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Joomla Certification Program presentation


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Presentation about the Joomla Certification Program made to Melbourne Joomla User Group on 17 January 2018.

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Joomla Certification Program presentation

  1. 1. Joomla! Certification Program Nicky Veitch Melbourne Joomla User Group 17 January 2018 1More info at:
  2. 2. Short Overview Presentation • What is the Joomla! Certification Program? • Exams • Preparing For the Exams • Exam Day • Joomla! Learning Partners • Volunteers 2More info at:
  3. 3. More info at: 3 What is the Joomla! Certification Program
  4. 4. Joomla! Certification Program (JCP) • JCP was started by Sarah Watz in 2012 to establish a certain standard and to develop a qualified workforce • Goal: ensure the competence of Joomla! professionals • 160 Certified Joomla! Administrators! since the program's launch in August 2016 (5 in Australia) 4More info at:
  5. 5. Why Certification? BECAUSE YOU WANTED IT! 5More info at:
  6. 6. Why Certification? In general • Establish a certain standard • Provide a documented measurement of knowledge • Ensure the competence of Joomla! professionals • Develop a qualified workforce • Provide clients an easier way to find a Joomla! Professional For you • Prove that you have a thorough knowledge about Joomla! • Distinguish yourself from others • Feel like a Pro! 6More info at:
  7. 7. Why Certification? You can show this badge on your website! 7More info at:
  8. 8. EXAMS More info at: 8 Which Exams?
  9. 9. Which Exams? • Joomla! offers the following exams – Administrator Exam – Developer Exam (not available yet) – Template Exam (not available yet) • Exams are available in English and Italian • Other languages coming soon: French, German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish 9More info at:
  10. 10. Certificate validity • Certification is for each specific major version (e.g. 3.x) • New major version means a new exam (e.g. 4.x) 10More info at:
  11. 11. Getting ready More info at: 11 Preparing for your Exam
  12. 12. What do I need to know? • It depends on the type of exam • Anyone can do the exam when you are well prepared • The topics covered by the Administrator exam are: 12 Joomla! Architecture Preparing & Installing Joomla! Website Structure Managing & Editing Articles Managing Users & Access (ACL) Managing Menus Security & Maintenance Upgrading the System Managing Extensions Multilingual Sites More info at:
  13. 13. How can I prepare? 13 • Self-study | books | forums | online videos • Classroom study via Joomla! Learning Partners • Online Study (not available yet) • FAQ Joomla! Certification Program More info at:
  14. 14. Exam Time More info at: 14 The Exam Day
  15. 15. How do I take the Exam? • It is an online exam, but in a physical exam room • You can use your own laptop (see ) • A supervisor will give you the details and a boot file for SEB (Safe Exam Browser) • Certificate and a clickable badge (Certified User Directory) 15 60 questions 90 minutes 80% pass mark instant result ? or again after 30 days More info at:
  16. 16. Where can I take the exam? • The exam can be taken at: – Joomla! User Groups (JUGs) – JoomlaDays (JDs) – Joomla! Learning Partners (JLPs) • Names, locations and dates: • In Australia in 2018: – Melbourne JUG (Feb/March) – Brisbane JUG (tbc) – JoomlaDay Australia (September) 16More info at:
  17. 17. What does the exam cost? • Cost of the exam is different per country. Some examples: Taiwan us$30 | Mexico us$45 | Spain us$55 | France us$65 | Switzerland us$100 • Australia - us$55 (approx. AU$70) • The price varies because of the Big Mac index. • JLP buys exams in advance at the same price. • Pay at JLP, JUG or JoomlaDay • Money goes via OSM back to the Joomla! Community. 17More info at:
  18. 18. Joomla! Learning Partners More info at: 18 Joomla! Learning Partners
  19. 19. What is a Joomla! Learning Partner • An authorized Joomla! Learning Partner who: – Offers Joomla! Training – Organises exams • JLP can be recognized by a special badge • Currently there are no JLPs in Australia 19More info at:
  20. 20. Can anyone become an JLP? • No! Quality needs to be ensured! • Sign up as JLP at • COMT (Certification Operations & Marketing Team) will then: – Screen the application – Check your background – Send you a questionnaire – Will invite you for an interview – Checks if the exam room meets the requirements 20More info at:
  21. 21. What requirements apply to a JLP? • At least 1 year experience with: – Providing Joomla! Training – Deliver Joomla! Web development – Providing high quality services and customer satisfaction • Can provide: – A qualified room with computers for training and examination – A Supervisor for guidance and reporting to COT 21More info at:
  22. 22. Which responsibilities does a JLP have? • Sign an agreement • Purchase exams from the Joomla! Certification Project – Previously purchased exams may not be resold – There are no volume discounts • Plan and conduct Joomla! Certification exams • All exams must be supervised by a registered Supervisor • Ensures a problem-free exam • Ensures that all information of the participants is true and crosschecked with photo ID 22More info at:
  23. 23. Benefits JLP? • Receives – Official badge to identify as a registered JLP – Printed Certificate for being a JLP – Support for JLP (provided through ticketing system) – Joomla! Certification Project marketing material • Listed in the JLP Directory • Opportunity to provide training and grow your business 23More info at:
  24. 24. What about JUGs and JoomlaDays? JUGs and JDs have slightly different rules: • Don’t have to show their training portfolio • Don’t have to provide every candidate with a computer BUT: • Must meet the rules about the exam room • Must also have a Supervisor 24More info at:
  25. 25. More info at: 25 Volunteers
  26. 26. Join the Joomla! Community • Translate exams | Develop new Exams | Support the JCP Teams 26 Team Leader Chris Keen Exam & Platform Team Claudia Weber- Lenck & team Operations & Marketing Team Luca Marzo & team Translations Team YOU? Ambassadors Team More info at:
  27. 27. Join the Joomla! Community Joomla! Certification Program 27 Team Leader Chris Keen Assistant Team Leader Luca Marzo Exam & Platform Team Claudia Weber- Lenck & team Operations & Marketing Team Luca Marzo & team Translations Team YOU? Ambassadors Team Help Translate exams! Help Develop new exams! Support the JCP teams! Help promote the JCP! More info at:
  28. 28. Join the Joomla! Community Are you interested in contributing with the JCP? Apply as a volunteer at Certification Website Or Contact us at 28 YOU? More info at:
  29. 29. Stay Involved Stay informed via: • The website from the Joomla! Certification Program: – • Visit and like our Facebook page: – • Ask questions in the forum: – 29More info at:
  30. 30. Any Questions? Website : Facebook : Forum : Your name More info at: 30
  31. 31. Thank you for your attention! Website : Facebook : Forum : More info at: 31