Networking for Work: Using the web to demonstrate your skills


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Networking for Work: Using the web to demonstrate your skills

  1. 1. Using the web to demonstrate your skillsNetworking for Work:
  2. 2. Using the web todemonstrate your skills- Creating your own online spaces to illustrate what you cando: some vivid examples of people using blogs, visuals andvideo to illustrate their skills and an outline of our resourcesto help you do the same.- Networking yourself and your skills online: examples ofpeople using Facebook and Twitter to market themselves totheir target audiences and an outline of our resources to helpyou do the same.
  3. 3. Having a good CV isessential for job-huntingbut by using online toolsyou can bring the writtenword to life. Use toolssuch as blogs to show aswell as tell potentialemployers what yourecapable of. [Image by Charlotte West]
  4. 4. What is a blog?- Blogs are websites that are easy tocreate and regularly update.- There are many blogging platforms youcan use to quickly create a free, hostedwebsite. All you need for sign-up is anemail address. - Blogging platforms such as Wordpresshave very simple user interfaces,meaning you dont have to know anynasty code to make them work for you. Ifyou can use email confidently or shoponline, you can easily create and use ablog.
  5. 5. An online space you can make your ownTom Baker runs a small community bakery in Birmingham and hasused a simple Wordpress blog to create a website to demonstrate hisspecialist skills, outline his bakerys services and engage customers.
  6. 6. Find our resources on our video guide to Creating a website with and otherblog-related resources, including Kind of Digitals guide What is Blogging?,under Blogs on the Resources page of our website.
  7. 7. A picture is worth a thousand wordsFemale painter and decorator Liz posts pictures of her work, includingbefore and after shots, on her Juniper Ash Decorating website,vividly illustrating her skill and impact.
  8. 8. Bring your skills to life with some videoBirmingham-based Zumba instructor Jolene Speke creates simple instructionvideos and publishes them on YouTube to then share on her website andFacebook profile. View to see how Jolene usesvideo to demonstrate her expertise.
  9. 9. Find our resources on some helpful guides, hints and tips to publishing images and videoonline under Multimedia on the Resources page of our website.
  10. 10. Network your skills onlineDriving instructor Scott Rathbone uses a Facebook page to publicise hisUltimate Driving Skool business. He engages his customers with helpfuldriving hints and tips and publicly congratulates his successful customers,highlighting his own skills in the process.
  11. 11. Use Facebook to help you connect and communicateJolene Speke uses her Facebook profile to connect with and keep in touchwith her customers, letting them know of class arrangements. She also uses itto share her demonstration videos and photos.
  12. 12. Find our resources on some helpful guides, hints and tips to getting started with Facebookunder Facebook on the Resources page of our website.
  13. 13. Get talking to people via TwitterTom Baker uses his Twitter account to talk connect with local people, show offhis latest cullinary creations and keep customers updated of the latestdevelopments at Loaf bakery. He posts links to blog posts on his Twitteraccount to help widen the reach of his websites content.
  14. 14. Find our resources on some helpful guides, hints and tips to getting started with Twitter underTwitter on the Resources page of our website.
  15. 15. Advantages of using the web to bring your CV to life:- You can create online spaces that you have full control over,which you can use to highlight and show off your skills andsuccesses.- If updated regularly, these online spaces will rank highly in aGoogle search for your name, so will help form an impressive,professional online profile.- You can use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter toconnect with people, network yourself locally/within your chosenindustry and demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers.
  16. 16. Further support: hello@talkaboutlocal.orgTel. 0121 288 2910