15. 15. Google Mail (Gmail)• Free• Up to 10 GB storage• Cross-platform sync capabilities•
  16. 16. Google Docs• Cloud based storage• Cross-platform sync capabilities• Collaborative tool• Easy to use•
  17. 17. Google Alerts• Daily/Weekly alerts sent to your e-mail• Keep track of topics•
  18. 18. #WhatDoYouThink?More Questions? Tweet me @niclashulting