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United we Stand

Nick Poole's presentation to museums, sponsored by National Services Te Paerengi.

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United we Stand

  1. 1. Wish You Were Here!
  2. 2. ‘Affirmative, I poked one, it was dead’ Meeting robots @ Science Museum, London, UK
  3. 3. The best form of marketing Wellcome Collection, London, UK
  4. 4. Out from Under – Exploring disability, identity and rights 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Games
  5. 5. Design meets architecture meets urban planning Museum of Contemporary Art, Shenzen, China
  6. 6. Exploring identity and faith Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
  7. 7. The War Table Interactive Exhibit @ the Cabinet War Rooms, London, UK
  8. 8. The Pirate Shop – combined culture, museum, theatre , classroom and retail space 826 Valencia, Mission District, San Francisco, US
  9. 9. Creativity & Design Centre Bangkok, Thailand
  10. 10. Guerilla Collecting Chicago Underground Library, Chicago, US
  11. 11. Rich Online Retail Experiences
  12. 12. The Living Museum Greensboro, North Carolina, US
  13. 13. Urban, disruptive art playing with the museum concept Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, Bristol, London
  14. 14. Urban, disruptive art playing with the museum concept Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, Bristol, London
  15. 15. Urban, disruptive art playing with the museum concept Banksy vs. Bristol Museum, Bristol, London
  16. 16. Reclaiming old media New cultural museum space in the derelict Trouw Newspaper office, Amsterdam
  17. 17. Light at the end of the tunnel Oliar Eliasson’s installation in the turbine hall, Tate Gallery
  18. 18. S-T-R-E-T-C-H Pop-up Museum Central Shopping Centre, Leeds, UK
  19. 19. Museums are all these things and more....
  20. 20. Museums are playful, serious, creative....
  21. 21. Museums are incredible places....
  22. 22. Filled with incredible people....
  23. 23. Doing incredible things....
  24. 24. We’re in the joy business...
  25. 25. We’re in the peace business...
  26. 26. We’re in the respect business...
  27. 27. We’re in the fun business...
  28. 28. We’re in the creativity business...
  29. 29. We’re in the tourism business...
  30. 30. We’re in the games business...
  31. 31. Museums are amazing places...
  32. 32. But there’s so much left to do!
  33. 33. More people don’t use museums than do
  34. 34. We have to break out of the 3 visits in a lifetime model
  35. 35. We’re closed when people are open
  36. 36. Online is no kind of substitute
  37. 37. Digitisation without a way of reaching your audience is worse than building a museum with no doors
  38. 38. Copyright is not a good enough reason not to do something
  39. 39. Holding back the processes of time and decay has a huge environmental cost
  40. 40. Many voices, many stories
  41. 41. Museums work best when they work as a coherent unit (silos are bad)
  42. 42. People who work in museums are human beings too (Sometimes you need to look up)
  43. 43. Museums are incredible places....
  44. 44. Filled with incredible people....
  45. 45. Doing incredible things....
  46. 46. Nick Poole Collections Trust Thank you for coming!