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This is the new HubSpot! Lessons learned from 5 years of #HubSpotting


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This is the deck from Nick Sal's ToastSpot (HubSpot Toastmasters) speech #10 - originally delivered on October 23rd 2015, during NIck's last week as an internal HubSpot employee.

You may view the complete recording of the speech as it was originally delivered here:

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This is the new HubSpot! Lessons learned from 5 years of #HubSpotting

  1. 1. This the new HubSpot! Lessons learned from 5 years working with HubSpot and advice to survive the next 5 years…
  2. 2. NICK SALVATORIELLO #HubSpotting for 5 years @NickSalinbound
  3. 3. The road to ToastSpot Competent Communicator will change your life.
  4. 4. Five years ago:
  5. 5. People actually CRAVE change
  7. 7. 1st year as a HubSpotter
  8. 8. “One year of working here, and you will be 100% better at whatever you are here to do.” -Andrew Quinn, April 2011
  9. 9. Crush your numbers in your FIRST YEAR.
  10. 10. Understand your brain. As you work.
  11. 11. READ your HubSpot Lore. Publish to it.
  12. 12. TRY STUFF.  Volunteer to help out with a HubSpot initiative.  3 hours a week max.  Nights + weekends.  Keep your leadership in the loop.
  13. 13. GET OUT THERE. Go to everything you can.  ToastSpot  Charity Auction  Hackathons  Team “off-campus” events: 5k runs, awards ceremonies, etc  Mystery dinner.  Hub Wiki = Homepage
  14. 14. #GETFOUND You have a personal brand to build here whether you know it or not
  15. 15. 2nd year as a HubSpotter
  16. 16. You’ll never be promoted until you’re overqualified for the position you are in. INNOVATE ON YOUR ROLE.
  17. 17. Work your way out of a job. How can you make your position obsolete?
  18. 18. • Touch HubSpot tools every day • No excuses. • HubSpot = why we here • It makes us relatable again • You don’t have time NOT to. YOUR HUBSPOT + YOUR BRAND = 1
  19. 19. You can tell a person’s likelihood of success by the books they read and the people they associate with in their spare time.
  20. 20. Never. Eat. Alone.
  21. 21. NICK’S SUGGESTIONS TO START WITH (these people will inspire you)
  22. 22. LEGENDARY (but still accessible)
  23. 23. 3rd year as a HubSpotter
  24. 24. Feeling a little burnt out yet?
  25. 25. Avoid comparing your worst day to somebody else’s best. Never complain to the world about your problems. 70% of the people don’t care, the other 30% are happy you got ‘em.
  26. 26. Give. And Take.
  27. 27. “Where do I want to be in next three years? I dunno I’m just trying to keep my eyes open and be ready for what’s next.” -Mark Metcoff, yesterday.
  28. 28. Take time to reflect weekly. Document what you can. You’ll be stunned what we accomplish here each day.
  29. 29. 4th year as a HubSpotter
  30. 30. Take people with you.
  31. 31. Call Bullshit. The culture code is REAL.
  32. 32. “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” -A HubSpot intern on a wiki post.
  33. 33. #STAYWEIRD Bring your unique style to work every day
  34. 34. 5th year as a HubSpotter
  35. 35. Some people live 5 years, and some people live 1 year 5 times. Which one are you?
  36. 36. Take a radical sabbatical. Things are only going to go faster…..
  37. 37. “Every team is trying to save HubSpot.” -Nelson Joyce
  38. 38. What’s the dream AFTER the dream? Stay creative.
  39. 39. WHY LEAVE? I’m not leaving. I’m investing deeper. Same mission. Different position.
  40. 40. “Don’t you DARE leave without writing a note on what you learned and what mattered most. Better yet, delivering it in a final talk…You owe it to us and to yourself.” -Nick Sal, Oct. 2015
  41. 41. We are so lucky to have eachother….
  42. 42. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.
  43. 43. THANK YOU. “Nick Sal” on Spotify @NickSalinbound