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Product description interactive_window_display_eng


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Product description interactive_window_display_eng

  1. 1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEMDESIGNInteractive window display www.onlPurpose: Passer-by=ClientDesign No: 979703/2010 No bank holiday, no WEEKEND! Your customer service, office or shop has specific opening times. How many are shopping at you after the opening hours? How many clients are visiting you after the opening hours? How many were decidedto buy, order or sign a contract after the opening hours, just yesterday? How about last weekor last year? How many were choosing one of your competitors after all this? Imagine that you have a helper,who remains there after the openinghours to inform thevisitors and serveyour clients.Even 24h a day.Everyday during theweek.EVERYDAY DURINGTHE YEAR.This is how simplepassers-by will 44/2010 A2310005 SUPERCOLOR 2000become your clients! SUPERC OLOR 200 0
  2. 2. Recommendation Banks, Building societies Insurance companies Telecommunication companies Mobile, internet, cable tv suppliers Fashion stores Beauty shops Cinemas, theatres, concert hallsFeatures and Travel agencies, tourist information points City and District Councils, Registry offices,advantages Tax, Custom and Revenue Offices Solicitor and Notary Public officesCustomers from passers-by Malls, Supermarkets, Store chains The interactive window display adresses thepassers-by, the potential customers on the street. Restaurants, bars, pubsCompared to the static, paper based posters, a dynamic Educational institutionscontent will make a product, a service or a campaign Real estate agenciesmore attractive. The interactivity will make possible forthe customer to become a part of it, to model it, instead Conference and sport centersof being just passive viewers.24h opening The working times will not end during theafternoon and the week will not end on Friday anymore.The interactive window display makes possible foryour customers to be informed and make transactionsafter the opening hours or even on weekends. During theworking hours, will release your staff from many routinetasks, in order to spend more time with real customers.Safe operation The operation of the interactive windowdisplay is fully safe, as all of it´s components, includingthe touch foil are placed inside the window glass. In thisway the whole system is protected against vandalism.2 Interactive window display
  3. 3. www.onlinet.euTechnicalspecification Detection method: Projected Capacitance Touch technology with sensing wires Fixing surface options: Metal free, smooth glass and bulletproof glass* Touch foil type: Permanent and removable Position accuracy: 3 mm absolute, 1mm relative, no drift Alignment: Through software drivers Sensitivity: Configurable, depending on glass thickness (gloved hand too) Speed of response : 18-50 ms (depending on glass thickness) Output: USB 2.0 Drivers: Windows XP/Vista/7 Restrictions: For double glazing glass, preliminary test is recommended! No polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces! When using a TV, only LCD, no Plasma! * Only for removable foils. **Other sizes upon special request . Standard sizes**: 30"- 40" - 50" Interactive window display with LCD Max. sizes: - permanent foil: 144" (3362x1441mm) - removable foil: 116" (2708x1161mm) -10oC / +70 C o Temperature range: Humidity range: 0-95% , unaffected by condensation Light transmission: typically better than 93% LCD Touch foil Window display Interactive window display with projector Projector Projection foil Touch foil Window displayInteractive window display 3
  4. 4. www.onlinet.euAccessories and Relatedoptions solutions Industriali LCD TV Customer management Sizes: 32"-37"-42", branded models, Customer Services efficiency increase that allows even a 24h operation. Monitoring and statistics We recommend: Queue Management System Industrial projectors Branded models, that allows even Commercials for those who are passing-by a 24h operation. Commercials for those who wait inside We recommend: Digital poster 3M projection foil Sizes: 30"-40"-50" Automated customer information Automated transactions Performant PC as multimedia server We recommend: Information & Self-service Branded models, that allows even kiosk a 24h operation. Stores multimedia materials. ONLINET CDS TV & Media Manager software A multi-functional application that allows the play, the scheduling and refresh of multimedia materials stored on the server. CISCO DMP digital media player Special, PC replacement hardware, with Media Management software. Related Ceiling and wall mounting support For LCD and projector. services Consulting Front and back aluminium cover (LCD) Site survey, planning Installation, commissioning, training Wood frame (LCD) Maintenance, remote support, repairs Spare parts supply Operation Custom development and design Integration to existing IT systems Warranty Standard warranty: 1 YEAR In case of a maintenance and support contract, even EXTENDED WARRANTY.4 Interactive window display