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Design for edp

  1. 1. Program Design For Event Driven Programming 1
  2. 2. Your Design Should include the following:1. Labelled GUI Sketches2. A Control Dictionary3. A Data Dictionary4. A description of program flow: One of an Action List, Jackson Structure Diagram, flow-chart or pseudo-code:5. A Test Plan 2
  3. 3. GUI SketchesAll controls must be labelled! pctBounce 3
  4. 4. Control IdentifiersAll Controls should be named using a 3 letterprefix with a descriptive name (so not txt1) Button btn e.g. btnQuit Label lbl e.g. lblResult TextBox txt e.g. txtName Picturebox pct e.g. pctEnemy Timer tmr e.g. tmrMove MenuItem mnu e.g. mnuSave Radiobutton rdo e.g. rdo80Gb Combobox cbo e.g.cboThree 4
  5. 5. Control Dictionary Details of: Name, Type, Purpose and Properties. Include any Properties of a control that you change (e.g. timer interval)Name Type Purpose PropertiesForm1 Form Contains the main game playing Size = 600 x 500 areatmrCountdown Timer Counts down from 60 to 0 to Enabled = True time-out the game. Interval = 1000… … … … 5
  6. 6. A Data DictionaryTable with details of: Name, Type and Purpose Name Type Purpose vmove Integer The number of pixels pctBounce will be moved on the Y axis. … … …All important variables should be included 6
  7. 7. Action List All event need to be described:Form Trigger Event Handler DescriptionLogin OK button btnOK_Click() The username and password the user has clicked entered into the text boxes txtUserName and txtPass are checked against the correct response (“User1” and “access”). If correct, the Login form is closed and the main form opened. If incorrect the number of incorrect counts (intWrongGuess) has 1 added. If there are 3 incorrect attempts the Form is closed.Form1 Timer tmrCountDown_tick() Countdown (intTimeLeft) is decreased by counts down one and the result shown (lblTime). 1 second If intTimeLeft = 0, the final score is shown (lblScore) and the timer is stopped.… … … … 7