Networking for Work: Email and LinkedIn


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Networking for Work: Email and LinkedIn

  1. 1. Networking for Work:
  2. 2. Building anonline profile- Assessing your current email address (if you have one)using our Email address scorecard.- Creating a new, professional-sounding email address to usefor applying for jobs.- Key features and benefits of having a LinkedIn profile.- Creating a LinkedIn profile – our how-to guide and otherresources at
  3. 3. Having a simple email address can help enormously with job hunting: - Its free and easy to set up using a simple webmail service such as Gmail,which can then be accessed from any computer with internet access or asmartphone.- Simply having an email account demonstrates your computer literacy. - Makes corresponding with potential employers easier, faster and cheaper (nopostage stamps required). - Can submit application forms completed electronically rather than bylonghand, improving on their presetation and cutting down completion time. [Image by Sean MacEntee]
  4. 4. An email account is invaluable for job hunting...But what first impression might your email address begiving? What are some of the more eye-opening emailaddresses that youve encountered?
  5. 5. Use our Email Address ScorecardAssess your current email address using our simple scorecard. Whats your score?How do you think your current email address might be impacting on your job-search? Is it helping or hindering you?
  6. 6. Find our resources on The Email Address Scorecard and other email-related resources,including a Communities 2.0 video guide to creating a Gmail account, on the R e s o u r c e s page on our website.
  7. 7. Common email address issues- If you have a quirky or playful email address, this may wellput some employers off.- Similarly, an email address which includes a date of birthmeans people can form unfair preconceptions.- An impersonal email address that is a mixture of numbersand letters may not say much about you, but can be difficultto remember and easy to mistype too.- Avoid using a childs/relatives name instead of your own, anemployer might assume youre using someone elses emailaccount.
  8. 8. Some email address solutions- It is well worth creating a new email account to use just forjob hunting if your current one is unsuitable, but dont forgetto keep checking it!- K E E P I T S I M P L E and create an email address asnear to your full name as possible. Include middlenames/initials or underscores if your name isnt available.- Consider the brand reputation of the webmail serviceyoure using, especially when applying for positions thatrequire IT know-how. Gmail is generally considered to be thebest.
  9. 9. You can use your new, professional email account to build aLinkedIn profile. See our video on Introducing LinkedIn at:
  10. 10. Find our resources on our step-by-step guide Create a LinkedIn profile and other LinkedIn-related resources, including Kind of Digitals guide What is LinkedIn?, on the R e s o u r c e s page of our website.
  11. 11. By the end of thisSession you should have:- A professional-sounding email address that you can use forapplying for jobs.- A better knowledge of the LinkedIn professional networkand how it can support you in your search for work.- The tools to get started with creating a LinkedIn profile foryourself, using our how-to guide and other resources
  12. 12. Further support: hello@talkaboutlocal.orgTel. 0121 288 2910