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Why separate sites for mobiles


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For presentation at webjam, 3 minutes on why you should build separate site for mobiles

Published in: Technology

Why separate sites for mobiles

  1. 1. Why you should build mobile specific websites aka the Websledge
  2. 2. Mobile web browsers are unpredictable
  3. 3. Now this is mobile friendly
  4. 4. Fullscreen on a mobile device
  5. 5. Opera mini settings
  6. 6. Opera zoomed in
  7. 7. Internet Explorer in single column mode. Fun with background images
  8. 8. Ashul give Deb a pay rise. Smart move background colour on hover
  9. 9. Links or text the same colour as background image or colour
  10. 10. I know black is fashionable but black text on a black background
  11. 11. There is the proof. The mystery text
  12. 12. Image replacement does not always work
  13. 13. Tables are no longer tables but a single column of cells
  14. 14. Opera Mini in zoom mode
  15. 15. Opera Mini in fit to width mode
  16. 16. Do you really need that much navigation on a mobile
  17. 17. After scrolling through 11 screens you see the advantage of skip links
  18. 18. Not everybody uses skip links
  19. 19. And then there is Flash
  20. 20. Should Microsoft know better?
  21. 21. Created by Nick Cowie for WebJam Perth Aug 2007 released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. The individual websites are copyright their owners.