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  • In terms of capacity vs. cost, smaller is better. We believe Moore’s Law will continue and capacity will continue to at least double every 18 months compared to cost. Physical screen size is still important to consumers, as they want to be able to clearly view their content. Technology will continue to condense and increase in capacity size, while the physical screens will continue grow.
  • In less than a year after the release of the iPad, Apple released an upgraded version, the iPad2. Some of the specs remained the same, such as the screen size and storage. The iPad 2 is not much smaller than the iPad in terms of surface area, but it is almost half as thin, and weighs about a quarter pound less. There is no difference between the storage capabilities, but the iPad 2 has double the ram, and a dual-core processor.
  • Although nothing is set in stone, there have been rumors floating around about the iPad 3. The screen is predicted to be larger than it’s predecessors, and will take full advantage of the “Retina Display” introduced by the iPhone 4S, which makes the pixels even smaller. The new A6 processors will give the iPad 3 even more power. Perhaps by the time it is released, they will be able to cram 128GB worth of memory into the compact space.
  • With hologram devices, physical screen size will no longer matter. Hologram screens will project to be as big as the user wants it, while the device can continue to decrease in size and materials
  • A small device with a hologram monitor and keyboard will make computing very portable and cost effective. Information sharing will be much easier through portable devices like this. All of your technological devices will be utilized through this one small device that you can take anywhere.
  • Businesses are the trend setters for technology. For this reason, they will be the first market targeted by marketers, and will be the first to use new devices. In business, efficiency is extremely important, so if a device is efficient for corporate companies, it will be efficient for the general public.
  • If a mobile phone can add in this feature, then why leave the laptop behind, thus Asus thought of letting their latest Prototype project on a big screen with its built-in projector. The Laptop provides flexibility with the option of rotating and swivel actions with the built-in projector so that one doesn’t have to sit in one particular position with their laptops.Built-in projector sits neatly on the top of the LCD screen which resembles a huge webcam. The quality of the projector hasn’t been revealed as yet, but since it’s an Asus production we can expect some great quality to be delivered. Since this is still a prototype, we will have to wait for its price and availability details to be released.A laptop with a projector screen on the back is another viable alternative for enhancing viewing capacity. This will make viewing easier for a large group of people with only one small laptop screen. This will also make projection of laptop content portable for consumers.
  • Is size matters

    1. 1. Danny Murphy, BrittanyMilbourne, Heath Johnson, Danny Sloan, Nick Shaw
    2. 2.  Smaller is better Moore’s Law will continue Physical screen size still matters Condensed technology with larger screen
    3. 3. iPad Specs iPad 29.56 x 7.47 x 0.5 inches Dimensions 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34 inches 1.5-1.6 pounds Weight 1.33-1.35 pounds 16GB/32GB/64GB Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB 256MB RAM 512MB 9.7-inch 1024x768 Screen 9.7-inch 1024x768 1GHz A4 Processor 1GHz dual-core A5
    4. 4.  Speculated to have a larger screen, due to the implementation of the Retina Display, introduced by the iPhone 4S. New A6 processor Possibly 128GB memory?
    5. 5.  Holograms Physical size will not matter Screen size will not be constricted
    6. 6.  Businesses are trend setters Marketed to and used by businesses first Efficiency is important Keyboard and monitor holograms make computing much smaller and portable
    7. 7.  Projection from the back of the laptop computer screen, onto a viewing surface Makes viewing the laptop computer easier for a group. Projection made portable.