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ENUMERATE Workshop, Luxembourg


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Presentation to the ENUMERATE Workshop as part of the Member States Expert Group meeting on Digitisation and Digital Access to Culture

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ENUMERATE Workshop, Luxembourg

  1. 1. ENUMERATE MSEG WorkshopLuxembourg9th April 2013
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Aims for today• Remind MSEG members of the scope, aims and activities of ENUMERATE as well as the broader context for the project• Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of ENUMERATE so far• Communicate the findings from the first phase of delivery• Look ahead to the next steps with the project• Secure engagement and participation from MESG members/National Coordinators in promoting ENUMERATE in their Community
  4. 4. AgendaSession 1.• Welcome and introductions• Reviewing the scope and aims of ENUMERATE• ENUMERATE Data Platform• ENUMERATE Core Survey Quick Review• ENUMERATE Thematic Survey
  5. 5. AgendaSession 2.• ENUMERATE Thematic Survey Results• Planning next steps• Group discussion on the medium-term future for ENUMERATE• Q&A discussion• Meeting ends
  6. 6. Why ENUMERATE?• Developed from the earlier NUMERIC methodology• A need for evidence to support policy & prioritisation• Better understanding of key trends in digitisation – Europe – National – Institutional
  7. 7. What is ENUMERATE?• A Thematic Network supported by the European Commission• Led by a consortium of 10 partners in 9 countries• With 30 National Coordinators• And an Expert Advisory Group• Running for 3 years starting from February 2011 to February 2014
  8. 8. Work Packages• WP1: Community Engagement (SPK)• WP2: Survey Methodology (DEN)• WP3: Data Collection, analysis and Reporting (Digibis)• WP4: Project Management (CT)ENUMERATE is unusual as a Thematic Network because it is commissioninganalysis and producing outcomes like the Data Platform
  9. 9. Achievements to Date• Active community of interest & expertise• Creation of brand and Communications Plan• Design and implementation of survey methodology• Rollout of Core Survey in 16 languages (c. 1,900 responses)• Analysis and reporting• Creation of ENUMERATE Data Platform
  10. 10. Stay involved• Quarterly newsletter (• Twitter: @EnumerateEU• Community site:• Project site:• National coordinators: ors/
  11. 11. Thankyou!