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Pitching 'The Art of Perseverance' at Storycode


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Hats off to my mate Ester Harding for launching the Sydney Chapter of Storycode.

Storycode chapters convene real life events designed to educate, inform and connect creators of immersive and interactive stories. At the core of the Storycode movement is the willingness to make, experiment and participate in growing a broad and expansive discipline which will spawn new immersive experiences, stories and technologies.

Their second meeting is on this Thursday and I successfully applied to be one of 5 pitchers at the event, presenting The Art of Perseverance.
I’ll pop my presentation and some reflections via a blog post after the event, but do come along.
After the pitching, there is a presentation from Michael Hughes at Soap Creative who developed the transmedia campaign for the new Aussie flick These Final Hours. We then get the added bonus of seeing the film for free!

The Art of Persevearnce,

Storycode Sydney on Facebook:

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Pitching 'The Art of Perseverance' at Storycode

  1. 1. Thursday 28th August 2014 Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney
  2. 2. The creative
  3. 3. What does it take? • A poem • A comedy sketch • A novel • A rock album • A transmedia project • A feature film
  4. 4. The average film takes 7 years to make
  5. 5. Miniscule chance of success point of no return irrational perseverance psychic income
  6. 6. Screen Australia Number of credits per producers, directors and writers of Australian feature films 1970-2013 WHO # 1 2 3 4 5 Producers 973 68% 14% 7% 4% 7% Directors 674 66% 15% 9% 4% 6% Writers 1003 74% 14% 6% 3% 3%
  7. 7. Masters in Screen Arts and Business
  8. 8. Thesis
  9. 9. Interviewees WHO FILM Rebecca Barry I am a Girl, The Surgery Ship Enzo Tedeschi The Tunnel, Airlock Dan Krige Redd Inc, West Mark Grentell Backyard Ashes Jonathan Adams Rough Stuff Steve Jaggi Embedded, Skin Deep John L Simpson The Jammed, Mens Group Gracie Otto The Last Impresario
  10. 10. Sydney Film Festival WHO FILM Chris Houghton, Julie Byrne Touch Kasimir Burgess, John Maynard Fell LynetteWadsworth, Kath Shelper Tender Amin Palangi Love Marriage in Kabul
  11. 11. Coming soon in Melbourne WHO FILM Robert Connolly Paper Planes Paul Wiegard Madmen Andrea Buck The Jammed Sue Maslin The Dressmaker Deb Verhoeven Australian Producers Survey
  12. 12. And in Sydney WHO FILM Bruce Beresford Mao’s Last Dancer etc Kriv Stenders Red Dog Eva Orner Bloody Un Australian Marcus Gillezeau Storm Surfers 3D Alex Lycos Alex and Eve AND YOU?
  13. 13. So it’s a thesis… but its more
  14. 14.
  15. 15. It’s social
  16. 16. It’s a Panel Session at events
  17. 17. It’s press
  18. 18. But what will it be
  19. 19. An eBook
  20. 20. And a documentary
  21. 21. Chris Houghton, Matt Day, TOUCH
  22. 22. My goal
  23. 23. So why am I here OBJECTIVE HOW AUDIENCE AWARENESS Please log on JOIN Subscribe and Like EXPOSURE Panel events CONTENT Crowdsourcing CONTENT Interviewees
  24. 24. But what am I pitching OBJECTIVE WHY COLLABORATORS Jump on board DEVELOPERS AND DESIGNERS Make the site look pretty TRANSMEDIA Tablet and mobile and story PRODUCERS Build the business model DISTRIBUTORS / BROADCASTERS Distribution
  25. 25. Keep in touch Nick Bolton 0412 101726