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Media Pack

  1. 1. Media Portfolio Media Solutions for the Global Security Market Contact Us:
  2. 2. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: About Security Media Publishing is a leading provider of specialised business- to-business magazines and new media platforms for the global security Portfolio Products and Services Print Media: Security Media industry. We pride ourselves on having assembled a world class team of editors, journalists and designers to maintain our reputation as a premier CCTV Image - magazine Publishing media provider working in the security sector today. The Security Review - magazine We are continually evolving our media portfolio to address the needs of our clients in an ever changing and challenging global security environment. We offer an unrivalled selection of high quality media New Media: platforms targeted at security professionals across all market sectors www.CCTViNFO.COM enabling you to reach decision makers in multiple sectors with a coordinated campaign. Our dedicated and experienced team have an unparalleled knowledge of the security market and are committed to providing the best media solutions available, whether that is through our print media or new media solutions you can be sure that we will deliver to your requirements Business Development Services: and beyond Market Analysis Reports Strategic Planning and Marketing Services Security Media Publishing Ltd Corporate Business Development 16A Market Street Telemarketing Lichfield Web Services Staffordshire WS13 6LH Event Management: Tel: 01543 250456 Corporate Event Management Fax: 01543 415044 Conference and Exhibition Service Seminars Email: Website: Video Production: Corporate DVD’s Product Demonstrations Event, Seminar and Conference Filming Contact Us:
  3. 3. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: Now in its 11th year, the CCTV User Group is the premiere body Key Facts representing CCTV managers and operators in the UK, and CCTV Image is proud to be the official magazine of the CCTV Image is the only magazine that represents the CCTV User Group User Group. in the UK. Every issue of CCTV Image features in-depth interviews with members Members of the CCTV User Group are responsible for an estimated 85% of the User Group, all of whom are operating at the coal face in a cutting of public area CCTV in the UK. edge industry. Dealing with a unique blend of technology, manpower and Strong and genuine end user title unlike others that claim to be end user managerial issues, the managers and operators of these systems must focussed that have a mixed trade/end user readership. address a range of social problems including crime and disorder. The CCTV User Group represents over 500 local authority CCTV CCTV Image puts the readers first, delivering what they need and want schemes across the UK. to read. Our aim is to broaden the perspective of readers through the sharing of best practice and case studies. Readership Profile Every feature is thoroughly researched and often includes a site visit to enable us to develop an unrivalled understanding of the industry from the CCTV Image is released 6 times a year to 7500 security professionals. ground up. Readership profile includes: We have also cultivated some of the leading lights in the CCTV industry Managing Directors and Business Owners / Security Managers / Town to write a regular series of columns for us. Currently we feature Prof. Centre scheme managers / Control Room Managers / Distributors Martin Gill of the Perpetuity Group and Colin Greene, a leading CCTV / Manufacturers / Integrators and Installers / Local Authorities / consultant. Government and State Institutions / The Construction Industry / Education Establishments / Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals / Retail Return on Investment / Market Reach Parks and Retailers / Police / Ports and Airports / Terminals / Training organisations CCTV Image, with its unique focus on end users, offers a premier media platform that reaches out to your target audience. Informative and sharp editorial focus coupled with an unrivalled readership base means that CCTV Image is the perfect media platform with which to address the UK and European security markets. With over 10 years experience in the UK security industry, we guarantee that we will deliver your message effectively and competently helping to achieve your marketing goals and give you a return on your investment. Contact Us:
  4. 4. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: Overview E-Directory Listings: is a news-led portal which delivers breaking news A stand alone directory inclusion for your business is available on to your desktop and reports on all the latest developments within the, pricing and mechanical data can be found at the end of security industry in the Republic of Ireland. is this document. Use this area to profile your products and services to our providing a touch point for security professionals working across all developing online community. market sectors; we aim to provide the market with a comprehensive and thorough appraisal of new products, changes in industry regulations, Product Listings: contact details for security companies and consultants, case studies, PR and much more...can you afford not to be part of the news revolution? Display your product range with accompanying information – pricing, availability, contact details. Please contact a member of our team for Features further information. Site Sponsor: Video Downloads / Uploads: We feature a site sponsor banner displayed in the top right hand portion This section of is populated by videos showcasing of every page; this can be an animated gif banner or a bespoke message products, events, demos or indeed anything you may wish to promote, with a hyperlink to a site of your choosing. Dimensions and pricing of this we are able to provide you with a filming facility if you require at an offering can be found at the end of this document. agreed cost. Please contact the team for further information on this offering. E-Newsletters: Analytics: We releasing an e-news letter on a bi-weekly basis which is made up of between two and six pieces of PR and released to our subscriber A full Google analytics package will be available for all companies database. If you have a marketing campaign that you would like us to involved with manage please contact one of our team for more information. Please submit all PR to Contact Us:
  5. 5. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: Since its inception in 1998, www.CCTViNFO.COM has established itself Sponsor Adverts: as a leader in conveying information to the CCTV industry worldwide. In style and content, www.CCTViNFO.COM is a distinctive brand with a loyal Sponsor advertisements are displayed across the six key sections of the site. readership of over 30,000 opt-in subscribers to our email newsletters alone. The premium high traffic locations are the Homepage and the News page, placement is monthly in a section or sections of your choice. Your sponsor Having secured a loyal readership, www.CCTViNFO.COM can help adverts will remain--highly visible even when users drill down the layers in each you, the manufacturers and service providers, tap into this audience and section. With over 24,000 unique visitors and 1.3 million views per month, www. deliver your message to them through a range of cost-effective e-marketing CCTViNFO.COM can provide an advertising platform that can guarantee a high solutions. degree visibility for your advertisement. For further detailed information on site advertising with www.CCTViNFO.COM please contact a member of our team. You can target our audience directly through inclusion in one of our regular eNewsletter or set yourself apart from the rest by taking a dedicated, exclusive position with a customised eBlast. Product / Catalogue Listing: Run of site advertising is also an option with a range of banner advertisement Upload your catalogues and product listings to www.CCTViNFO.COM , we positions and site sponsorship. Or choose from a range of other advertising will promote your product catalogue with a news article presence in the online solutions. Whichever route you choose, you are sure to find your market with Publications Newsroom, at the same www.CCTViNFO.COM time we will feature the article in our e-newsletter and deliver it to the desktops of over 30,000 industry professionals. Features E-Directory Listing: E-Newsletter: The basic e-directory listing is free and contains simple contact information in a An industry favourite, we release an e-newsletter to our 30,000 strong simple calling card format. For a small outlay you can gain a competitive edge, opt-in subscriber database up to 5 times a week with no more than 6 other simply upgrade your entry with three distinct high profile Modules to create a pieces of PR. If you have a message to deliver or have a call to action, an micro site style e-directory listing. e-newsletter is the only way to reach your target audience with confidence. Analytics: EDM/e-blast: Full analytics are available for all products on www.CCTViNFO.COM; this includes A dedicated e-blast, customised to deliver ONLY your message, is the geographical data, open rates and click throughs. Please contact a member of our ideal way to promote your company, product or service, with a guaranteed team for instructions on how to retrieve this valuable marketing data. delivery to over 30,000 recipients you can have confidence that your message will land on the right desk. In addition we also provide full analytics Additional Products: to measure the success of your release – open rate / click-thru rates / bounce backs and geographical data are amongst some of the quantitative For a full and comprehensive product listing please go to http://www.cctvinfo. tools we can provide for you. com/media.aspx Contact Us:
  6. 6. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: Overview EDM/e-blast: It is our mission to assist individuals, organisations and Governments that A dedicated e-blast, customized to deliver ONLY your message, is are protecting public, private and commercial sites from those that would the ideal way to promote your company, product or service, with a cause them harm. By sharing information, experience and opportunities, guaranteed delivery to over 64,000 recipients you can have confidence portal users can gain a deeper understanding of the latest thinking and that your message will land on the right desk. In addition we also provide how this is being successfully deployed to achieve a safer environment. full analytics to measure the success of your release – open rate / click- thru rates / bounce backs and geographical data are amongst some of is the definitive mechanism for the quantitative tools we can provide for you. reaching Security Professionals and End Users in the Middle East region. We deliver news and practical information.........information that gives our Online Banner advertising: commercial users a measureable return on advertising investment across the fourteen countries that we profile and information that encourages Place a banner that links to your company web site on a monthly basis regular repeat visits from our End User community. The resources help and encourage our online community to learn more about your products users understand the many issues and options that exist in the business and services. The banner appears around the site at random to ensure all of providing public, private and country wide security systems and companies gain the same ‘eyeball’ time. solutions. Directory: Features This area of the site gives commercial providers an opportunity to build Site Sponsor: a wider presence on the site. It is growing rapidly and is a cost effective method of reaching out to the market. Think classified advertising and We have a key position on the home page where you can place a flash you’ll maximize this cost effective opportunity. advert or streaming video on a monthly basis. The space can be utilsed in any way you choose and is ideal for supporting new product launches, Micro-Sites: promoting corporate videos and advertising your presence at trade shows. Give our production team a brief and we’ll produce an advert for offers you an opportunity to feature direct you if you don’t have the resource available in house. links to your products. You can influence the many buyers that rely on SecurityMiddleEast to assist with their purchasing decisions. A micro site E-Newsletters: is an in-depth look at your products and services, which is sure drive traffic to your own corporate web presence. If you’re looking for back With a database of over 64,000 covering the entire region our links or promoting documents or video you can be sure you’ll capitalize e-newsletter service ensures your latest press release is delivered to on your advertising investment with this unique online interface. senior managers and business owners across the Region. If you have a marketing campaign that you would like us to manage please contact Document storage and retrieval one of our team for more information. Please submit all PR to editor@ If your business has white papers, product data sheets and case studies mail them to Our aim is to help you educate and share practical knowledge that assists our users in their efforts to gain a greater depth of all aspects of the security market. Please contact us with your press information, success stories, comments and opinions; Contact Us:
  7. 7. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO :: Additional Business Business Development Services Since 2002, Security Media Publishing have been helping clients build and grow Events Security Media Publishing can host or partner your panned events; we have an Services their business in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. We offer a range of business development services, which helps clients experienced events team that can manage your event to a very high standard, we provide meticulous planning, professional management and a flexible meet short and long-term goals. approach to your meetings and events. We have planned and executed events to the highest standards for high profile clients such as IBM, whatever you have Corporate Business Development in mind we can provide you with the solution. Generally, these services are designed to meet the needs of companies looking to grow their business in some way and add to their bottom line. Specifically, Specialist Web Services Security Media Publishing develop marketing plans, provide new market reviews Offering an unrivalled combination of design services and optimisation, we have and initiate launches, broaden sales channels and expand distribution networks, what it takes to design your website and take it to the top. conduct competitive reviews, present product comparisons, and aid in high-level recruitment. Through our networks we are able to provide customers with a We apply thorough Search Engine Optimisation techniques to all the websites variety of solutions that are both strategic and tactical. we develop ensuring the maximum exposure for your website. Strategic Planning and Marketing Services The services we currently offer include: Web Design Services: Think of Security Media Publishing as a full-service marketing factory. We provide Professional Web Site Design clients with a portfolio of services that enable them to overcome issues and Brochure Style Web Design keep ahead of developments in their category and industry. These services E-Commerce Web Development range from public relations and events, marketing and communications planning Bespoke Database Driven Web Sites and delivery, website development and e-business initiatives, think-tank and Content Management Systems hypothesis development, workshops, secondary market research reviews, CMS Web Site Design competitive landscape analysis, brand positioning and platform development, ASP and ASP.Net Development quantitative studies and focus groups, communications and advertising as well MYSQL and MS SQL Database Integration as advertising tracking, market reports and research. Through a variety of tools, XML and RSS Development from questionnaires and surveys to advanced ideation and keen primary and secondary analysis, Security Media Publishing have worked to help clients reach Search Engine Marketing Services: Search Engine Optimisation their markets more effectively and profitably. Search Engine Marketing Media Services Social Networking On-Page SEO Working in consumer and business-to-business markets in North America, Quality Link Building Campaigns the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East, Security Media Publishing Link Baiting have the ability to help clients design and execute razor sharp media plans, Article Marketing press releases and profiles that get coverage, promotions that get noticed, SEO Consultation exhibitions and tradeshows that benefit from increased traffic and sales lead SEO Reports generation with websites that work. We have significant media networks and Internal Navigation Optimisation market databases. Media services help our clients penetrate markets and gain WebSite Analytics immediate awareness. E-Mail Marketing / Newsletters Ad Campaign Management Contact Us:
  8. 8. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO Video Production Overview Video provides a unique opportunity to promote your products, services, road We do the rest including: • Shooting the video shows, seminars and events. Security Media Publishing has created a division to deliver cutting edge footage that assists business as they endeavour to • Editing it within 24 hours present their products to market in the best possible manner. • Delivering it to you in multiple formats (Standard formats include a DVD plus • A one-minute professionally produced promotional video a CD containing Windows Media Player and AVI compatible files. Talk to us about other formats) • Broadcasting for one month on CCTViNFO.COM • Copy the DVD and send it to customers • Announcement on CCTViNFO.NEWS eNewsletter • Upload it to YouTube and other video sharing websites • (circulation over 29,500 ~ up 50% from 2008) • Host it on your company website at no additional cost As internet video takes off, companies are turning to web video to promote themselves. Until now, the cost of a high-quality video production has been • Email links to clients and prospective customers prohibitively high, but with our team of professional producers, we can capture • Upload it to your company mobile phones or laptops for customer your story in pictures for a very reasonable price. presentations • All that plus invaluable exposure on CCTViNFO.COM A well produced video is the chance to tell the CCTV community about your products and your company Click to see our recent video reports from major exhibitions and • Demonstrate new products conferences: • Deliver key messages • Promote your brand Critical National Infrastructure • Gain exposure for key personnel (in association with IBM, Axis, Counter Terror CNL and GSS) Expo 2009 All you have to do is: • Tell us which products and messages you want to showcase • Unless otherwise noted, all prices are exclusive of VAT. Terms and conditions apply. Copyright to finished video packages is assigned to the • Provide us with supporting information (eg: brochures, press releases and client but Security Media Publishing retains the right to repurpose and re- product images) use footage. Talk to us about options and pricing for other video formats. • Nominate a spokesperson Price on application Contact Us:
  9. 9. PRINT MEDIA - CCTV Image NEW MEDIA - www.CCTViNFO.COM :: :: Business Development Services :: :: www.VideoAnalytics.iNFO Pricing CCTV Image Magazine 2010 www.CCTViNFO.COM Security Middle East Pricing Full page £1,800.00 E-blast £1,200.00 E-blast €1,200.00 E-blast £1500 1/2 page £1,100.00 E-news £125.00 E-news €100.00 E-news £175 1/4 page £700.00 6 for the price of 5 £625.00 6 for the price of 5 €500.00 3 E-news £475 Dir members £425.00 12 for the price of 10 £1,250.00 12 for the price of 10 €1,000.00 6 E-news £900 Ind news £95.00 Pay-per-click £0.50 E-directory €250.00 E-directory £695 Sponsorship £7,500.00 Smart ppc £0.75 Site sponsor ad €1,000.00 Site sponsor advert £1350* Page advertorial £1,800.00 E-directory £250.00 Catalogue upload €500.00 Video upload £800* Insert - 10g £1,125.00 Catalogue upload £350.00 Case study upload €250.00 Micro-site £1500 Insert - 20g £1,312.50 Data sheets £5.00 Video upload €1,000.00 Online Banner Advert £300 per* Insert - 30g £1,500.00 Home page ad £1,500.00 *per calendar month Placement ad £1,000.00 Mechanical Data All advertisement copy must be in electronic format (eg QuarkXpress, InDesign, PDF, Illustrator EPS, high res TIFF or high res JPEG). These can be supplied on CD-Rom or via e-mail (ISDN number available on request). All fonts must be included and all images supplied as CMYK 300dpi or higher. We may charge you if you supply film. Page Size Type Area Trim Bleed Dimensions DPS 266x400 297x420 303x426 (sizes in mm) Full page 266x190 297x210 303x216 Half page (h) 130x190 143x210 151x216 Half page (v) 266x92 297x100 303x103 Quarter Page 130x92 N/A N/A Strip ad (bottom of page) 63x190 N/A N/A Colour Mono Our production designers are available to develop your advertising or to adapt your 4 colour separations: CMYK; Film positive; Right reading emulsion side down advertising to meet this specification. Right reading emulsion side down Film positives/bromides Please email production@securitymediapublishing Screen: 150 dpi Screen: 120 dpi or call +44 (0) 1543 250456 Cromalin proof Laser proof Contact Us: