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Social Media and Communication


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Presentation to several classes at Trine University. Emphasis on using social media for personal and professional networking and communication.

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Social Media and Communication

  1. 1. Communication in the digital age Niclas Hulting Director of Web Marketing and Social Media @niclashulting
  2. 2. • “Social media isn‟t a fad, it‟s a fundamental shift in how we communicate” – Erik Qualman
  3. 3. { Social Media is NOT }• Social media is NOT a SILVER BULLETT.• Social media is NOT free• Social media is NOT new.
  4. 4. { „Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes‟ }Social media has leveled theplaying field. It has empoweredthe customer; the user.For the first-time inhistory, customer has power.
  5. 5. { New Way of Communicating }Traditional (Media) Communication Social Media Communication
  6. 6. { Communication Landscape }• Rapid-fire• Instant• NOW NOW NOW• Zero patience• Help me now! How about now? NOW?• You snooze, you lose…
  7. 7. { Millennial Generation and communication }
  8. 8. { Millennial Generation and communication }
  9. 9. { Millennial Generation and communication }
  10. 10. { Millennial Generation and communication }
  11. 11. { A Different World }Yesterday Today
  12. 12. { Social Media and Web 2.0 }• Global Marketplace• Endless Opportunities• Manage Online Reputation
  13. 13. { New Hiring Landscape } of companies use social media for89% recruiting purposes. of employers rejected candidates1/3 based on online findings (Google)80% of companies use Linkedin, 45% use twitter, 50% use Facebook to find talent. Statistics via and
  14. 14. { Be a Tool }• Hootsuite / tweetdeck, etc.• Google Alerts• Newsle,, etc•
  15. 15. { #DoGooDWork }• Differentiate• Think Outside of the (Digital) Box• Stick to your core values• Give and you shall receive
  16. 16. { The world of „Socialnomics‟ }