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Tabitha 2012 power point


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Published in: Education
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Tabitha 2012 power point

  1. 1. Tabitha Cambodia
  2. 2. When a person begins to work in aThird World Country – they shouldalways ask questions before they design the answers.
  3. 3. 90% of poverty is attitudinal. Peoplehave moved into despair, have given up hope – have given up trying.
  4. 4.  People save a little money each week – When they begin it is . 25 cents a week They save for 10 weeks - $2.50 Tabitha pays the family 10%- or .25 The family now has $2.75 The family buys 5 baby chicks at.50 cents each
  5. 5.  Saves for another 10 weeks - $2.50 plus.25 cents interest= $2.75 Sells the chickens for $10 each – $52.75 Buys a sack of rice – 50 kilos – cost is $40.00 Buys 20 chicks for $10.00 Buys second hand clothes for the children
  6. 6.  Family saves $5.00 - $55.50 Sells 20 chickens - $200.00 Plants seeds for garden Pays $15.00 for well Buys Water Pump for $190 Buys 30 chickens - $15.00
  7. 7. pots and pans pay school feesbuy cement posts to build a house or buy a bicycle
  8. 8. to raise pigs family gardenducks or chickens or fish
  9. 9. A widow and children First they get water are too poor to grow rice Then a water jar to store the water They buy blankets and ice box
  10. 10. They save to buy pigs And to raise chickensFrom this ---- To this
  11. 11. In Svay Rieng 200 families lived in small hutsand on small plots of land – hunger was always there.
  12. 12. The Tabitha volunteer was elected as village chief. He went to the government andasked for land for the families. Each family was given 100 square meters of land Tabitha gave wells to encourage the people
  13. 13. The government banned the import of They grew gardens that supplied a meat and so they raised pigs healthy diet and food to sell And each cycle they saved to They raised chickens and ducks for buy house materials until…. food and selling UNTILL
  14. 14. For some families, they need extra help-Tabitha house building volunteers come from all over the world and build for those who cannot build for themselves
  15. 15. More than 12,000 volunteers from all over the world have come to build 6,247 houses.
  16. 16. Villagers and chiefs join in to build a school Once there is a donor – construction begins
  17. 17. Desks for Students Blackboard and Teachers Desks are included
  18. 18. Financial Sustainability and Cottage IndustryFinancial sustainability is derived partly from Sales pay for 80% of all administrative costs cottage industry It teaches Cambodians to take pride in It is an alternative for street women. Cambodian made products
  19. 19. Cottage Industry helps to restore dignity, pride and self respect to those who have lost this through poverty, Aids and famine.
  20. 20. Women are the mainstay of all families – when a mother is sick – all families suffer
  21. 21. When a woman becomes too sick – the family will often sell all that they own – land, animals and sometimes children
  22. 22. First we will build a hospital Second we will out fit the hospital
  23. 23. Third we will have mobile clinics that will go out to all areas in CambodiaIn time – every woman in Cambodia will have access to healthcare
  24. 24. SUMMARYTabitha helps families change their lives
  25. 25. From this...
  26. 26. to a secure home
  27. 27. to having sources of income
  28. 28. to having children in school
  29. 29. to growing vegetables for food and for sale
  30. 30. having access to clean water
  31. 31. to having dignity restored through decent labor
  32. 32. Cambodia’s Future
  33. 33. ON behalf of our families and staff we say Akun - Thank you