Chapter 10 Presentation


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Chapter 10 Presentation

  1. 1. Practical Skills Training<br /><ul><li>The terms clinic, student salon, laboratory, and salon learning center are used interchangeably.
  2. 2. Students in cosmetology have a distinct advantage because of their “real world” training.
  3. 3. The transition from school to work is easier.
  4. 4. Key: It is advantageous for the educator to ensure the clinic is exciting, well-managed, and highly supervised.
  5. 5. Student salons produce revenue that offset the cost of tuition.
  6. 6. Some schools offer financial assistance.
  7. 7. Such schools require extensive regulatory oversight by the U.S. Department of Education.
  8. 8. Surveys show that over 85% of students success comes from people skills, visual integrity, goal orientations, and the ability to communicate.</li></li></ul><li>The Student Salon Philosophy<br /><ul><li>Students should be taught from the very beginning that their success in the student clinic will determine their entry level success in the salon.
  9. 9. Key: It must be made clear that the habits they develop while in school will be the habits that follow them in the workplace.
  10. 10. Teach your student SUCCESS habits and behaviors.
  11. 11. Students often take the position that they don’t want to work hard because it makes the school money.
  12. 12. If they have that attitude we have failed to convey the values of the training and practice in the clinic.
  13. 13. The last decade has brought change; tuition costs have increased greatly.
  14. 14. As a result, schools should attempt to generate clinic revenue that represents at least 25% of the overall operating income.
  15. 15. 15% of the salon revenue should be from retail sales.
  16. 16. The remaining 75% should be derived from student tuition, fees, etc.
  17. 17. Schools should expect a minimum of 10% net profit.
  18. 18. Goal of educators should be to maximize clinic profit while maintaining educational excellence.</li></li></ul><li>The Essence of Teamwork<br /><ul><li>Teamwork: work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.
  19. 19. It must be made clear to all members exactly what is expected of them to achieve a highly successful student salon.
  20. 20. Students Role Includes:</li></ul>Gaining knowledge and building practical skills expertise.<br />Developing a positive, winning attitude.<br />Developing a sound client base of at least 300 clients during a year.<br />Generating school revenue that contributes to the schools success.<br /><ul><li>Educators Role Includes:</li></ul>Imparting sound education and facilitating learning for all students through teaching, grading, coaching, and mentoring.<br />Developing a positive, winning attitude.<br />Aiding students in building their client base.<br />Promoting and generating school revenue that contributes to the schools success.<br />
  21. 21. The Profitable Student Salon<br /><ul><li>One of the first steps in building an exciting student salon is defining goals that are worthwhile, predetermined, and realistic.
  22. 22. The more clients that the learner services, the more prepared they will be for the salon after they graduate.
  23. 23. When the entire school team focuses on the common goal of increased revenue, profit is maximized, educational quality improves, and everyone benefits.
  24. 24. More revenue= more $, less tuition expense, and more experience.</li></li></ul><li>What Does the Public See?<br /><ul><li>Educators play a key role in how the school in viewed as a whole.
  25. 25. A dirty or disorderly reception area can tarnish the community’s image of the school and the education it provides.
  26. 26. The physical facilities must look the best at all times.</li></li></ul><li>The Warm Reception<br /><ul><li>The challenge and opportunity of operating the reception desk is one of the most important jobs in the operation of a school or a salon.
  27. 27. The receptionist schedules appointment and acts as a link between the client and the school.
  28. 28. A positive, smiling attitude must be maintained at all times.
  29. 29. The client should be greeted warmly, made to feel important, and experience a friendly, positive welcome.
  30. 30. Every student must learn the steps in managing a reception desk.</li></li></ul><li>High-Tech, High Touch Safety<br /><ul><li>Never before in history has the public been more aware and conscious of the importance of disease and infection control.
  31. 31. In the high-tech, high touch environment of a salon, the practice of sanitation and disinfection is essential.
  32. 32. Educators will assign and monitor other general sanitation duties that will ultimately leave the salon in the best possible condition for the next day’s services.
  33. 33. The example set by the educator is critical to the success of the graduates.
  34. 34. The team should automatically take steps to correct any minor concerns.
  35. 35. By completing the deeds one at a time throughout the day, the deeds hardly every feel burdensome.</li></li></ul><li>Record-Keeping Requirements<br /><ul><li>Certain client records must be maintained by students.
  36. 36. In cosmetology schools, a release form or hold harmless form is signed by clients for all chemical services.
  37. 37. It releases the school and students from responsibility from accidents or damages.
  38. 38. It is not legally binding and will not totally absolve the business of responsibility.
  39. 39. It is used primarily to fully explain to clients whose hair is in questionable condition that their hair may not withstand the chemical service.
  40. 40. It encourages the clients to be more honest about the condition of their hair.
  41. 41. Educators must ensure that it is critical to obtain the client’s signature prior to the service.
  42. 42. Another form of record keeping is the client intake form.
  43. 43. It is important to keep accurate records so that service can be repeated.
  44. 44. All students must record accurate data for the benefit of anyone who may later serve the client.
  45. 45. Some schools use a specialized hair color record form.</li></li></ul><li>The Efficient Dispensary<br /><ul><li>No salon can function to the fullest ability without a well-stocked and efficiently managed dispensary.
  46. 46. It should be centrally located in the school.
  47. 47. The dispensary should contain the following:</li></ul>Back-Bar Products<br />Tools<br />Implements<br />Items not in the regular school kit.<br />Disinfectant<br />Trays<br /><ul><li>The student assigned to the dispensary should check the appointment book and make sure that all items are available. For example, plenty of perm rods.
  48. 48. Some duties include: keeping back-bar products replenished, changing soak solutions, inventory, checking in products and keep the implements stocked. May also include laundry duties.</li></li></ul><li>Tender, Loving Client Care<br /><ul><li>Master educators might assign various activities and project that allow the students to reflect on their educational experience as well as take necessary steps to make it a more positive one.
  49. 49. The Student Image- The way students dress and groom themselves is a reflection of their own self-image, but also a reflection of the school and clinic.
  50. 50. It’s the first thing clients notice about a student.
  51. 51. Teach students to dress for success.
  52. 52. Educators may have students perform a daily self-evaluation.
  53. 53. The Student Attitude- The willingness to work hard is a key ingredient to success.
  54. 54. Student’s must develop an attitude for getting the job done.
  55. 55. Suggest to students that they check their appearance, attitude, punctuality, and attendance. </li></li></ul><li>Interacting with Clients<br /><ul><li>Educators must stress that the clients the learners serve are human beings who need pampering and need to feel special.
  56. 56. Students should be taught to extend themselves by doing or saying a little bit more than is absolutely required.
  57. 57. When a student makes a client feel great, they will feel good about themselves.</li></li></ul><li>Building a Successful Clientele<br />Rebooking Clients for Future Services<br />Encouraging Repeat Services- Encourage returning in a specified time period. Give them a reminder card.<br />Client Referrals- Single most important way to build the client base. Hand the client 3 business cards and ask them for their help. <br />Possibly offer an incentive to client. <br />Students should hand out three cards every 3rd or 4thvisit.<br />Hand out cards when client has made a significant change to their hair. Their friends will be asking!<br />Have students develop a written plan for client development. <br />List clients they are currently serving.<br />List clients they would like to contact about trying their services.<br />Create a goal of contacting a certain amount of clients per week. <br />
  58. 58. Upgrading Client Tickets<br /><ul><li>Another procedure crucial in increasing student salon revenue is known as “add-ons” or ticket upgrading.
  59. 59. Ticket upgrading is nothing more than suggesting an additional service to the client.
  60. 60. Professional ethics mandate that the student stylist does not suggest services tor products that are not needed by the client.
  61. 61. It is easier to increase revenue by upgrades that to obtain a large amount of new clients.</li></li></ul><li>Effective Use of Downtime<br /><ul><li>For a student to be considered dynamic, there should be no downtime for student stylists.
  62. 62. However, if downtime is used effectively, the student will stay busy through the day.</li></ul> Downtime Ideas:<br />Client Awareness Cards- Mailings that inform clients of specials or promotions.<br />Birthday Cards.<br />Client Appreciation Cards- Send to loyal clients.<br />Reminder Cards.<br />Client Referral Cards- Requests containing business cards asking clients to refer friends.<br />Reminder Calls.<br />Contact Inactive Clients<br />
  63. 63. Professional Portfolio<br /><ul><li>Educators should stress the importance of starting a portfolio when they first begin the student salon.
  64. 64. Encourage before and after shots.
  65. 65. Showing the client the portfolio can give the client confidence in the student.</li></li></ul><li>The Three Elements of Zone Teaching<br /><ul><li>Each student salon educator is assigned to a specific number of stations and students for which she will be responsible.
  66. 66. Three key elements are involved in zone teaching.</li></ul>The educator needs to walk through her assigned zone and check the area for safety. This step occurs in no more than a few minutes.<br />Walk through and check for comfort. May include offering clients beverages or making sure drapes are properly applied.<br />Simply teach. Follow a student-to-student pattern. <br />