How to Get Results from E-Zines


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An E-Zine or Newsletter is a powerful marketing and sales tool for business promotions. Yet many marketers fail to use them or use them badly, and end up thinking E-zines don't work. Follow these 10 Tips for getting optimum success from your E-zine, newsletter or email marketing.

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How to Get Results from E-Zines

  1. 1. How To Get Results From E-Zines 10 Tips for Optimum Mileage By Nicky Jameson Social Media Copywriter Copywriting Studio
  2. 2. What Is an E-zine? An E-Zine is simply a subscriber based newsletter delivered by email. An E-Zine: • Addresses the needs of a specific group • Addresses a particular topic of a specific group An E-zine can take different formats for example it can be: • All news • All information • A mixture of both • News, information and advertising • Have paid subscribers or be free Copywriting Studio
  3. 3. Why Should Your Business have an E-Zine? • An E-zine is a powerful marketing tool for business promotions • You build a valuable database of customers who’ve told you they would like to receive more info from you (opt-in) • You position yourself as an expert in your niche • E-zines can be profitable sales tools – They can both sell and promote products and services with article links and ads • It can act as your sales person – as long as you follow the rules Copywriting Studio
  4. 4. 10 Tips for E-Zine Success Follow these 10 tips to get the most from your E-zine. The same rules follow for any type of email marketing. Copywriting Studio
  5. 5. 1 - Subscribers Must Opt-in • Opting-in means they have given you permission to send them information. • No permission = spam • Spam is unacceptable and you can be reported • Opt-in means they generally won’t forget you and have freely given you their email • Double opt-in is the safest Copywriting Studio
  6. 6. 2 – Don’t Do Blatant Sales Pitches • The 80/20 rule applies • 80% news, 20% or less ad & sales content is a good balance • Heavy sales pitches will get you high unsubscribe numbers • Build a trust relationship and always provide excellent content Copywriting Studio
  7. 7. 3 – Establish Your Goals • Why do you want to publish your E-Zine? • What’s your objective? • How does the E-Zine reflect or support your product or service? – One objective might be to build a database of prospects so you can send them email promotions – Another might be to test reaction to your services Copywriting Studio
  8. 8. 4 – Include Clear Unsubscribe Details • You must include details on how to unsubscribe from your E-Zine or list • You must also include a prominent link so that people can unsubscribe if they wish • Don’t: – force subscribers to hunt for the link – make them email you to be taken off your list – delay requests to unsubscribe them • Ensure you action un-subscribe requests immediately! Copywriting Studio
  9. 9. High Level of Unsubscribe Requests? If you’re getting a high number of opt-outs re-examine your E-zine or newsletter. • Are you sending out solid, • Are you sending too many valuable content? emails to your list? • Does useful content make up • Are you sending too few? 80% or more of your E-zine? • Does the format still work? • Are you sending too many • Is your content still relevant ads or too much sales to your list? content? Try testing an alternative format to see if that reduces your opt-outs. Copywriting Studio
  10. 10. 5 - Format – Graphics or Text? • Increasingly computers have images/HTML turned off by default • People reading your email on a smart-phone or PDA will not want graphics or will not be able to read them • Provide a text version of your E-Zine as well as HTML • Ask your subscribers what they prefer. Copywriting Studio
  11. 11. 6 – Paid or Free? • The choice is yours, however If you opt for paid: • You must provide information worth the price • Providing a high ads to content ratio will ensure the delete key treatment • If you don’t get a paid subscription right it could tarnish your brand/and or business • Paid subscriptions are a tough sell. Copywriting Studio
  12. 12. 7 - Frequency • The frequency of mailing is up to you • Can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or daily • Whatever works for your subscribers • Whatever frequency you choose, stick to it. Copywriting Studio
  13. 13. 8 – Make your E-Zine Viral • Always tell subscribers to forward your E-Zine (assuming it’s free) • Means free publicity for you – easy to pass on email • If your subscribers like your newsletter they will be happy to forward to friends, peers and colleagues • You may get more sign-ups to your list • Paid newsletter? Have your subscribers tell a friend – and provide a way for the friends to subscribe on your website. Copywriting Studio
  14. 14. 9 – Length and Content Matters Your E-Zine could be about one topic per issue or it can be about several different but related topics. • Consider inviting guest writers and link to their sites • Decide on the ideal length – too short and you leave people wanting more, too long and you could bore your readers. • Consider varying content, such as current news, educational tips, quotes, articles and quick tips Be imaginative and always be looking for interesting content for your readers. Copywriting Studio
  15. 15. 10 - Have Fun! Even if you’re writing a newsletter or E-Zine on behalf of a client, if you don’t enjoy writing it, this will come through and your readers will pick up on it. Always let your passion and enthusiasm shine through when you’re writing your newsletter or E-zine. Copywriting Studio
  16. 16. Thanks for reading! Sign up for my free E-Zine And get my free special report For freelance web copywriting go to Copywriting Studio For social media thought leadership visit my blog or email me at nicky [at]