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Mobile Web Design - The Basics


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This presentation on Mobile Web Design was prepared for Jeff Brown's class at Damascus High School in Damascus, MD.

For more information about Jeff Brown's curriculum please visit:

Published in: Technology, Design
  • mobile web design
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  • Hi Nick I am participating in a contest and its presentation I liked very much,because in my company we work with web design, so I invited, to visit my slide and if it likes, please addme to your favorites, thank you very much
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  • nice presentation on mobile web design basics. required headphone.
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Mobile Web Design - The Basics

  1. 1. Mobile Web Design — The Basics —
  2. 2. About me Nick Whitmoyer, Senior Consultant Whitmoyer — a User Experience Web Studio based in Falls Church, VA
  3. 3. Topics we’ll be covering What’s a smartphone? Mobile statistics Accessibility issues with mobile devices Usability issues with mobile devices
  4. 4. What’s a smartphone? It’s simply a cellphone with advanced features like e-mail & web browsing Photo Credit: LymStylez Photo Credit: William Hook
  5. 5. Mobile statistics
  6. 6. 26 Million!?! More than 26 million mobile subscribers use a smartphone device As of Mid 2008
  7. 7. Accessibility issues
  8. 8. Nom nom no?!? You’re out with friends talking about the latest sushi place... Can you access the restaurant’s awesome new website from your phone?
  9. 9. Photo Credit: Steve Rhodes Flash doesn’t work
  10. 10. Select HTML & CSS elements aren’t fully supported in certain mobile devices
  11. 11. Best practices Use basic HTML & CSS Keep image sizes small for fast download Use redirects with browser detection
  12. 12. Usability issues
  13. 13. Way too much! Navigation links Content on a single page Presentation items can get in the way
  14. 14. Provide the basics at a size that’s easy to use
  15. 15. Over simplifying can be a problem Provide access to visit the full version of the website too
  16. 16. What’s next? CNET Reports: Flash 10 coming to most smartphones in 2010 (learn more) Mobile advertising will continue to grow Businesses will need to take mobile web design more seriously
  17. 17. Want to learn more? iPhone GUI PSD
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Thanks!
  20. 20. Sources “NIELSEN PROVIDES IPHONE 3G AND SMARTPHONE STATISTICS.” Nielsen Mobile. 16 Oct. 2008 < iPhone3GandSmartphoneStats.html> Reardon, Marguerite. “Flash 10 coming to most smartphones in 2010.” CNET Reviews. 15 Feb. 2009 < 8301-13970_7-10164745-78.html> “Smartphone” Wikipedia. <>