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Legal virtuosoassistant


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Legal virtuosoassistant

  1. 1. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 “The Benefits of Working with a Legal Virtual Assistant” By Nicky Pasquier Founder of Virtuoso Assistant
  2. 2. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 Working with Legal Virtuoso Assistant During the 16 years I worked as a legal P.A. / Paralegal in Civil Litigation, I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a time when I sat back in my chair and thought, “Great ... I’ve done all my work for today!” I know from experience the vast amounts of documentation that need to be:  Dictated;  Typed;  Proofread;  Sent out to clients and other parties;  Amended;  Re-distributed for final checking;  Photocopied; and finally  Lodged at Court. An experienced legal P.A. is worth her weight in gold. Her time is precious and I consider it’s wasted when she has to sit and type time-consuming, standard documentation. Here’s where Legal Virtuoso Assistant steps in ...
  3. 3. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 1. Reasons  Experience - 16 years’ experience of Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Family and Child law. We’re familiar with Court documents, terminology, the UK Court system and the need to produce documentation quickly and accurately  Speed – Typing speed 85wpm  Knowledge - We have studied with CILEx (Civil Litigation, Tort, Client Care, Research) Why Outsource to Legal Virtuoso?
  4. 4. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 2. Benefits  Contact – We’re UK-based; contact us via telephone or email at any time  Efficient - Your work is always up-to-date; deadlines are never missed  Productive – Your PA’s time is used more productively  Professional - Your clients receive even better professional care 3. Holiday and Sickness Cover Avoid hiring expensive ‘temps’ to cover for staff holidays and sickness. Call our professional team and we’ll hit the ground running; you’ll save both time and expenses.
  5. 5. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 4. Charges We charge only for work that is undertaken and time that is recorded. You do NOT pay for:  Coffee & lunch breaks;  Agency fees;  Deposits;  Work equipment;  Office space;  Holiday cover;  Sickness Work Undertaken We’re happy for you to outsource any of the following files to us:-  Client correspondence;  Legal documentation: o Advices & Notes o Long attendance/telephone notes o Claim Forms o Particulars of Claim o Statements o Allocation & Listing Questionnaires o Instructions to Counsel o Case Summaries o Trial Bundle Indices o Medico-legal reports  Transcription from audio files of meetings or Court hearings.
  6. 6. Virtuoso Assistant | | Office: 0118 324 0197 For further details regarding Confidentiality, our Privacy Policy and File Transfer options, please refer to our Essential Information webpage. Or simply send an email to Nicky Pasquier: We very much look forward to hearing from you!