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The social network in your pocket


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Social Networking on your mobile presentation given at PodCamp Perth 2007

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

The social network in your pocket

  1. The social network in your pocket Nick Cowie Sanja Gjenero
  2. The Statistics Dominik Gwarek
  3. The People Rodolfo Clix
  4. 2004 Name: Jennifer Age: 30 something Job: Account Manager Location: Chicago, USA Mobile: Blackberry (work) Use: Email Purpose: Communications Needs to keep in touch with office and clients. Other devices: Work laptop Own mobile Ipod Jonathan Smith
  5. 2005 Name: Justin Age: late 20s Job: Junior Stockbroker Location: London, UK Mobile: Windows mobile (work) Use: Web browsing & email Purpose: Information To keep track of stock prices, news and other important stuff like football scores and weekend weather. Other devices: Work PC Home PC + broadband Xbox Ipod Nina Wltgen
  6. 2006 Name: Isamu Age: early 20s Job: Junior Accountant Location: Tokyo, Japan Mobile: NTT DoCoMo Use: Lots Purpose: Mainly entertainment Uses mobile to entertain him on hour long commute to and from work. Video , music, games and IM. Also IM friends from work. No work content. Other devices: Work PC (firewalled) Home PC XBox 360, PlayStation 2 Kristen Leep
  7. 2007 Name: Caroline Age: early 20s Job: Junior Manager Location: Chennai, India Mobile: Nokia N73 Use: Mobile web apps Purpose: Networking. Only communications device, uses facebook, twitter, flickr to keep in touch with friends and colleagues and find new opportunities. Watches movie trailers to pick movie for weekend. Jimmy McDonald
  8. 2008 Name: Allie Age: 16 Job: Student Location: Attadale, WA Mobile: Something fashionable Use: MySpace mobile Purpose: Social networking MySpace to keep in contact with friends. Other devices: Shared desktop at home for the boring stuff like homework Jayme Frye
  9. 2009 Name: Kenyon Age: 19 Job: Uni student Location: Harbin, China Mobile: Made in China Use: All the usual stuff, plus writes fashion blog with photos from phone and uses LBS social networking site, so he knows where his friends are when the want to be found. Other devices: Has access to desktops, none of then his. Martin Walls
  10. 2010 Name: Katie Age: 15 Job: Student Location: Rural, South Africa Mobile: Who knows? Use: Who knows? I have no idea what phone or what services Katie will use. Jake Brewer
  11. Devices Jayesh Nair
  12. Disadvantages Advantages Always there Screen Size Immediate Input methods It’s personal Different OSes + browsers Javascript and RIA Data cost and speed Context
  13. RSS
  14. Podcasts
  15. Blogs
  16. Blogging
  17. Flickr
  18. Facebook
  19. MySpace
  20. Twitter
  21. Jaiku
  22. Open APIs
  23. Mobile specific Dragan Sasic
  24. Thank you Sanja Gjenero
  25. References KMPG - Consumers and Convergence CHETAN SHARMA AdMob Alex King Andy Moore My work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Australia License However, the photos and screenshots are copyright their creators