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Grand Strategy for Social Change


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This talk was for a social group exploring how to make a more systematic method to make strategy to drive social change - with inspiration from the business and military world, in addition to the social impact world.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Grand Strategy for Social Change

  1. 1. Grand Strategy for Social Change
  2. 2. Weak ass Left Doing weak ass shit Getting fuck all results
  3. 3. The Left is losing because: It has no strategy and continues to handicap its ability to fight.
  4. 4. “At least we’ve done something” is the rallying cry of losers - The Accelerationist Manifesto on “Folk Activism”
  5. 5. Why care about this at all? ● The Enlightenment is dying because the Right is winning. ● The Left needs a cohesive strategy and collective will to counterattack. ● We need to stop complaining and start fighting.
  6. 6. WTF is Grand Strategy?
  7. 7. “Grand strategy is the effective use of all instruments of power to accomplish long-term objectives”
  8. 8. Many Strategies for Social Change ● Politics: Electoral Politics, Lobbying, etc. ● Economics: Impact Finance, Social Business, Unions ● Legal: Lawsuits, Regulatory Law, Patents, etc. ● Movement Building: Protest, Community, Direct Action, etc. ● Media: PR, Think Tanks, Run Media Agency, Digital Marketing, etc. ● Clandestine Force: Intelligence Action, SpecOps, PsyOps, etc. ● Military Force: Open Warfare, Guerrilla Movements, Blockades, Drone Strikes
  9. 9. GOP Grand Strategy Election Strategy Lobbying Strategy Press Strategy Mass Rallies Voter Suppression Gerrymandering Corporate Welfare Coalition Building Think Tanks MisInformation Distraction Theater Dog Whistle Racism
  10. 10. So how do we form a grand strategy?
  11. 11. Tools for Strategic Thinking
  12. 12. Porter’s Five Forces Model
  13. 13. Value Chain & Wardley Mapping
  14. 14. Position Mapping
  15. 15. Business Model Canvas
  16. 16. Where are these tools for social change?!?
  17. 17. Stakeholder Mapping
  18. 18. Effective Altruism: “The Extraordinary Flowchart”
  19. 19. $ ROI from Copenhagen Consensus