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OKF Annotator technical overview


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A technical introduction to the Open Knowledge Foundation's Annotator project, given at the Open Annotation Collaboration's Data Model Rollout at the University of Manchester, 24 June 2013.

Published in: Technology
  • The demo referenced in this talk can be found here:
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OKF Annotator technical overview

  1. 1. Annotator @theannotator
  2. 2. Nick Stenning @nickstenning Open Knowledge Foundation Government Digital Service
  3. 3. Open Annotation A reference standard for describing annotations on the open web
  4. 4. Annotator A reference platform for implementing annotations on the open web
  5. 5. A JavaScript library for annotation (with a set of plugins) A storage API (and a reference implementation) 1 2
  6. 6. Demo
  7. 7. Selection Editor Viewer Core Store Registry Matchers Storage API
  8. 8. Selection Editor Viewer Core Store Registry Matchers Storage API Plugins
  9. 9. Plugins Offline Wordpress Touch CategoriesRoundup Drupal Annotorious (images) LoreStore (OA Store) OA Motivations OA Provenance
  10. 10. Code / Bugs Mailing List IRC #annotator on Freenode Twitter @theannotator