Creating an igda chapter in Malta


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How to create and operate an igda chapter in Malta (International Game Developers Association - Malta Chapter)

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Creating an igda chapter in Malta

  1. 1. Creating an IGDA Copyright 2011 Rocksolid GamesChapterMalta Chapter Founding 2011/12Derived from IGDA publications 1
  2. 2. IGDA at a glance• Board of Directors Chairman Brian Robbins from Riptide Games• 88 Chapters worldwide from Atlanta to Vietnam• Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from A.I. to Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games Women in Games• Wiki Projects with valuable dev-information• Knowledge and publications about game topics• Discounts for shows and hardware/software• Representation of developer interests 2
  3. 3. Purpose of Chapters• Employees from separate companies to get sense of larger community• Opportunities to learn and share ideas• Networking with other professionals Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games• Industry outsiders to connect with game developers• Chances to learn about the IGDA 3
  4. 4. Chapter Website• Chapter Coordinator / organizers granted access to the Chapter Admin area (IGDA membership required)• Alternatively, host site on local server (better) Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games• IGDA will provide a redirecting link• local volunteer to create a design for chapters web presence 4
  5. 5. Orga Committee  3-6 volunteers from variety of companies Tasks:  10 full IGDA members needed • ongoing meeting planning  Found non commercial organization • reserve meeting space • write meeting announcements and reportsRoles: • maintain mailing listMandatory: • update website • Chapter Coordinator: liaison between your • answer questions and keep folks informed Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games chapter and the IGDA, communicates • promote meetings within each volunteers chapter activities to IGDA, fills out company quarterly chapter check-ups • serve as on-site authority figuresOptional: set Up Organizer Mailing List • Content/Speaker Manager • Treasurer Optional: Advisory Board • Website Manager • high-level developers who consult on • Meeting Venue Liaison chapter activities • Meeting Reporter/Photographer • strong Advisory Board builds your • Sponsorship Salesperson chapters credibility • acknowledge them on your chapters 5 website
  6. 6. Repeated Meeting Location• Free use of space• Accessible via public transportation• Parking nearby Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games• Casual, non-sterile environment• Reasonably priced food (if pub/restaurant)• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages• Onsite equipment for presentations or demos• Sufficient seating/space for expected attendance 6
  7. 7. Meeting AgendaPresentations: "Open Mic" nights: • Presentation from • Free speech for all industry professionals • Speakers address the • Presentation topics crowd relevant to local Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games audiencePanels: Social meetings: • Moderator presents • At local pub or topic restaurant (often after • Four to five attendees presentations or who address the topic panels) 7
  8. 8. Press and PromotionImportant facts: • Only roughly 15-20% of the people will attend a meeting • For a chapters inaugural meeting attendance is usually higher • post meeting announcement in IGDA forums • email list of local attendees crucial • Update Facebook page with dates Copyright 2011 Rocksolid GamesLocal events:Distribute material and encourage interest at game-related events in your areaDealing with the Press:Chapters…… ARE allowed to send updates, memos, or informal announcements about their chapter to themedia… NOT allowed to put out official IGDA press releases… NOT allowed to endorse specific products, platforms, companies, or events… NOT allowed to give interviews on behalf of the IGDAAll media inquiries concerning IGDA should be directed to IGDA headquarters ( 8
  9. 9. At the meetingOpening: • Explain agenda • Announce chapter or IGDA news • Make IGDA membership pitchWelcome Table: • Arrange welcome table to sign in attendees, distribute nametags, literature. Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games • Bring supplies, including pens, pencils, nametags, literature, bowl for business cardsNametags: • Nametags can be useful • But can feel too formalMeeting Sign-In Sheet: • Sign• sheet listing names, companies, email addresses, to track meeting attendance -in • Update mailing list using the sign-• sheet in • Collect business cardsLiterature and Forms on Entrance Table:IGDA membership application forms 9
  10. 10. Meeting Follow-UpActions recommended one week after meeting: • Update website • Update Facebook page • Update forums Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games • Update mailing list • Post-meeting reports • Send/Post pictures • Balance chapter finances • Do a committee post-mortem • Update the IGDA with quarterly chapter check-ups • Contact IGDA Community Liaison if necessary 10
  11. 11. Resources• $300 start• reimbursement (first year only) (reconfirm) -up• Web space: Free web space or redirect to a separate website• Web Team: Volunteers for chapters in need of assistance in designing/building/maintaining websites• Dedicated chapter forum: Online forum for discussions concerning Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games IGDA chapter events, development, etc.• Forwarding email address: Forwarding alias for chapters email• Publicity: Announce chapter meeting on homepage, chapter meeting page, and monthly IGDA Newsletter• Provide lists of members in your area upon request• Attendee and speaker recruitment: The IGDA can help attract attendees and recruit speakers whenever possible, by request• Consultation: Advice on getting started and developing chapter• IGDA literature: Membership application forms, brochures, Annual 11 Reports, etc.
  12. 12. Frequency• Four to six meetings per year• Weekday evenings from approx. 7pm-10pm• Select meeting dates in advance Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games• Create a tentative calendar• Avoid dates that conflict with GC, GDC or E3• must plan at least one meeting per quarter to retain your chapters active status 12
  13. 13. Contact InfoIGDA Head Office19 Mantua RoadMt. Royal, New Jersey Copyright 2011 Rocksolid GamesUSA 08061Phone: +1(856)4232990Fax: +1(856)4233420 • Email: • Web: 13 • Blog:
  14. 14. Signup & FeesPersonal Membership Fees in USDLifetime Professional Membership $6002 yr Pro. Membership $901 yr Pro. Membership (e.g. Malta) $481 yr Pro. Membership developing country (e.g. China) $35 Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games1 yr Student Membership (no voting rights) $301 yr Unemployed Professional Rate $25Global Studio Affiliation Programdesigned as valuable benefit to present development teamsApplication Form: 14
  15. 15. Questions? Copyright 2011 Rocksolid Games15